Suggested details and improvements to War Thunder

Anyone else like the idea of the F-4 Phantoms being given their 370 gallon wing mounted drop tanks? I have a couple of sources with information on them.

Page 1-10 in the manual.

If these tanks were added, the Phantoms only with centreline mounted gun pods for gun armament would be able to take drop tanks and guns at the same time!

Yeah Gaijin knows about them but as of now they aren’t planned.

Any idea why, because I’m fairly sure that they would be a useful addition to the Phantoms?

Prob in Gaijin’s eyes internal fuel is enough for your typical RB match

Then why did they add the centreline tank?

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Yeah, it’s a good question. Wing tanks would be awesome for the British phantoms. I think it was a balancing thing. Tank, guns, rockets or bombs.

In theory you can run min fuel and tanks and drop the tanks when you need to.

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I also wonder

Yes, I was thinking that the British phantoms in particular would benefit from the flexibility to equip tanks on the wings or fuselage because then they could equip the gun pod at the same time as the drop tanks, at the expense of ordinance on the outer wing pylons.

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Do you think they would add it if I submitted it in aircraft suggestions?
Do you think there would be a better place to make such a suggestion?

I mean making a suggestion is always good. It’s just that it doesn’t guarantee the addition.

If you have enough info, I’d do a bug report for them

You really think the lack of them would be classified as a bug by Gaijin?

Bug reports are used also for suggesting things missing from current aircraft

like I have one in currently for missing HUD symbology on the Tornado Gr1

So, maybe? I think things like missing fuel tanks would fall under a bug report to be passed on as a suggestion rather than as a forum suggestion.

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Ok, if you’re sure. Thanks for the advice.

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Also, if I wanted to suggest the addition of some new types of bombs to be added into a tech tree, where would I be best to make the suggestion?

New types of bombs would probably be a forum suggestion.

Like this is:


Hunting BL.755: Fury from Above

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So completely new additions: suggestion forum,
additions/alterations to already implemented features: bug forum.


Sounds about right

My Fair Lady Realization GIF

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Very funny.

I have decided to test the water with a report that the Swordfish can carry a 500lb bomb centreline, if any of you would like this acknowledged I would appreciate it if you hit the ‘I have the same issue’ button. Here is the link to the report.

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