Why is the Stormer HVM so bad?

Is this a bug report material?

If you’re suggesting that infrared imagers should be able to see through clouds, they can’t.
Even fog and haze limits the range of IR imagers because water droplets do scatter IR over distance, even if you can still see objects further in IR than visible light through atmospheric obscurants

You might not get a heck of a lot of contrast between sky and clouds because the atmospheric temperature and cloud temperature is similar enough that they are not well defined, particularly when the image processing is handling the gradients between other objects in the scene that do have a much bigger thermal gradient.

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The developers are already aware of this as we did deploy a fix that was worked on for Stormer. It was not announced however as there is still some “phasing” taking place, so we do not consider the issue fixed to level where we wished to announce it within a changelog. Investigations are continuing to take place with the remaining persistent instances.

Regarding LMM, we are looking into the capabilities of this missile. However, depending on if sufficient information can even be found to reliably model it, its performance will also dictate if it is taken into further consideration. Adding a missile with much greater performance of capabilities than Starstreak may also lead to BR changes if this were to take place. Right now however, its too early to say.


Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

On the subject of spaa can they please do something about the muzzle flash on the Za-35 in 3rd person it’s literally blinding and completely covering aircraft your firing at, for an spaa with flash guards installed you honestly would think it’s firing flashbangs.

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Finally got it through

Also much better performance? Less than half the speed, but proxy and penetration possibility. Starstreak is much better agains planes, LMM is a multirole missile.

Thanks for letting us know

Stormer HVM with Starstreak missile seems to be finally fixed after the last update, I can destroy the plane while moving, thanks, but the absence of missiles is still missing, because it’s a shame not to destroy helicopters more than 7.43 km away

inertia would cause the darts to be flung away from the rocket body via centripetal force.

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Yea, the darts stop spinning, but start ovecorrecting due to wanting to be on the laser
Can be seen here

Watch it first at 1x, and then at 0.25x
In the real time it seems like they spin, but if you do 0.25x you can see they are correcting themselfs to stay on laser.


Man what br would an LMM stormer even be? 10.7? 11.0?

Depends on how good the LMM are in a anti-tank role. I dont know anyhting about them, so I cant say either way, but when you consider the inherrent weaknesses of the Stormer anyway, Im not entirely convicned it would be higher than 10.3.

Man having the option to have both missiles equipped would be great…


I could see it being one or the other, and not being able to take a mix, but even that would be awesome

Imagine doing it like custom loadouts in air…

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Yeah, potentially

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I could imagine it being like the TOW-2 variants or the 9M133, where you can load either tandem / HE or tandem / top-attack. The only difference is the lack of a reload needed to fire them, where you can just switch between them on the fly.

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Isnt ir used in particular becouse it can see through fog smoke (excluding Phosphor smoke from smoke Launches ) rain and therefore Clouds?

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Irrespective of this planes/helicopters don’t even need to be in clouds in-game to make it impossible for the IR search and lock to work.


Be nice if it would actually proxy on scout drones instead of flying past and ignoring them