Kings of Battle — Answering your questions from the dev server

I didn’t have the Dev server downloaded, does the Block 2 still not have laser guided SNEBs?

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Yup, the massive modern jet crowd asking for increasingly modern aircraft certainly have an impact on gaijins decisions

At least it is more focused on what players ask/wants and not based on hypothetical answered,… this better, hopefully the number of questions should be increased next time. ^^"

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Dev server closed last week, the Mk2 was not in it. What are those guided SNEBs you are talking about ? From the Dev stream, only the additions of FnF spikes ER was mentioned compared to the previous HAD

Is the RP skill bonuses and end of tree bonuses not coming this patch?


He mean the SYROCOT. laser guided version of SNEB, similar to APKW on Apache and Viper.


are we going to get sooner or later a higher top BR for ground forces than 11.7 ? and why there hasnt been any plans until now for this while compression is at its highest.

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@przeterminator @MJPIA You guys might notice how the roadmap says Foruth update of the year, this could mean getting pushed towards the december update as well

Thanks, I did not know about them. That, we will have to see. The helicopter wasn’t in the dev server, and I don’t think another one is coming, more likely that the update drop this week (fingers crossed), so we will see then

I believe the december update might push ground BRs, but people are pretty deadset on the december update being focussed on BVRAAMs and higher BR planes instead

Does this include fixes/reworks to lock ranges of these manpads? Such as the datalink function of the FIM-92K or implementation of IR/UV seekers? I am fine if the conclusion is that manpads won’t be getting improved maneuverability, but with lock ranges of the Strela, Type 93 and Type 81 getting improved (with the new EO function), I think it would be fair if other manpads like the Stinger and Mistral get their own improvements to lock ranges as well.


I do understand the reasoning behind this, but I do not really see how this is going to close the gap between the M42 and the R3.
In fact, the Leo 40/70 has much in common with the R3 (modern, fast chassis and poor survivability). So I don’t know, maybe time and in-game experience will tell whether the HE-VT round will be actually needed, I’d keep an open mind on it.


The canon is the same as the AMX13 DCA, just on a better chasis. From personal experience, this thing will act more as an Anti tank than anti air, and 5.0 is fair game (much better chassis than the AMX13 at 4.3), as it can still defend itself against anything but tiger 2s which are out of its BR (Panther and Tiger1s can be penned easily from the side)

Dear Smin and what about passive detection for Strela-10M2?
After all, nowadays even the RWR from the aircraft can be as a placeholder to the moment.

that is the thing the update gives pretty mixed signals on one hand we get a better leopard with equivalents propably on the other hand we get the grippen and a british plane

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There is some possibility of enabling the option to test the vehicles without having to have golden eagles or being a content creator, so also those people who do not have enough XP can test the vehicles

are you going to consider a ground only mode for ground RB because it is called ground RB and not mixed RB, like atm ground RB slowely becomes air RB almost by the amount of planes in ground RB. also atm in ground RB if you spawn in as a SPAA you get focused by every plane especially in top tier but you cant do much against the planes with GBU`s and other guided ammunition since the realistic missle update. think the VT-1 missles struggle the most with hitting planes.


Meh, as a long time player & serving my own interests(like everybody else . … lol) I would just like to see more stuffed that isn’t just top tier(even tho I do understand the business part of it too) and more things geared towards “player retention” & players that have been here for a while. I was happy to see a new vehicle I do not already own in the USS Ft. Knox in the Warbond Shop. Last time I got something was the Su-85 around 3 years ago. I mean there is still plenty to do, but new things seem pretty scarce anymore, unless it’s the top 3 tiers I suppose. Things change, player base is younger & game is still getting huge . . and more with every Update . . . I still get excited for them, but always a little disappointment at the 60 - 70%(totally guessed at this) of the game that just continues to get overlooked. But it is what it is . . . getting used to it now . . . . lol


Absolute blinder played by Gaijin. Clearly the Phantom is a timeless airframe, capable of beating all modern opponents.
Next thing you know they’ll be telling us we should be fighting R-77 and AIM-120B with our Phantoms. That’d be a good April Fools Prank

On a serious note, they need to stop taking Player stats as Gospel. the Tornado F.3 is superior in most aspects to the Phantoms, yet they’re considered equal in BR? I don’t want the Tornado F.3 to go up, I’d like to see more decompression, or at least some changes to make British Phantoms a more viable option at 11.3. Meanwhile the American Phantoms have AIM-7Fs, Slats, the whole nine yards at the same BR. and for us to go to 11.7? Not at all reasonable. Especially not for 9Ls.