Why is the Stormer HVM so bad?

3 years old video (0:44) - adats don't trigger laser warning


2 years old video (5:55) - adats don't trigger laser warning


7 month old video (4:20) - adats don't trigger laser warning


Same for starstreak. The situation is just the opposite of “Always has”. It has never been detected by LWR, except maybe for a few weeks or months on a timescale of a few years. It’s clearly stop being a bug and become a feature.

please timestamps my guy

Might be misremembering but isn’t ADATS SACLOS not laser guided. That would be why LWR doesn’t pick it up.

ADATS laser beam riding. Starstreak too.

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LOSBR, not sure about laser intensity

And so it appeared




I’m really happy that the Stormer has improved. Just had a great game, 7 aircraft kills.


Its working? I’ve yet to have any phasing.

they have done something it seems to work better have no clue what they did

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Works like 90% of the time, phasing still seems to happen, but most of the time they work well


Starstreaks are particularly affected by desync. they are basically unusable for anyone with a high ping.

So close yet so far

Stormer clearing the sim from pests


Now im ready for the LMM



Omg omg omg.

Gonna try it later!

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So the stormer seems much better now. The missiles phasing through stuff is now an uncommon occurrence instead of the missile’s default state. I am really enjoying it rn.

Yeah stormer is now spontaneously working better, my only complaint is that the IRST is still utterly wrecked by clouds even when there are none between the target and you.


After playing quite a bit since phase through is now minimal, the problem is how utterly pathetic the lock/optical radar is.

If you are on a map that has anything greater than virtually zero clouds your optical radar and lock range is substantially reduced. This gets to the point that on average you’re looking at only being able to detect and lock aircraft/helicopters at 3-4km whilst they can still lock you outside of this range.

If you are on a map with say 60%+ cloud coverage than your lock/detect range is closer to 1-2km which makes you functionally worthless against most things still given the stormers effective dead zone. It’s extremely egregious given that this applies to aircraft flying between you and clouds so you can clearly visibly see the plane and it refuses to lock.

I was not able to lock an F4 phantom taking up almost half of my zoomed in scope at a range of 1.5km (was 0.9km away before it finally let me lock). This is ridiculous and needs fixed.

Exhibit A.


It truly makes me wonder, are IR trackers truly that susceptible for clouds?
where clouds?



And finally, Where?

Last 2 are stormer, no clouds there


Depends on their mode of operation ( basic IR vs IIR). for example the AN/ALR-23 off the F-14A, which is a basic IR system can spot stuff from a long way away, depending on Aspect angle.

IIR basically depends on contrast, thus the absolute temperature of the target (and it’s inherent
specular emissions) and the NEΔK (noise equivalent temperature difference) of the detector. which in this relevant paper was listed at 25 millikelvin, and of note is Figure 13.(PDF Page # 13) which notes detection ranges of a prop plane at 14 and 10 nmi respectively, which correlates with the ALR-23 data.