Kings of Battle — Answering your questions from the dev server

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Hi everyone. We’ve collected a decent amount of questions from several different platforms and have compiled the most common questions into a dev server response. Thank you for leaving comments, suggestions and feedback during the last dev server!


Q: With the Type 81 being introduced, having a very advanced IR anti-air missile, as well as other IR missile improvements and addition of new carriers of such missiles, can you tell us anything about the long-reported Mistral / Stinger G-limit matters?

A: Whilst we are currently still reviewing the sources submitted within these reports and gathering our own, we do suspect that the 20-22G limit listed on these reports may be the peak G-force at the moment when the steering surface is in the manoeuvre plane. An average overload of 20G for a missile of this kind is fundamentally impossible because of a small area of aerodynamic surfaces and the fact that missiles of such type have a single-channel guidance with a single rudder, which creates alternating pitch and yaw control torque of the missile. This imposes a limitation on the maneuvering capabilities of the missile, since the steering surfaces create a control torque in the desired direction only for half a rotation of the missile. And speaking about half a turn, we exaggerate a little bit, because thus we exclude the time for rudder shifting from the calculation, which is done four times per missile rotation.
Nevertheless, revision of the autopilot and missile dynamics settings for them is planned, however we are not ready to announce any dates yet.

Q: The F-111 currently has AIM-9B, but it does appear that AIM-9E/J/P are all possible. Has there been any consideration for improved missiles for this aircraft?

A: We firstly want to look at the effectiveness of the aircraft with the current missiles (AIM-9B) as we would not want to increase the BR of the aircraft because of these other missile types. But if necessary we will come back to this matter and review its loadouts in the future.

Q: Currently the MiG-29SMT has R-73 stock whereas the MiG-29G gets R-60MK as its only stock option. Will R-73 be added as a stock option for the G variant too?

A: Yes, we will remove the R-60MK from the MiG-29G, and it will have 2 x R-73 as a stock option loadout.

Q: Will the F-16C and Barak II receive the ability to designate targets for the radar using HMD?

A: Yes, they both as well as Mirage 2000-5F will receive such ability.

Q: With the recent BR changes, and other recent additions, several aircraft at 11.3 now have AIM-9L and/or Python 3. Have there been any reconsiderations for the British Phantoms to receive AIM-9L too?

A: We have looked into this based on feedback, however the British Phantoms already are balanced in terms of their overall efficiency at their current Battle Rating given their current loadouts. Adding AIM-9L to these aircraft is likely to naturally increase their effectiveness and as a result drive their BR up to 11.7. An increase in BR to 11.7 might lead to an increase in rank too, however right now Britain has a total of 4 aircraft on Rank VII. So there are numerous considerations to be made that currently means adding more advanced weaponry to them is not suitable at the moment.

Q: Can we expect to see more drop tanks added to this update?

A: Currently we are focused on many other areas of the major update, so there will be no new drop tanks within this one. However we do indeed plan to continue working on them and will for sure add more in future major updates.

Q: Do you consider adding armour-piercing bombs to some Japanese aircraft, which they were removed from some time ago?
A: We will study the question, and give the bombs to the planes which should have them.


Q: With the AH-129D and Tiger HAD Block 2 receiving Spike this update, have there been any plans for the Saraph to also receive them?

A: This requires some more consideration before we can say for sure.

Q: On the dev server, the AH-129D has MAWS elements on its 3D model, but does not have this functionality yet. Is this a planned feature?

A: Yes, the vehicle was not fully configured during the dev server opening, but it will receive MAWS functionality.

Q: Do you have any plans for AH-64 cockpits and IHADSS HMD?

A: Yes, we are gradually adding cockpits for helicopters, as well as new features for them. No dates though.

Q: Do you plan to add TopOwl HMSD indication and functionality to Tigers, Rooivalk and AH-1Z?

A: Same here - we are looking forward to adding new interesting features for cockpits as well, and we have such plans.

Ground Forces

Q: With the addition of the French M26, is it possible we will see the M26A1 variant?

A: Currently the standard M26 is what we plan to include for the French tree. But we don’t rule out the inclusion of other members of the Pershing or even Patton family in the future for the French tree.

Q: Do you have any plans for any AP round for the AMX-10P? Perhaps also the MILAN missile? The SUB-I-II currently shares the same BR as the AMX but has DM63 and better elevation angles. Are any improvements planned?

A: DM63 will also be added for the AMX-10P. MILAN for this unit however is not planned right now, as this would result in a raise of BR. As for its elevation angles, it has similar levels to, for example, Wiesel 1A4, which is still very effective for its BR of 7.3.

Q: The Hungarian Leopard 2A4 seemed to receive a new model on the dev server, but a couple of reported issues remain. Mainly the Smoke Grenade launchers and roof rack being incorrect. Will these still be fixed?

A: This is just the first stage of our model improvements for the Hungarian Leopard 2A4. We indeed plan to resolve the remaining issues.

Q: The Leopard 40/70 seems to have WW2 crew on the exterior. Is this intended?

A: We currently don’t have the era-appropriate crew models relevant for the vehicle, but in the future, we plan to replace them when it’s possible.

Q: The Leopard 40/70 seems to be at low BR for the chassis it’s on. Do you consider adding HE-VT shells and raising it’s BR?

A: We want Leopard 40/70 to close the gap in the progression and we do not consider adding it a new shell. However, it will receive a raise in BR to 5.0 and will be moved to Rank IV.

Q: The new sabot petals on autocannons seem to have quite substantial damaging effects by themselves. Do you plan to change this?

A: Yes, they were inflicting more damage than they should have. Furthermore, sabot petals for small calibres were often made out of plastic, and were too lightweight to be dangerous. That’s why we decided to not use the new mechanic for those types of autocannons at all. On the cannons, where such petals could’ve inflicted substantial damage, they are still there and they will inflict less damage and have less penetration than on the dev server.
Furthermore, we have substantially decreased the penetration of the petals for high-calibre guns, for example the largest petals for 125mm guns penetrated up to 80 mm of the armour, while right now their maximum penetration reaches only 30 mm.

Q: Since you’ve added M109s to different nations other than the US - do you plan to add similar domestic artillery units as well?

A: Yes, of course we do. Since they pose interest - they can eventually come to the game.


interesting new type of post. like it a lot


We had one for the previous major updates Dev server too, but we hope to continue it! :)


Do you know if it’s planned for France to get a Milan platform eventually? Maybe even HOT-3?


Will we ever see an indirect fire mode for artillery?


So where is naval?


Any news on the RP updates?



Is there consideration to add the KH-29 to the JH-7? Especially at such a high br, only having laser guided bombs for cas doesnt seem like it will be good enough to fight modern SAM systems


Too much focus on vehicles, not enough focus on gameplay. Priorities need to be adjusted by both Gaijin and the playerbase…

Nobody asked anything about mission design?


This should definitly be done this update, besides that the Q&A seems good and answers a lot of questions, specialy loved the specific explanation for the stinger/mistral. And while some things already got adressed in the Dev server not everyone might be aware of those changes yet so adressing them and clarifiyng for everyone is a good idea


Thanks for acknowledging that the BRs are extremely compressed. How about you deal with that instead of keeping multiple aircraft in a extremely weak state compared to the aircraft they are facing?


we will be getting the night battles and improved target hit thing
the latter stuff will be propably added in separate smaller patches

I appreciate having small Q&A like this. From it, do I understand that the Mirage 2000 5F will have full HMD like the F16C in the dev server, and that the Tigers will have the TopOwl like the AH1Z, meaning you can slave AA missiles with it ?

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I’m happy to see my research on sabot petals, the various materials used and the bug report I submitted getting put to good use


naval passing again lol


@Smin1080p any more info about air to ground missiles for the JH-7A?


Or anything below tier VI?? . . I do not see how that is possible, but I can see that the questions are again “cherry picked” so they can push the things they want on us . . either that or everything below tier VI is now dead and there just hasn’t been a funeral announcement yet . . . just seems to be feeding the FOMO/Hype machine . . . lol, nothing new I guess . . . all aimed at the new, younger player base I suppose . . . oh well, out with the old rubbish . . . kek


This leave me another question but Im leaving it for the next patch I think.

But I like to hear this

People most likely did. Gaijin didn’t pick those though.


So this is Gaijin officially acknowledging that an aircraft they added 4, nearly 5 years ago is still vastly superior to the “top tier” aircraft they added this year. Shows how badly the messed up with the Tornado F3 that rear aspect only IR missiles on the Phantom make it equal in performance to all aspect missile on the Tornado.