Vehicle based control profiles

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As it currently stands, it is possible to create, save and then load different control schemes and this is perticuarly helpful if you swap between a HOTAS and mouse/keyboard depending gamemode, but this does require manually swapping each time. There are also circumstances where you may want different configurations for different vehicles.

For example. For almost all aircraft, i’d have my Joystick trigger set to my guns (primary weapon). But for aircraft such as the Sea-Vixen or Buccaneer that do not have guns, i prefer to swap my trigger over my AAMs/bombs (secondary fire) as its more comfortable. I also make use of dual throttle to control nozzle rotation or sweep wing respectively.

I have similarly different configurations for low tier fighters with 2 different calibre of guns and different radar control setups depending on the aircraft.

It would be ideal if a control configuration could be assigned to a vehicle. Swap from Jet A to Jet B, then controls would swap from Profile A to Profile B. Without having to enter the setting everytime.


Yeah that sounds very interesting would be cool to see this in-game +1

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This would also be useful for some ground vehicles too. I have two extra buttons on my mouse, and for most tanks I use them to swap between controlling all weapons, and controlling my roof mounted machine gun specifically for AA work. But on some vehicles, such as the double barreled 106mm recoiless rifle armed ones, I’d prefer to have the buttons set up to switch between firing each barrel indivdually. Considering swapping between control schemes during a game between spawns isn’t really a feasible option, this solution would be vastly preferable.

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Okay, now that I’m not exhausted.
This is a rather nasty idea for the following reason.
A jack of all trades is a master of none.
This would unintentionally attract players to have per-vehicle controls, now this is fine for like a few vehicles, but if it’s dozens, or hundreds, they become a master of none.

Unified controls means you can master one set of controls and every single aircraft is controlled identically which means you’re never putting thought into your key presses. It’s all reflexive memory.

I use a unified control scheme for DCS where buttons do the exact same thing across all aircraft.
Because a jack of all trades is a master of none, which is especially true with controls.

To address your points directly now.

You bring up firing, however there is select primary & select secondary controls.
Secondary for suspended armament, primary for guns.
It’s a feature that already exists and you can incorporate.
And if you use a stick with a dual-mode trigger. First press being secondary, and full press for guns.
Thumb for secondary front button press trigger for guns.
If it’s a mouse: Left & right click.

First off,

How do can you have unified controls for a plane, tank or ship? Can you drive a tank or ship with a hotas?

I know and i do

What if you dont have a dual mode trigger?

For aircraft like the sea-vixen and buc you have no guns. So i swap the control out completely.

For the spitifre where i have both 303s and hispanos. I have 1 trigger set for one and the pinky trigger set for the ofher. Normally that pinky trigger is set up for the radar target selection

Unified controls are ideally, but no one is forcing you to set up a control scheme for eaxh and every aircraft.

Id just like to be able to automatically swap from hotas when flying planes in sb. And then a mouse and keyboard set up for tanks and ships. And then have a few edge case set ups for specific aircraft that tweak a few controls for specific vehicles.

Please dont reapond negatively to a thread for the sake of it. Please only provide constructive criticm and not unnecessary and made up reasons to object


I imagine you play SB or have accessibility issues (if the latter, I totally support this implementation), but from my experience with KB + mouse I don’t see the necessity for my own use case. For example, my mouse wheel handles both wing sweep and thrust vectoring, since no aircraft features these two systems at the same time, there’s no conflict using the same input for both. I suppose you could do the same with your input, so the same throttle axis handles both systems without the need to swap controls.

As for the weapon use case, just feels more natural to me having guns in one input and secondaries on another, always, it’s not intuitive for me at all having different inputs per plane, kinda defeats the whole ease of use War Thunder has over higher fidelity simulators.

You make ZERO sense. Please stop… 🤦‍♂️


Mainly SB, but yeah, will be great for that

Yep, i have a dual throttle, so i do have one set for both. Initially had seperate but realized i could combine. Though you do get an annoying message saying “no thrust vectoring” which is minor, but no less annoyng

Yeah, most of the time i leave a default set up, but on occasion, its handy having a unique set up. Sea vixen had no guns. So having trigger set for the missiles means my hand can remain in a more relaxed position and still be ready to fire. When flying for a while. Its more comfortable.

Please provide me with an example of how to set up a tank and naval control profile for the X-56 HOTAS. I have tried to set up a combined configuration to allow for both kb&m at the same time as X-56 for easy swapping but it doesnt work. There is too much confliction

I want to see this in game SOO BAD, i don’t think it’s this hard to make but it will help a lot, i struggle switching my Top-tier planes Config and 6.7 config

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Clear all controls, set everything, and when conflicts arise across vehicle types, add, instead of replace.

Doesn’t work, I’ve tried. No way to get a 100% flawless control scheme that would work for both RB with mouse and keyboard and SB with HOTAS.

Just doesn’t work

With that setup, you’re going to be loading a profile then, but to make a setup with everything set, you can set every control via using a clean profile.

I’ve got 2 that works. One for flying ASB and one for RB. Just annoying in GSB having to swap controls going from air to ground. But if I get into props properly, then they’ll probably need a different control set up to jets in sim. and there are a few other instances where it would be nice

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