Additional Advance Control schemes

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There are several controls such as airbrakes in game that operate on a simple toggle option, with no flexibility or adjustment. In reality many aircraft could vary the deployment of the airbrakes much in the same way we can currently vary the deployment of swept wings.

My suggestion is to add more advanced control options to settings such as Airbrakes to maximise realism/immersion, but for the sake of most of the playerbase, to leave a toggle option available as well. Simulator battles are great for immersion, but are lacking in the fine degree of controls available on true Sim games, such as MSFS.

Linked is an example of such controls found on the Tornado


Inside the cockpit - Panavia Tornado by Military Aviation History 18 Minutes for the air brake control example

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YouTube video no longer available.

Not sure why, video is still, up, link is still the same, but i’ve added video name and details