Everything Still Wrong with the Mistral Missile

I think gaijin knows its wrong but dont want to change it anyway. Even though mistral isnt even a common missile and ty90 is arguably stronger than an aim9m or r73 and you can carry 16 of them…

It is genuinely saddening to see how Gaijin gets thoroughly detailed reports like yours and will ignore them for years.

Have you recently bug-reported them? Given the era we are moving into Gaijin may be more willing to let France have a moderately accurate missile for once xD

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Ive read the bug report its probably the most comprehensive one ive ever seen. But as spoonkston said, if they dont like what a bug report says they will just ignore it. At least the tiger had deserves something after years of being a subpar heli. Mistral 2 or mistral 3 would spice things up for it and give it the ability to act as a kind of spaa like chinese heli have already done for well over a year.


We need that change desperately, Gaijin just doesn’t care ; as always thank you Sarrazin for your awesome work o7


Gaijin please please please look at this and actually fix it…
The sourcing here is incredible, there’s absolutely no excuse! And it would just make the top echelons of France so much more enjoyable


that first answer regarding mistral and stinger doesn’t give much to look forward to

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Is now 16g… interesting. I dont see anywhere in any document claiming 16g for mistral… So, like… gaijin is just making stuff up now in defiance of overwhelming evidence? Or maybe they are right and mbda are being stinkers

Yea, they’re just being dumb and refusing to acknowledge reality. It’s supposed to be 25/32/30Gs, ofc. They’re gonna release a devblog Soon™ to try to explain away why they’re right and the director of Matra and professor of missile engineering at Supaero and Matra/MBDA itself are the morons and not them.

Anyway, have a good one.

Ive been using the new mistral fm and its very odd. It loses its ability to turn rapidly, to the point where 3.5km shots in a head on are failing against a target not evasively maneuvering. Its unable to keep an intercepting trajectory in most circumstances. That or somethings bugged with the guidance solution and its veering away last second for no reason. id try and collect footage but thats hard when replays have been bugged for like half a year and dont show missiles at all…

The new “buff” made them even more difficult to use, multiple people have reported this

they made a new change to mistral, gonna test and see if its any better now.

So Ive been playing with it, and color me surprised, its still crap

Just going to reopen the thread a bit because I think we need to address the issue.
The mistral, as they are, are a complete joke. The “buff” they made from 12G to 16G is not even a buff. I don’t know what they did, but the mistral just can’t lead correctly and will miss even non manoeuvring aircrafts by miles. Today, I just managed to miss a stalling me262 from about 2km away (so sweet spot for the mistral) with a perfectly fine launching angle in my tiger HAP. This is getting ridiculous with the lack of response from the devs even in the recent report made about the missile : Community Bug Reporting System
Now, addressing another issue. If we stick to Gaijin’s (flawed in my opinion) idea of how the missiles should work, they claim that they’ll give NATO MANPADS, and I quote OrsonES from its post about NATO MANPADS (MANPADS Missiles and Overload: The Technical Details) :
“With this assumption, the average available overload for the half-cycle of rotation of these MANPADS will be 63% of the peak and will be consistent with the data on the available overload of the 9M39 MANPADS.”
Now, if we consider that the mistral 2 and 3 pull both around 30G from memory, that would bring the mistral to the same level of performance as the TY-90. Especially considering the Mistral 3 should also use a similarly hard to flare dual band seeker.
I still don’t understand why Gaijing sticks to using only 1 type of Mistral, when the Mistral 2 could be used by the Tiger HAP, and Mistral 3 by the tiger HADs, while still being completely balanced when looking at the Chinese counterparts.

Edit : Also, considering they base all MANPADS on the obviously superior (despite being outdates) 9M39, can someone explain to me the new found ability of the 9M39 to magically aim itself without any motor or enough aerodynamic forces when launching ?


totolescargo made a good report for it. Report on it is currently on acknowledged.


yes its rather convenient that igla will pop out of its tube and pull a 90 degree turn towards its target.

apparently it was implemented, and is marginally better. My rant was made after the fix was pushed through

Yeah we discussed this with @vizender. I’m not sure, but I believe they may have made some slight adjustments to the autopilot of the Mistrals.

However, the bug report I made is pretty clear : Mistrals should consistently be able to pull 16G and we are definitely not there yet.

I’m investigating another issue. It seems Mistral missiles are almost unable to turn during the first 1.5 seconds after launch. Stay tuned for more.

Are you sure it was that same ticket (it’s still not closed)? Because there was another report that I made that they did a fix for, but was closed and fixed for

A bit hard to tell which reports they’re fixing at times since there’s so many open for the Mistral.

Yea, there’s a reason for that… cause it was hardly a buff as neither Mistral nor Stinger are more maneuverable than Igla, even after the “buff”:

Mistral as currently modelled:


and Igla…:

Conversely, if we had an historically accurate Mistral 1:

Mistral 2:

Mistral 3:

and Stinger:

If that is all too confusing, here’s a visualisation to help make it clear:

Hopefully, things should be much clearer now the problem we are dealing with.

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Here’s what that looks like at 1km:



and so on.

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Thanks. That’s exactly what I needed. In another mistral post there’s a Chinese main coping that the mistral is better than the Chinese gila knock off found at 9.3, even considering the fin AOA or autopilot not being able to lead correctly