Is chinese tech tree good enough to grind?


I got a taste of russian bias

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At 9.0 you got a nice huge Line Up for China with some nice variety.

ZTZ 88 A/B as MBT, can take 59D1 with you as well.
PTL02 as wheeled SPG (WMA301 Premium exists as well)
AFT09 wheeled ATGM Launcher
PTZ89 nice Tank Destroyer, basically chinese Object 120
PGZ09 Chinese Gepard for Anti Air
CM25 TOW Missile Vehicle
M60A3 TTS a RoC Light Tank/MBT (?)

Yeah, there’s not much there but I suppose it’ll hold up.

I mean - America is just 10 different Abrams variants.
France is just the LeClerc at top tier. In fact - most nations only have 1 MBT with variants. China is 4 MBTs. (VT-4, 99A, M1A2T, WZ1001) with 2 variants of the VT-4 (VT-4 and VT-4A1) and 2 variants of the 99A (99A, 99A2).

Which ends up at 6 top tier MBTs. More than you’ll ever need since you can rarely spawn more than 6 times in general.

Yes. China is an incredibly good tree. It has a mix of the best American and Soviet vehicles, and out of every tree ingame, it has the most room for expansion by far. It’s also super fun already in its current form. I highly recommend it. If you’re a beginner, it’s my number 1 starter tree recommendation so you can get the experience of American and Soviet stuff together and figure out what you like.

I have to say, for top tier, Chinese MBTs’ experience isn’t good. All of these MBTs only have 7.1s reload and shell with 577 penetration, besides their armor isn’t good as T80BVM or Strv122. The most reason why I still play Chinese vehicle is JH7A, which is an incredible CAS aircraft.

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No, China’s performance in the game is very poor, with vehicles full of various problems and Russian biases, just like France and the UK

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And Chinese top tier doesn’t have a good ifv or light tank.
ZLT11 was a little buffed but is still nor suitable for top tier. The gun depression and reverse speed are annoying.
ZBD04A have the chance if gaijin give it 600 hp engine and 750mm penetration ATGM.
Someone wound take AFT09 (a missile TD) to top tier which has a 1200mm penetration missile. Its performance may be great if you can tolerate its horizontal speed (less than 15°/s).

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made to be absolute garbage in game by the developers, with enjoyers of the tree desperately trying to bring positive changes without much success in sight (supported by adequate evidences ofc), I recommend you to consider another nation, or be ready to face off with everything knowing your own vehicle is realistically 0.3-0.7 br lower than what it was designated.



The secrut to WT is: play them all.

At top tier China is not great. The rest of the tree is fantastic though.

As long as this game is still developed and maintained by the same group of people, probably no, if you care about your game experience, don’t what to lose a fight or battle not due to your skill or discission but due to Gaijin intentional bugs that weakening the performance of your aircraft/tank.
I mean if you trace the issues and discussions about ZTZ-99s, you will find that the players have been reporting issues and supplying evidences for over a year about the chassis/armor/penetration errors. The developers keeps lock/ignore/defer all kinds of suggestions related to them. There are flyers on weapon expo, official media report, documentary videos but the developer locked one of the issue reports without these source, ask for information, then ignore and mark as duplicate all other reports providing evidence.
The Gaijin’s developers have issues to deal with the facts and information related to China. And I don’t think they will change.
Try trees that are newly developed, minor and non-chinese or with new premium introduced. look at Japanese type 90’s never-shard sponge turret and 292’s invulnerable gun mantle , all these new ones will come with beneficial bugs that makes them overpowered.


If you don’t mind buying a premium vehicle, it can help with the grind… buy one that’s 2 levels above where you are now and play that with an SPAA from your current level along with maybe a TD that can still kill tanks at the higher level. The premiums come with a big RP bonus. Also get a premium account if you’re interested… Between the two you can about double your RP.

The Type 99A2 isn’t a actual real thing, only the Type 99A exists and I’m not sure if Gaijin would add the M1A2T due to how China is already performing.


this is true

Bro you only played 5 battles in it. Although M8 is really good but its no where near OP. 12.7mm is quite useful.

One of the best light tank of its BR. Reload rate is a bit painful but you can get used to it.

You only need to stop at BR10.7, no fun in toptier