Chinese Extended Ground Tree Discussion

Very nice tree. I especially hope to see the Project 704 tank ingame someday.

Right now I think the most important vehicles China could use are better SPAA in the 10.0-11.7 range, and more high end light tanks so we don’t have too keep using the Boat car! It seems that the VT-4 is in the way as it’s been found in the files for a while, and we may even get the Taiwanese M1A2T as it was passed too developers not too long ago

just check the Yitian short range air defense system, with search radar and TY90*8

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Oh I have, the trick is wating for gajjin too actually add this stuff tho. Currently the PGZ04 is one of the worst MANPAD launchers in the game, with the manpads themselves being some of the worst, and then the fact that somehow despite all the empty space in the hull, it only carry the 4 on the turret with no spare. The guns are decent but overall this platform is very underwhelming and it’s the only SPAA you get until the TOR, which in my eyes is also an underwhelming SPAA when compaired too a Pantsir.


When and When


I want them soo bad. TY-90’s would be the perfect answer too chinas current SAM gap. Also the last “passed too developers” suggestions for China is basically a Chinese Pantsir so that’s cool

Edit: here’s the Chinese Pantsir equivalent that was recently passed too devs


Are you sure 140mm really exist

Hopefully we will see the modern VT-4 next update, as I’m assuming other nations will also see newer and better Tanks for the ground tree

There is quite a lot new stuff here in the tree, which i am actually looking forward for all these to be filled in this tech tree. It will be a big fun for sure, thanks for the hardwork there and i hope this will be considered.

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yes and the 140mm APFSDS round already had data of pen

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@Smin1080p sorry to bother you about this, but I wanted to see if we could get potential clarification about a hypothetical situation regarding the VT-4.

While the VT-4 isn’t confirmed to be coming any time at all, I was curious how Gajjin might handle its addition into the game, especially if a Thai tree might also be coming. My main concern is if China would be a receiver of the VT-4 since it is an export tank.

I hope we either get the VT-4 or M1A2T this update. I think the M1A2T might be more plausible tho since it is more or less the M1A2 SEPV2, and Smin said a vehicle is coming that wouldn’t of been possible a year ago, and Tuwan recently started training on their Abrams in September of last year…

Hopefully well know soon enough


Guys ,ZTZ-15 is officially regarded as a light mbt.Thus its name should be ZTZ-15.
Moreover,We can actually have a ZTZ-15(P), adopting a hydropneumatic suspension system, while it doesn’t have the extra armor,and its br can be lowered by 0.3, folded with ZTZ-15

No source supports the so-called ZTZ15.
Also we have too little information about Chinese hydropneumatic suspension system.

ZTQ15 is a light tank, VT-5 is the light MBT.

My memory system went wrong (Q A Q), you are right.

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I remember wrong. Type 15 is ZTQ-15.

Actually,it could be ,TW tanks compose 1 line ,while LT line need PTL-02

I don’t know if this is really a decent change but I want the MBT-2000 name changed to ZTZ90-IIM. As far as I know they are the same thing, and the name ZTZ90-IIM fits in the rest of the tree better than MBT-2000. It’s really just a personal issue I have with the name because its weird but oh well.

Chinese tanks generally have two names: one is from the undefined period (e.g. WZ1001), and the other is from the finalized period (e.g. ZTZ-99A). And foreign trade vehicles may even have three names, such as: domestic use (ZTZ-90IIM), before export standardization (MBT-2000), and after export standardization (VT-1).

So any name is correct

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