Premium Chinese Z19E Spam dominating in Sim Ground Battles

As the title suggests, the Chinese Z19E helicopter is ruining top tier SB. This is by far the most blatant pay to win aircraft in the game, it is able to be first spawned with laser guided ATGMs with 6km of range, it can hover uncontested for the entirety of the game, our 6 man team got wiped out within seconds and nobody was motivated to keep playing so this is a serious issue.

How is that fair? Stingers can’t lock and nobody seems to have Roland SPAAs, just get rid of it from the rotation or increase its spawn cost.


The problem is SIM not the heli or P2W. Heli’s shouldn’t have an auto trim or auto hover feature in SIM. These auto functions completely marginalize the purpose of SIM.

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Either way it is really annoying to see your entire team die within seconds and without any chance to fight back, I’m somewhat new to Sim but hopefully by the time we get another 10_2 line up I’ll have a fully spaded SPAA that can take out the Z19E

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Get the ka52. Those chicom helis with their unicorn missiles can do nothing to you

Gaijin doesnt care about Sim, it’s been broken for years. I have SOOOOOOOOOOO many tickets in for unbalanced matches because BR changes that they dont even bother to correct.

the Z19E already was removed from the shop for whatever reason what you want more, in general this seems more like a skill issue on your part, spawn an aircraft or an spaa (grind for it more) generaly huge skill issue on your team if nobody spawns spaas


Well now that I have a proper SPAA line up I should be able to take it down, my main problem is the fact that nobody spawns SPAA in sim.

Bold statement from you, with zero SIM experience. But feel free to show us how it is done (engaging helis with TY-90 in SIM)

Anyhow the TT Z-19 should not be in 10_2.

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As a main helicopterist, i can agree that Z19E is very very strong.
It has excellent maneuverability to touch the laws of physics, eight literally infallible air-to-air missiles, and “Hellfire-like” ATGM that perform much better than NATO ones even on enemy helicopters.
The only way to counter them is to catch them off guard with an aircraft.