F-16 Fighting Falcon: History, Performance & Discussion

No one talking about the F-16 FM changes on dev server? Stability was nerfed, spins are harsher.

They added more AoA shift’s to the code, unsure how this affects it since I was unable to play on the dev server this time around.

Other changes to the Cl to Cm lines and then the following stuff, not sure what all was changed or how it affects it. I suspect they are correcting the overperforming stability slightly as a compromise until they can better model the instability and FLCS per my report.

Then there is also this;

instructor change didnt seem to do much I noticed it too but when I went to check it out I didnt notice any significant performance difference in mouse aim, was still able to pull crazy G’s

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I tested it on the devserver and it seems to bleed more energy rn, it’s minimal tho

Well, we’ll wait for live and see if there are further changes. We can continue testing at that time.

wasnt this fixed on the dev server/ next update?

Yay, finally

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Yeah it looks like the basic employment manual is more accurate


I don’t know why, but he isnt understanding the proplem right? There is no CCRP in F-16A MLU, F-16C BL50 and F-16D Bl40 HUD at the moment. Some friends have the same problem, nobody uses custom skins or any other datas.

@Gunjob could you help me with that?

Fixed in 2.31

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Is there a way for the F16A Block 20 MLU to get 6x 500lb bombs on the inner pylons just like all the other non-ADF F16A versions? Perhaps Gaijin can change it?

@MAV_GAS The F-16 FM changes now allow it to pull nearly 70 degrees of high alpha on a wim

It also now only develops spin tendencies if you sustain 35-40 degrees AoA for a significant portion of time in a pitch-up scenario. It is perfectly capable of sitting at or around 31-34 degrees doing a full loop at low speed with no departure qualities… this is with 20 minutes in-game fuel and 2x AIM-9J on the wing tips.

I just don’t understand how the high alpha of the F-16 is superior to the MiG-29 and features far less departure qualities… much higher resistance to wing rock and un-commanded yaw despite having only a single rudder.

@Giovanex05 Does that make sense to you? Aircraft with limited ability to recover from AoA excursions due to small elevator and single rudder outperforms the MiG-29 known for it’s post-stall recovery and high alpha?

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I wish HMD for F-16 worked in 3rd person view in RB. :( I really need to get into sim world…

Anyway, is this implemented only in HUD?

  • A calculation and display of a launch range against a maneuvering target has been implemented. The list of missiles that have had the display of launch range against a maneuvering target added includes: R-27R, R-27T, R-27ER, R-27ET, R-60, R-60M, R-73, AIM-7F, AIM-7M, AIM-9L, AIM-9M.

Pretty sure the next line states it only replaces the existing 1G maneuvering range for specific radars, and amounts to those equipt on; some random Russian planes, the F-14(AWG-9), F-16(APG-66 & -68), AV-8B+(APG-65Q) and late M2K’s

Sure but I’d like know, where do I look for that information. Is it some sort of launch authorization that’s only visible in HUD or HMD or is it possible to use that implementation in 3rd person view in air RB?

It’s just the bars on right side of radar scope.

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Let’s not ignore the bigger issues ^

so they decreased stability which led to higher peak AoA?

Thought so. Big update for sim players, good for them, I guess.

No, they very slightly decreased stability but added more AoA.

oh thats very bizzare, guess another report is in order then