CAS spam is killing ground forces

I know it has been said many times, by many players, but the CAS spam issue needs to be addressed if there is going to be any semblance of a tank game in War Thunder in the future. They are too easy to spawn, there is no real counter to them unless you want to fly yourself and the reward more than pays out than playing an air game. At this rate, “ground forces” will devolve more in CAS vs CAS players, with a side note of tanks.

Also, the obfuscation of the forum topics really makes giving any feedback a chore more than it needs to be. Is it by design I wonder ?


Press “Space” button to use roof mounted 50cals. It’s often enough to protect yourself from plane if we are talking about lower BRs.


Especially when You have limited angle and person flying knows that… right.


What is wrong when somebody exploits vulnerabilities of your vehicle?


Maybe that tanker has no real option to do anything?


So what can a player in a tank do if planes comes at him from an angle that he can’t shoot back at?

Please spare me the ‘avoid the bomb’ or ‘hide from it’ talk as we all know that it is not what really happens and that You really can’t hide or avoid the bomb if person in a plane knows a little.


Not even every tank has a roof mounted machine gun, nevermind a 50 cal.


If pilot found a target and calculated right way to come from right angle why he cannot get rewarded for it?

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Again, You were the one saying:

Still waiting for any reasonable way to counter what I have said.


There are several flaws in what you said:

  • not all vehicles have .50 cal
  • not all vehicles have any roof mounted MG or any MG
  • the traverse is usually really limited
  • .50 cal rate of fire is limited
  • even if you have several .50 cal, at best, mind you, AT BEST, you would be a deterrent. At worst, you’ll just give away your position
  • what about tactical bombers ? you CAN NOT take them down even with 4 .50 cal before they drop their bombs
  • even if you manage to hit a plane, well, good luck taking it down as it’s more durable than a tank
  • lastly, even if you take out a plane and the game registered a kill, well guess what, they can still drop bombs on you, because again, it’s more durable than a tank

Your only counter is to die and spawn in a plane lmao.
Counter = revenge.


It is big and slow. Look at the sky time by time to not be destroyed by stealth Pe-8.

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Is maps are just flat fields? SPAA doesn’t exist? If you’re doesn’t preoccupied with finding cover and teamwork, that’s just your problem.


Yep, they don’t even try to justify the current system. Why should I even use my brain at an uptier when I can just cap a zone with reserve tank and bomb any enemy ground unit without them being able to stop me?

I had a game where I rushed my reserve tank to the cap and destroyed 2 best enemy team tanks without an issue.

Still waiting for a reply to what tankers can do, please stay on the topic and don’t try to avoid responding.

Still waiting for the ways to counter them.


I used the hill to get enough gun elevation on shoot down a bomber with HE shell. If masut is too lazy for non-standard thinking it’s problem of masut.

So enemy didn’t come from an angle as I was describing, still waiting.


I said if pilot get right angle it is moment when you can’t counter it. Or you want to say that all pilots always going from angle when you cannot do anything?

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So if pilot is using non-monkey tactic of going straight at the person without thinking? Great.

Nah, I’m just the one bombing and doing that, otherwise I wouldn’t have 5.75 (at the moment) K/D on F4U-4B made only on GRB.

Can’t wait to get my new setup, gonna record all games with C&F.


If sombody used brain to effectively use vehicle, vehicle will get a lot of kills. Secret knowledge of illuminati.


Sorry but it is all about what tankers can do to prevent it and there is nothing thus there is unbalance which should be adressed.