China, Italy, France, Britain , Israel 11.7 MBT need BUFF (2)

ok, I think I should have chosen the correct classification this time. machinery of war

it’s time to discuss this topic. currently, in the 11.7 battle, there is a serious imbalance between MBTs from different countries.
the top-level competition is a very important part. But these issues have always been overlooked.

whenever players request to strengthen those vehicles, gaijin always says, “Please provide information and evidence.”.
and this induced behavior has caused multiple serious leaks worldwide.until the end, those problems remained unresolved
so, I hope. When balancing vehicles, priority should be given: this is just a game, and “balancing” does not require so much evidence. When certain vehicles should be strengthened, then this should be done.
moreover, the type90B in the game is an example. Completely detached from reality for the sake of selling gift packages.

at present, the best performing tanks on 11.7 are T80BVM, strv122, and Leo2A7
M1A2sep1 followed closely behind,Type10 is an extreme, I don’t know how to compare it
So the remaining ones are the poorly performing MBTs. In the past few years, most top MBTs have not escaped this predicament. Only the M1 series and Leclerc received a 5-second loading.

I propose the following changes:

provide Challenger 3 with a 5s loading speed

fix the upper armor of Leclerc hull,seal that loophole

fix the 3D models of ZTZ99A and VT4, and improve loading speed and projectile penetration

replacing the air in the Ariette tank turret with composite armor(80mm)

increase hull KE of the Mekava MK4

these modifications will effectively narrow the gap in top-level competitions and improve the issue of “balance”
next, please share your thoughts.


Ariete doesn’t need a buff, they just need a correct BR.
Putting back the Ariete and the PSO at 10.7 while giving it the CL3143 instead of the DM53.
The Ariete AMV should be just moved to 11.0


yea,I think some MBTs should not stay at 11.7, they should be at 11.0

compared to T80BVM, LeoA7, and strv122, it is far inferior.
It’s not even as good as M1A1AIM.
armor is similar, but worse shells and slower loading speeds

really rich


and, 99A has some serious modeling errors
you can check this
Discussion on ZTZ99A model errors in game - Machinery of War Discussion / Ground Vehicle - War Thunder — official forum

after fix, it should look like this


Time to start leaking those docs ppls, #justiceforminornations

Seriously tho the Ariete AMV should be moved down to 11.3 and i believed that the PT1 can’t have WAR Kit and only the PT2 can? Feel free to prove me wrong tho. Gaijin can added in the PT2, C2 or C3 (C2 Plus) as it replacement.

For the Leclerc I don’t think it is that bad? Sure fixing the mantlet armor would be nice but it won’t be much of an improvement. Tbh it just feels like any other NATO mbts with an autoloader. Also quality of teammates is much better since there is no Prem Leclerc YET.

Also i think the armor profile of the type 10 is wrong? Idk never really dig much into that.

I think we’re just discussing the issue of balance

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You’re using a point of view nobody ever ends up in. The camera is literally on the ground here. All MBTs are at least about a couple of meters above the ground so this is not the right way to look at armor.
The right to do it is to use the protection analysis tool and put position the camera so that you’re perfectly in front of the barrel.
Red = instant kill, Orange = 1 crew member dead, Yellow = Only module destroyed
As shown here, if you manage to hide the lower plate (such as in hull down position), you pretty much can’t die from a single shot. Leclercs, Arietes and Challenger 2s can only dream of that…

Everybody knows the armor of Russian MBTs is among the best in the game. Chinese MBTs are pretty much the same. As such, they are doing fine.

Least nationalist Chinese lol


I mean, both wouldn’t be a bad idea.

It’s not like they aren’t going to see uptiers all the time until they add higher BRs.

The standard Ariete would start to see way more 10.3 matches, a BR where there are premium lineups.

WAR kit ain’t going to change much anyway, even with it being fixed, it could probably withstand a 3BM46 at best.
AMV should just go down to 11.0 where the Ram Segol is, trading armor for a better shell.

Ah yes, instead of increasing the BR of some 11.7s let’s lower the BR of others, I’m sure that won’t cause 10.3 to be pounded into the dirt

bro,this also looks too high
even at close range, it still looks like this

this… still very obvious


Ah yes the Ariete, such a mighty foe, a foe that has worse armor than a Leopard 2A4.

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Armor that are absolute dog water that can’t even stop stock HEAT and a rounds so bad they give it dm53 instead, a rounds that it never used mind you. Its an 11.0-11.3 tank being put at 11.7 just so Italy can have a “top tier mbt”.

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The only significant armour improvement of the 2A4 over the Ariete is the left turret cheek. With no ammo in the turret, the Ariete has superior survivability in a hull-down.
Meanwhile the Ariete has 2nd gen thermals, CL3143 instead of literally DM23, and LWS at, according to your suggestion, .3 higher. Also .3 higher than the Ariete P, which is an utterly ridiculous suggestion.
Or you could keep the Arietes at their BRs and move most other 11.7s up by .3-.7. There’s no reason the 2A5 and 2A7 should be the same BR.

Italy and some others nation need a better balance for their top tier MBT.

That’s doubtful. At 10.3 you almost never see a uptier. You go up slightly to 10.7 and 11.0 and your almost always seeing 11.3s and 11.7s

Fixing the turret cheeks slightly will at least give it a little more of a fighting chance.

We honestly need ground BRs to be raised to match airRB BRs but for some reason they refuse to do that.

last time. I thought some MBTs could stay at 11.0. But everyone went to 11.7
If the BR of ground combat is increased to 12.7. These guys will still be placed all at once on 12.7

You tell mean which one you would prefer lol



i wont say anything if ZTZ99A has 5s reload🥰