Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

It was just a question how about you chill. But thank you for the quick reply.

Fair enough m8 after looking closer at it now and yea it doesn’t feel like a WT model.

A quick question as I’m not a missile expert, since the Dev server Q&A pretty much confirms fighters who has 9L must be at rank 8.

Does this mean the leaked AIM-120 for fighters is a must for rank 9 ?

This isn’t a get you out question I’m just curious on what the rules are for fighter with advanced missiles.

It should be the week of Christmas but never later than December the 23rd but should at least be between the 15th and the 23rd

Where did you see this? The A-10 with 9Ls is rank 6? Don’t think they are moving that up

It was on the recent one with the British Phantoms hang on let me get the quote


" Q: With the recent BR changes, and other recent additions, several aircraft at 11.3 now have AIM-9L and/or Python 3. Have there been any reconsiderations for the British Phantoms to receive AIM-9L too?

A: We have looked into this based on feedback, however the British Phantoms already are balanced in terms of their overall efficiency at their current Battle Rating given their current loadouts. Adding AIM-9L to these aircraft is likely to naturally increase their effectiveness and as a result drive their BR up to 11.7. An increase in BR to 11.7 might lead to an increase in rank too, however right now Britain has a total of 4 aircraft on Rank VII. So there are numerous considerations to be made that currently means adding more advanced weaponry to them is not suitable at the moment."

Except the A-10 isn’t a fighter

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Plus all the phantom with 9L are at rank 8.

Nor are the harriers with 9L. I think it’s just a rule for fighters with 9L.

So the F-14 has 9L too as that is the reason why they are at rank 8.
While the F-4J is still at rank 7.

Wouldn’t rank 9 be 13.0+ BR? Seems like they won’t go from 12.3 to 13

I don’t think we see AMRAAM in Dec. But who knows

Wouldn’t want to be matched with AMRAAM vs Phantoms, so that would mean ARH carriers at 13.0

return back grey hearts pls

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Well AMRAAM’s long with the Gripen are pretty much confirmed for this update along with a new top tier jet for Britain oh and a leo for germany.

The only nations will suck hard from this would be Britain. (again)
But one thing is for sure this update will be filled with new shines toys.

But as for AMRAAM’s vs Phantoms I wish they going to put a wall there.
But then again there is the German ICE

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I thought I actually got banned lmao because of this change

Gripen could come without ARH, I don’t think AMRAAM was confirmed for this year anywhere.

I think if they added new jets with AMRAAM for everyone like they said they would implement them they would have to be at 13.0

If they added 13.0 right now it would mess up the ground matchmaker I think.


Yea we just have to see how it goes I’m not an top tier export with the rules so that why I asked Smin.
Regarding the rank per advanced missile thing

This was never said. We have jets at lower ranks with AIM-9L. It’s to do with BR and technology of the aircraft.


I just want consistent rules >:(

And seriously we can’t remove our liked now ?

Whoops! I thought I said that in another thread lmao, my bad

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I think most of the community wants F18 Super Hornet to be added