Tank vs Tank only game mode

Please create a game mode where it is tank vs tank just like ground battle, but no planes are allowed. It would be much more enjoyable for players because at the moment, if you ask any good ground battle player, over 75% of their total deaths will be from players revenge bombing them which takes all of the skill out of the game and makes it very frustrating. Just like there is a plane vs plane only battle, please add tank vs tank only. At the very least, add airfield-like FLAK guns to the spawn areas so anyone playing in aircraft has only very limited area on the map to fly and can’t just spawn kill like they do 24/7.

Note: Anyone opposed to this because they love planes makes no sense because this literally won’t affect you. There would still be combined battles for you to go and use your planes to kill defenseless tanks. In fact, it may be easier for you now because all the good tank players will play tank only. So it’s a win-win for everyone.


Can people stop making endless threads on the same topic please?


They, unfortunately, getting what they want

No, because there is always the camper and without the plane there is no way to kill him, what you should do is learn to play tank and plane, that way you would stop crying.


There isn’t any camping spots that can’t be dealt with a tank.

It only shows that the problem is real.


I feel your pain and I agree but it is yet another new player making the same complaint. Only join the forum to complain about CAS ruining the game for them.

This will end when the CAS issue ends. Problem is CAS was made to end your game in a tank either in game or in reality. Time for a new and separate Tank only mode.

Same repetitive post, same repetitive answer.


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They win plenty, that is why you have boring featureless maps, constantly shifting BR and everything getting nerfed.

Lets put an end to the whining and the nerfing of CAS and the reason for it. A TO mode to run alongside regular GRB and I will play both.

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Said player who really doesn’t play tanks, what a surprise.


These are the people we share a forum with sadly.

People who are against TO are the ones who are destroying the current combined mode further.


The alternative to a TO mode is the continual nerfing of CAS in GRB and I am against that.

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Too many threads of the same topic…just post in the existing ones x.x and no, or this is War Thunder, an all out battle, all out war, each nation giving it its all in a battle. Just tanks will be boring and SPAAG/SAMs become pointless to even have/add to the game.

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Both modes would exist, so what is a problem?


problem is Queue time will take longer due to maybe half the players going TO mode, TO sounds like a Call of Duty type of mode and not so much of a BATTLEFIELD feeling (Just my way of seeing it). WT was like this since the start. WT is not WT with just TO mode, need the whole ingredient to make the game much more challenging, cinematic, fun.

Personally in some moments within the battles, I turn off my HUD and zoom into commanders view just to experience that cinematic view in the middle of fights. Then i go back to shooting planes and killing tanks and flying planes lol Anywho, WT is not WT with just TO mode. If you don’t want to shoot down CAS planes, and your team doesn’t want to either or can’t then GL letting the CAS do its thing. There a lot of ways to deal with it, just gotta do the work.

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I’m the one using CAS and seeing how unbalanced it is.

TO would work, and if half of the players would move to TO it shows the problem with unbalance.


And I’m the one taking care of CAS each game, all it takes 1 person to balance out the field or carry a battle.

So You say that before 9.0 there is a balance between SPAA and Air?

just like dev server:D

That is not true,i havent died to plane for more than a week in a tank. So stop making false assumptions.