When will we be able to see gaijin fix the model error in ZTZ99A?

currently, many vehicle models in the game have errors. The same goes for ZTZ99A/WZ1001E, and its mistakes greatly affect its survival and competitiveness.

Gaijin only needs to make simple modifications to the model to solve these problems, why is their efficiency always so low that it is difficult to accept? People usually say it takes several years.
for a game, this is almost forever
each version of the game will release new content, new vehicles, and new modeling. But they just don’t want to modify these errors and keep making more mistakes.
even if players keep complaining, it won’t help.

If modifying the model requires funding, then gaijin can definitely initiate crowdfunding. For certain issues, players will definitely be willing to spend money on them.
don’t choose to ignore it anymore

(If you want to understand all the errors in 99A, you can check out this topic)
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if gaijin wants to sell new China TT gift packages and achieve good sales. they should fix this problem.
and add new shells
Add DTC-10E/S (APFSDS) to Chinese 11.7 vehicles - Game Discussion / General Discussion - War Thunder — official forum
currently, no one would recommend new players to play China TT. Because 50% of this tree is copied and pasted. and half of those self-designed vehicles are all shit. Absolutely unattractive.
gaijin refuses to provide better shells and faster loading speeds for the 99A, and even refuses to fix errors.
It is definitely one of the worst performing top-level vehicles.
even worse than the M1A1AIM of 11.3, can’t gaijin see it?
It’s only worth 11.0
developers only look at the winning probability statistics table. And then shout that our game is “balanced”?


There are so many problems with Chinese tanks that it is difficult for me to fight, and gradually I don’t want to fight.


agree that

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The matter is very simple and clear and not new This is a company and the companies are looking for profit so it will make the priority for the country that has a larger fan base to achieve more profits All the country except the big three don’t have this large number of players So if you compare for example the sales of a Ka-50 helicopter to any helicopter in other countries except the big three you will find a very big difference and this applies to tanks and planes too And sorry for any mistakes English is not my primary language


oh, by the way, Gaijin mentioned in his demonstration two years ago that he would add a laser blinding system to the 99 series. but now it’s completely forgotten. right?
we used a pile of feces for two years, and now we’re about to reach three years


Three giants? Who will become the three giants is just a decision made by Gaijin. Is Germany still one of the three giants now?
Now Sweden has taken its place, and it has nothing to do with the number of players.
The number of players only depends on the strength of TT

Because it was once unbeatable, that’s why it has such high sales.
And the performance of other helicopters is not outstanding


i think they should fix it as soon as possible

I agree. I want to get into China because their top tier MBTs are unique, as well as their light tanks like the AFT09 but I don’t want to have to grind all the way to 8.0 before it starts getting unique vehicles.


when Gaijin released the China TT. 90% of it is copy and paste. And no model modifications were made.

even replicated vehicles in Finland can have a unique appearance. But those vehicles in China are just completely copied and pasted

Until now, the T26 model is still incorrect
The wheels of T34 have not been replaced with wheels of type 59
M36 is also incorrect, China has only used M36B


There is already a thread with the same name that serves purpose, unlike this one.

Hell, you’re even stupid enough to link it in your post!

The issue had been existed for several years and it brought Chinese tech players serious experience as ZTZ99A have an obvious gap of its ability while compare to other’s mbt. Gaijin should offer players fair playing field especially the competition between tanks

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I posted this topic to urge. If we don’t remind, it will sink to the sea and nothing will change


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relying solely on these is not enough. How long did it take them to repair the challenger? For several years
and BUFF M1 and Leclerc only posted topics on the forum. It only took a few months


Gaijin如果想中国礼包车和后续的礼包车卖得好就应该赶紧修复99a的模型错误!!!!if Gaijin wants the China gift car and subsequent gift car to sell well, he should quickly fix the model errors of 99a


change the car to a vehicle,there are some grammar errors

As we all know, Gaijin is biased against certain faculties, such as France and Italy, as well as China.


This is an extremely important issue and we hope that Gaijin will revise it immediately

We hope that Gaijin will face up to the problems in the game and make changes immediately