Remove QN506 from 9_2 Sim battles

Fake they fixed most problems of low alt flying helis and jets for spaas

No BMP-2M right,

My quote still stand, HE-VT ammo helps but you have the same issues on both side SPAA isn’t a hard-counter to helis, except when pilot don’t know how to maintain range and fly straight.

Lol no hevt is a counter to any Russian Heli at this sim bracket

But then you’re going off topic sir.

Tell me which forum rules indicates that you are not permitted to make general comments about something? All I stated was that helicopters have been ruining ground simulator battles for quite a while, citing the EC-665 Tiger UHT as an example. I would appreciate it if you could refrain from purposefully misinterpreting what I say in order to sound like a counter-argument to evoke a response from me.


What he is trying to say is that we are talking about helicopters in the 9_2 bracket.

Assuming that this “free hate” you are talking about was generated by top-tier Russian helicopters, like I’ve explained in the other post, and not by an Alouette or an AH-1G, this quote is a futile comment that does not justify the presence of a vehicle like the QN506 in bracket with these low-tier helicopters.

Sounds like you have a problem with helicopters and CAS in general, and that’s another topic like this one for example: Cas spam in Ground RB ruins entire match
Or this one:
Or this one: Tank vs Tank only game mode
Or this interesting one about the chinese helicopter: Premium Chinese Z19E Spam dominating in Sim Ground Battles

Helicopters exist in the game, like planes, and they must have proper counters, not overpower ones.
We are talking about of a vehicle that easily outplays even 11.7 helicopters against 9_2 Sim bracket ones.

It is entirely acceptable to disagree and hold various views on this subject. The earlier comments about how helicopters can be countered by jets make no sense to me since they give me the impression that whoever made those comments has no idea how tough it is to fly a jet in simulator battles while attempting to hunt a helicopter flying above a tree line. Meanwhile, the blue side has far superior anti-aircraft dedicated vehicles that are considerably easier to play.

Nonetheless, feel free to express your thoughts on the topic. I appreciate your opinion, but this does not imply I agree with it. At the same time, I reserve my own opinion on this subject, and there is no need to convince me otherwise.


More countries need reliable counters to helicopters. They’re the type of helicopters to be very strong with no spaa availabe and not strong at all when spaa exists, so the mission of the other team is to make sure there is no spaa using other vehicles before spawning their helis to kill the other team.
I may make some suggestions later on but regardless, qn506 is a great counter and if they made the spikes better they would be viable counters too in the same fashion.
Fingers crossed for suicide drones to come for the qn506. Helicopter pilots will require skill to maneuver away from them and not get hit. Epic.

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Of course, we are discussing here, and I’m not trying to convince you. Feel free to think whatever you want, but I’m exposing the truth with evidence attached. If you wish to demonstrate the contrary, I expect a valid argument.

Now you are talking about how hard it is for a jet in Sim to actually see a helicopter hiding above a tree line.
I could answer with a trivial answer like this…

…but I won’t.

Yes, spotting helicopters is harder for a jet in Sim, like it is harder for a helicopter flying above the tree line and meanwhile engaging on the ground. You don’t have hover mode in Sim with this helicopters so if it’s flying low, it’s probably just hiding because you require a lot of time in the gunner’s sight to hit something with those slow and inconsistent ATGMs.
If one of these helicopters is causing significant damage to the ground unit, it is probably flying high enough to be killed by a jet and being close enough to the battlefield to be destroyed by normal AA.
If a player tries to engage far away and by hiding, it is very challenging and not rewarding because the missiles are just weak. You can only engage stationary tanks in open fields, like we said before; Remove QN506 from 9_2 Sim battles - #414 by EddyXX

Having said that I don’t see why these helicopters deserve to be countered with a so strong vehicle like the QN506.
I can agree that the Soviet side deserves better anti-aircraft vehicles, but not overpower one’s, because the QN506, with its armament and its ridiculous ease of usage that can easily outplay even top-tier helicopters, doesn’t fit at all in this sim bracket.


If you’re choosing to be disadvantanged when you have opinion not to be, you can’t complain.

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There are no Spikes in 9_2. Does it mean you support adding Vilkas and other Spike vehicles to 9_2?
Or are you just deliberately ignoring the fact that the 9_2 bracket is topic of discussion?

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Perhaps next time, try flying a jet in ground simulator battles on the red side and hunting helicopters on the blue side. Almost everyone I know says the opposite, but here you are asserting otherwise. Btw, I am talking about jets because someone else did, just fyi, I did not bring up the topic myself.


I don’t think I’ve asserted otherwise.

I tried a few times as a non-jet player, and I understand that’s hard. Indeed, I said:

But still, if the helicopter is flying high (over 60 meters), it can provide a better CAS, but it’s more visible by a jet because of the contrast with the sky (it depends on the map).
Flying low, it’s harder to provide CAS, but it lets you hide from jets.
Meanwhile, the jet can roam the whole map around the battlefield, looking for the black dot in the sky, or just camp on the helipad because there is no AA in the closest one, waiting for reloading for an easy kill (these helicopters have from 4 to 6 ATGM).
I think this is a good compromise, even if getting killed by a jet on your helipad is extremely frustrating, I can understand it because there is more gameplay; you must be vigilant to avoid falling into a trap, you can play smart by flying away, and jet skill is required anyway; instead, the QN506 is objectively too easy to play, you can’t fight it, and sometimes it won’t let you even play (like in the video of the main post).
It just feels like it doesn’t belong in this SIM bracket.

First there i no Merkava 2D in that lineup.
T-64A is a hardly best vehicle which Russia has in 9_2, so why compare all to it ?
CV90105 should not be there, same apply for the QN506. Both way ahead the 9_2 tech.
There would be no issue with T-72A/M to be added, tanks like Leo 2k or MBT-70 should be added as well. There are probably other feasible candidates in other nations TT for addition to 9_2.
T-80B is the Leo2A4 equivalent, so it hardly fits into 9_2.

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Good thing 10.0 can be downtiered to “9_2”.
Spikes would regardless of BR be a good addition and well deserved for the nations who have them. Maybe we can have puma with spikes next.
Good thing qn506 supplements this idea.
Helicopters should be vehicles where they can perform well when counters aren’t on battlefield but perform poorly when counters are on battlefield. It shouldn’t always perform well.

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So they finally removed the Merkava from there,atleast something. T-80B aint 2A4 equivalent,its subpar tank and 2A4 is superior to it. If anything then T-80U is 2A4 equivalent.

I would like to kindly remind you this is about ground SIMULATOR mode. Do you even know what does it mean ? No, you probably don’t, since you don’t even play ground SIM.

So no, there are no downtier in SIM mode.


They are faily equal, rougly the Leo2A4 is featuring better mobility, while the T-80B is featuring better armor and firepower.

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As i said before.

You’re giving an opinion about something you never experienced on a mode you barely/never played, your simple reference about “BR system” says it all.


Right, the qn506 is correctly there.

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