Split the F-111A into F-111A (Late) and F-111A (Early)

There has been much discussion on the F-111’s missing armament, to which Gaijin had this response:

While it is reasonable to worry about increasing the BR of the F-111, and with its exceptional performance new missiles would almost certainly require a BR increase, that does not change the fact of missing capabilities of the aircraft. My solution- have two F-111As in-game.

F-111A (Early):
Representative of the 18 pre-production and 12 early production F-111As.
TF30-P-1 engines (same performance as TF30-P-3)
Armament as current F-111A
BR 10.3 (RB)

F-111A (Late):
TF30-P-3 engines
Armament as current F-111A, plus AIM-9E on all missile pylons and AIM-9J on pylons 3A/6A (3 and 10 in-game). If another buff is necessary, AIM-9J on all missile pylons. M117R 750lb retarded bombs.
10.7, foldered under F-111A (Early)

What do you think?


a nice suggestion but given there are many variants of the f-111 already I don’t see a need to add an early/late. they could simply add a D,E or F model with the things you want.

would love to see a C model event vehicle for the British tree as well.

the 111 is already great at 10.3 anyway even with only having aim 9 Bs because of it’s great speed. can dogfight really well in a 1v1 but does lose all its speed to do so


I entirely despise the idea of limiting the amount of a specific type of missile something can have if it realistically can carry the full set. Gonna be a hard no from me about giving it only 9Js on some pylons unless thats demonstratively realistic

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As someone already mentioned, we are bound to just see upgraded variants of the F-111

I would think that the “C” model would have a great chance, and then there is also the “G” and even FB-111A that had other capabilities

Hard to say which variants they would pick at this point… it will depend on Feedback and what the database is telling them, and they may pick the next variant based off of that

The main problem is just having new aircraft settle into their BR / MM positions before doing too much to them, so that can take a little bit of time… there may always be new payload options added in the next content update

For the most part, all aircraft should see their full payload options available to them over time, there just maybe some exceptions since game play balance is a factor to take into consideration

9Js and Es were historically only ever used on 3A and 6A. They could be mounted on the other missile pylons, but because bombing was the primary use for the 111 family (except the failed F-111D and K) there is no evidence AFAIK of missiles besides 9Bs being actually mounted anywhere else.

I believe you mean the K by G. F-111G was just an early designation for the FB-111A (which I’d like to potentially see as a top tier nuclear aircraft). The 111K was the prototype British version of the 111, which is why I think you’d mention it along with the 111C.

I’d like to see the most 111s possible ngl, it’s one of my favorite vehicle families.

111A (early): 10.3 TT
111A (late): 10.7 TT
111B: 11.3 event
111C (early): 11.3 British TT
111C AUP/(late): 12.0 British TT
RF-111C: 11.7 British Premium/Event?
111D: 11.3 squadron with YAIM-7G or 11.0 squadron without
111E: 11.3 TT with Pave Tack or 11.0 TT without
111F: 12.0 TT
111G/FB-111A: 11.3+ nuclear aircraft (alongside Su-24)
111K: 11.3 British event with YAIM-7G, 11.0 event without

So yes, quite a few variants, but each at its own place in the game with its own capabilities and unique performance.

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I fully support this. Commonwealth is always appreciated. Except for south west Asia. They can go to the Russians and Chinese. A-4G/K (Kahu) when?

It’s somewhat shocking that we didn’t get the Kahu and A-4M when the Ayit was added, since all three are so similar.