Suggested details and improvements to War Thunder

A separate chinese server.


I wish

Least racist WT gamer.

Where’s racism in his comment tho?

Really need these to be re-made for the new forums

(though did do a partial one: Improved Ripple mode)


Gotta add them to the list. Thanks for posting


Im gunna work on a few more at some point, so i’ll post here as well

Looking forward to it

I’ve got these active at the moment:

Seperate Measurement Units for Targeting Pod (I really want this one)

Weapon selection: sequential selection and priority system (and this one)

I don’t feel like that airbreak change is necessary

Yeah, its more of a niche one. It should be optional, either a toggle or a slider.

Vehicle based control profiles is great but I would simplify it to quick control preset change (similar to SAS controls change mid-flight)

Maybe, but i’d hate to accidentally hit that binding mid fight and then have to cycle back through half a dozen+ different configs

Just a thought, but imagine it being in form of multi function menu

Ah yeah, that could work better


  • many new suggestions added
  • small fixes



wow thx

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I’ll add an idea from an anti-aircraft gunner. I would like to add a function (even for 10,000,000 SL) to configure the anti-aircraft gun’s belt/magazine. So that it would be possible to remove armor-piercing and tracer ones and replace them with non-tracer fragmentation/incendiary ones.

The sim community has been asking for these in some way or another similarly for years.


-Separate flare/chaff keybinds with portion control
-Correct Contrail altitudes
-Fuel slider amount
-In game loadout customization
-spawning in hangars and taxi-ing to take-off rather than spawning at end of runaway
-airfield re-work
-AI re-work to match the historical period and make them perform more accurately (F86’s shouldn’t be flying at Mach 1.4 as a surveillance plane for example)


-Better EC objectives that actually pull you in to doing them, and more of them, especially with bigger EC maps
-Fox 3’s
-Fix cockpit instruments and gauges so they ALL work
-More accurate flight models (climb rates, speed at sea level, drag, correct compression speeds and wing rip speeds, ect, vapor formation under high G, accelerated stalls, mixture control for props correctly implemented, compressor stalls, debri cloud damage, realistic aural tones for missiles and systems, better rotary physics on helicopter’s, ect)
-Rotors cause dopplar shift
-Stationary SAM and radar sights to conduct SEAD near battlefields. More battlefields to conduct CAS at.
-Bigger maps for Air SB and Ground SB, so it’s not so cluttered so fast and easily shot down over friendly airfields (spawn camped)
-Only if done right! (with adding better rotary physics, rotors causing dopplar shift, proper historical airfield defense at the BR and bigger EC maps) add Helicopters for EC, and a Heli BR change so Vietnam era rotary is matched with Vietnam era fixed wing and modern with modern
-Better and more accurate airfield defense (aa guns for World War 2/Korea era, Roland’s for Vietnam era, Pantsir-S1 or Patriots for modern era, ect)

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Few days ago I’ve seen this via Defyn:
“as well as the ability to drag and and drop vehicles from research trees into a crewslot and changing the order of crew slots”
Extraordinary news. We’ll finally be able to arange the order of our vehicles. Best news I’ve heard this year.
Personally, I’ll make all nations lineups (apart from israel, sweden and china for obvious reasons) look like:
ship - plane - tank(AA) -tank(light/medium) - tank(medium/heavy)
And if navy gets ever added to aforementioned ones, I’ll just buy a crew slot and put it there in front, thus not being forced to sacrifice an experienced tank/plane crew for that.

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