Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

EJ Kai lacks slats as well while having weaker engines.

aaaand lack of HMS

I guess JAS39C Gripen upgrade to MS.20 standard it might be early 4+ gen fighter and fitted PS-05/A mk.4 radar & BVR MRAAM Meteor

F-16C Block 52 (2010) from USAF it not 4+ gen fighter but similar to 4+ gen fighter with PESA radar

Meanwhile the EJ has a F-16 radar, AIM-7F(and 9L without the discussion) at the cost of worse engines - a battlerating where as long as the FM is not as crap as the Su-25T a plane can do well with a good arsenal.
Gaijin stated that they are fine because Britain mains are way too good.(This quote from me is very egocentric however)

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And the PDV of the Phantoms is still strong. Which is why they’re 11.3 instead of 11.0.


This was previously answered here: Kings of Battle — Answering your questions from the dev server

TLDR, we like to watch Britain suffer.


I know you are trying to state that the game needs depression, which is correct, the game does needs some. But it is clear that they should be buffed instead of dropped to lower BR as per the F-104 lessons. It is far more considerate to give them AIM-9Ls instead of reducing the BR to 11.0 for the game.
Similarly, vehicles that are at a tricky position such as the HSTV-L or OTOMATIC should be buffed rather than have their BR reduced, unless they are as bad as the ariete or leclercs.

Warrior the best IFV in the game

They’ve been doing that for the past 300 years


Still tho, would like the warrior CSP or the Ajax

HSTVL doesn’t need buffing. And as I said earlier, an 11.7 FG1 would be interesting, but it’d be 11.7.

I would trial it. Give 9Ls to the FGR2 or FG1. And leave it at 11.3. see what happens.

Personally. I think bugger all considering the Tornado F3 is far from OP at 11.3 and Gr7 at 11.7 with 9Ms is also not OP

Having spent sometime in it recently (in SB) the BVR power of it is really weak at the moment. The Skyflash just don’t track as well as they use to and the radar changes are kinda annoying

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The OTOMATIC does, I chose this because I am astounded by the statement that the OTOMATIC should have its darts to reduce the BR instead of highlighting the fact that it wipes tanks as an AA and make it able to carry extra darts. But that is another topic.
Anyways, I do not think the F-4K with AIM-9Ls would be comparable to the EJ kai and pre-nerf K2K, which has improved engines and radars, PT3s and AIM7Fs.

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Tbf nothing tracks well in SIM especially in low alt. I was able to dodge a handful of R-27ERs just by notching a bit. Aaaaaand 6x9M in the gripen over anything please.

True, but still, even under ideal conditions. PD, In a headon, not too far, at reasonable alt, against a target not evading, they miss. The performance is not great at the moment

Ehh, I expect them to be competitive, more so than some other jets even, but I don’t expect jets like say, the J-10 to absolutely stomp and be the best jet in the game. That being said I’m still excited to see more Chinese jets in game, including jets like the JF-17

Yehhhh in ARB skyflashes is just equally bad, the missiles just don’t know where they are. I would prefer 530delta over them but its something entirely different.

Yeah, the phantoms need some love. They need a bug fixing pass. Skyflash need a buff/fixes. They could do with some other buffs as well. 9Ls would be cool and probably what they do need but other options include

  • AGM-12s (FGR2 only)
  • wing mounted fuel tanks

He meant that gaijin butchers Chinese vehicles. Besides that the JF-17 is still way too ahead for the game, but I felt that there could be J-7G/Hs with PL-8s to fill the 11.0-12.0 gap(lets be real the J8s are kinda struggling). Perhaps other early jets but not actually early such as JL-8 trainers to fill the earlier jets with domestic Chinese designs.