Stingers will be 'fixed'. To 13g's :))))))))

So this entire time we’ve been arguing with a (figurative) brick wall, who doesn’t hold any opinions of their own?

No wonder we can’t seem to convince you. It seems you’re just here to deliver vague claims, then backpedal when those are proven wrong.

And messenger for who exactly?

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so stinger is now dumber

I’m here to help you guys get what you want.
That is all.
Giving you the standards will help you get the correct information, or confirm the information currently here.

I’m not your enemy.

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OK, if you’re arguing in good faith, can you answer where in the sources you found this?

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MTG Datamine Discord, people were posting a lot of sources a while back.
I didn’t save anything.

For what its worth, ODIN also says it can hit a target “up to 8 Gs” which coincides with known info from other sources

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Thanks for answering.

I’m gonna be real with you, what I take issue with here is how you didn’t mention what the source in question was.

By just saying “the source”, I have to assume you are referring to one of the previously posted documents in this thread.

And then when I search the thread thouroughly and find nothing about the “rotations” you were describing, that makes me confused and frustrated.

It also seems (to me) like you’re trying your very best to not be convinced by these sources. It’s like you’re doing insane mental gymnastics instead of simply taking “Maneuverability (g) 20” at face value. Maybe the Stinger does have 20g maneuverability (just like the Strela), is that difficult to believe?

Then there’s the “messenger” part. It’s very upsetting to have an argument with you, only for you to come afterward and say you didn’t actually believe anything you said. Your comments certainly look like your own opinion, and if they’re not then I believe you should communicate that more clearly.

These are my honest thoughts about this conversation with you. It may be upsetting to hear, but I think it’s better to be honest and voice them here.


They were documents, and math I’m incapable of doing myself at this time.
There are more skilled people out there, especially mathematically as I tap out at trig.

Apologies for forgetting to be upfront about the fact these aren’t my opinions.
There aren’t people that can speak for information sometimes; and all I want is correct information, same as the rest.

Why even bother with RazerVon?
He isn’t a “messenger” or anything, the dude is either a vatnik in disguise or a damn r*****.
He is talking out of his a** most of the time.


What a great explanation on why the devs completely ignore documentation stating 20-22G.

Of course, when R-27ER is reported, it gets fixed in a month from 30 to 35 G. No bias.


Also, does anyone have info if the gimbal limits are correct on the Stinger? They seem insanely low compared to Type 91, Mistral, TY-90 etc (similar missiles)

u know, in r-27 manual there is 35G thats why :)

why did this get moved to aicraft, air to air?

So is 22 there in Stingers one


So you do work for Gaijin then?

Missclicked, sorry. Should be Ground.

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stinger manual also said 22g but gaijin doesnt believe it

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Gaijin really did just add the BR system as a paperweight, didn’t they?!

It was supposed to be the way they balanced having tanks/aircraft/ships historically accurate, but now they seem against using it to actually balance unless absolutely necessary and will gladly nerf any other stat arbitrarily to compensate…

Des-Moines-Class waterline, Renown shell choice, F-4EJ IR missile choice, and now 13G stingers when they should be 20G minimum…


Can you clarify the reasoning behind the 13G choice? Seems like a very odd decision.