Lightweight Multirole Missile for Stormer HVM - Slower but Surer

Here be our problem: Gaijin for whatever reason has not figured out how/can’t be arsed to fix the Starstreak issues.

But LMM, would solve that somewhat. I’d rather take artificially nerfed AT capabilities to get a usable SAM system

That said, 8 Martlets? 600mm of Pen? Yes please

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Indeed, it begs the question of whether the Wildcat AH.1/HMA.2 could make an appearance with Martlet

I’d love to see that in game.

If they want to do full LMM Stormer then it will prob be a c&p Stormer with 14 LMM, but iw they will want to allow us to mix, i can see it being something like left 4 starstreak, right 4 LMM so the model checks out and the hull 6 whatever you want.


If we get LMM in game, then all that is needed to be done is heli and to check what config of the LMM the Wildcat carries.


If you didn’t notice they fixed it’s issue aka client/server asynchrony 1-2 day ago. As long as the starstreak works (and it does now) it’s the best 10.3 spaa after saclos nerf.

So I don’t understand what to complain about when they fixed its critical bug (although I must admit they fixed it only by 90%, however I think they can’t fix it completely due to the their netcode).

Well, im very hopefull it is a bug fix, but the Starstreak fix coincided with the recent all LOSBR not triggering bug (yea i know some of them not triggerd for a while, but for example Vikhrs stopped a few days ago). Im hoping it is not connected, but some time ago there was a bug with all missiles, i forgot what it was, i think it was proxy bug?, and Starstreak was working then fine. Fix of that bug made Starstreak pass again. Im hoping it is a coincidence and it will continue to work, but it has happend before, so im skeptical.

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Are starstreaks fixed then?

They have been performing better

They now work 90% of the time. Passes still happen, but most of the time they hit.


The vikhres bug has been around for at least 4 weeks now. Probably 5-5.5. Starstreak was fixed 4 days ago at best. The timing doesn’t match.

I don’t really sure what you’re talking about from that description (probably missile desync in fall of 2023?), but the starstreakes didn’t work from day one of the sons of atilla until yesterday. Before that they worked fine for ~1.5 years (if you forget about the little annoying bug when they lost control on desert and winter maps and that was fixed in the fall of 2022)

Well, im not sure what im talking about either, it was time ago and i had more pressing matters to remember, but what im sure is when that bug happend then starstreak started working, maybe someone else will help.

While playing BN at the begenning of the year they were triggering just fine, so not sure when it started.

Well 4 weeks if you believe the reports on // Issues/. I personally started noticing it 2 weeks ago, but I very rarely played helicopter (because starstreaks were broken) and could easily miss the beginning of this bug for a few days or even weeks.

Ah well I haven’t noticed it. Mainly because I haven’t played it in… a while haha
I’m skeptical but then again that’s me anytime I hear Gaijin having “done something”

The sorry state of Stormer right now needs to be adressed, along other things this should be added for it, would definitely help. +1

Sweden already has dual purpose missiles on the LvRb 701 and ASRAD-R both are still classes as AA.
Granted they only have 200mm pen so this would be closer to the ADATs but if nothing else having a second variant foldered would solve the issue of br’s


another vehicle that uses this missiles

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A bigger Bro of rapid ranger

+1 ofc, would be big help to britain, considering normal starstreaks still arent fixed

Ironically they did fix them for the majority

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The first 100 was hit, and I want to thank everyone who voted and shared their feedback :)