Reset Targetting Pod

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This is a small suggestion. As it currently stands, there is no way of “resetting” a targetting pod to a forward position without doing so manually. It can be easy to get “lost” and when you are flying a jet at the same time, it is easy to get disorientated.

This could be simply resolved by adding a control button that would reset the targetting pod to a forward facing position instantly, allowing the pilot to start again when trying acquire the target.

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IMO, it should simply be front position by default when we are not in pod view + sight stabilization disabled. Also I think that sight stabilization should be a toggle with one key bind like the lazer, it would simplify the process. Also it would be better to have the option to allocate one key to pod view instead of having to go through the toggle view loop and getting lost/disoriented all the time. I would actually bind it to the same as bomber view, simple.