Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

(afaik that got quietly removed from the blogs, so nice shit gaijin i guess)

I thought that would be today:(

it didnt they still are speaking about it

yeah hoped as well, but guess gotta wait another day

OK, I found it, Anniversary War thunder 2022 October 31st (11:00 GMT) — November 7th (11:00 GMT)

I guess gaijin announed anniversary war thunder this year like last year


In the blog post they just said

Oh you beautiful !



Ha lol

Q: With the addition of the French M26, is it possible we will see the M26A1 variant?

A: Currently the standard M26 is what we plan to include for the French tree. But we don’t rule out the inclusion of other members of the Pershing or even Patton family in the future for the French tree.

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French M48 inbound hehe

This is a lie.

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I guess this mean the update is tomorrow


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oh hey thanks
edit: god damn thought its the new one ups

"Q: With the recent BR changes, and other recent additions, several aircraft at 11.3 now have AIM-9L and/or Python 3. Have there been any reconsiderations for the British Phantoms to receive AIM-9L too?

A: We have looked into this based on feedback, however the British Phantoms already are well balanced in terms of their overall efficiency at their current Battle Rating given their current loadouts. Adding AIM-9L to these aircraft will naturally increase their effectiveness and thus likely drive their BR up to 11.7. An increase in BR to 11.7 will also lead to an increase in rank too."

What the hell…




Not entirely surprised but i’m still disappointed. Took my beloved FG.1 for a spin and it stands no chance in ARB 12.3 matches, which is the majority of matches right now. I’m able to bag one or two kills consistently but the moment anyone starts to focus me it’s hocus pocus and back to the hangar you go.
9Gs are long in the tooth and Skyslug ahem sorry Skyflash is hopeless. 5km shots are just about reliable kills, but in a 1v1 BVR duel it doesn’t stand a chance.

Also no… they wouldnt. EJ Kai has a better radar, better radar missiles, better flt performance than the FG.1, yet… we’d be at the same BR because we both have 9Ls? The Tornado F.3 has 9Ls at 11.3, along with a better radar and far better radar missiles… what the.


maybe spey is too powerful

External gun pod too op


So adding better misses to an aircraft is not ok

but adding a new powerful variant that a tech tree doesn’t need is ok

WTF is this logic