Everything Still Wrong with the Mistral Missile

Hello again!

This is my attempt to restart/revamp the old Mistral Discussion Topic
You can find that here, while it lasts:

Well, since we last left off, the only thing that has changed is that it now has off-boresight ability, after lock-on… which is cool, but I still miss sight seeker aiming, which would be nice:

Anywho, other than that, nothing has really been changed…

Not max overload:

Nor max lock range:

The IRCCM seems to barely function, the seeker fov is far too large, it’s still missing autorotation, the booster firing times are still wrong, there still only ‘Mistral’ and no differentiation between Mistral 1/2/3. Need I go on.

Needless to say, we still have a lot of work to do!


I think gaijin knows its wrong but dont want to change it anyway. Even though mistral isnt even a common missile and ty90 is arguably stronger than an aim9m or r73 and you can carry 16 of them…

It is genuinely saddening to see how Gaijin gets thoroughly detailed reports like yours and will ignore them for years.

Have you recently bug-reported them? Given the era we are moving into Gaijin may be more willing to let France have a moderately accurate missile for once xD

Ive read the bug report its probably the most comprehensive one ive ever seen. But as spoonkston said, if they dont like what a bug report says they will just ignore it. At least the tiger had deserves something after years of being a subpar heli. Mistral 2 or mistral 3 would spice things up for it and give it the ability to act as a kind of spaa like chinese heli have already done for well over a year.


We need that change desperately, Gaijin just doesn’t care ; as always thank you Sarrazin for your awesome work o7


Gaijin please please please look at this and actually fix it…
The sourcing here is incredible, there’s absolutely no excuse! And it would just make the top echelons of France so much more enjoyable


that first answer regarding mistral and stinger doesn’t give much to look forward to

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Is now 16g… interesting. I dont see anywhere in any document claiming 16g for mistral… So, like… gaijin is just making stuff up now in defiance of overwhelming evidence? Or maybe they are right and mbda are being stinkers

Yea, they’re just being dumb and refusing to acknowledge reality. It’s supposed to be 25/32/30Gs, ofc. They’re gonna release a devblog Soon™ to try to explain away why they’re right and the director of Matra and professor of missile engineering at Supaero and Matra/MBDA itself are the morons and not them.

Anyway, have a good one.

Ive been using the new mistral fm and its very odd. It loses its ability to turn rapidly, to the point where 3.5km shots in a head on are failing against a target not evasively maneuvering. Its unable to keep an intercepting trajectory in most circumstances. That or somethings bugged with the guidance solution and its veering away last second for no reason. id try and collect footage but thats hard when replays have been bugged for like half a year and dont show missiles at all…

The new “buff” made them even more difficult to use, multiple people have reported this

they made a new change to mistral, gonna test and see if its any better now.

So Ive been playing with it, and color me surprised, its still crap