C&F tactic

I would like to present, the best tactics in the game for people who don’t like:

  1. Being uptiered.
  2. Playing modes they don’t like.
  3. Playing maps they don’t like.
  4. Being on disadvantage.
  5. Tank gameplay as it is.

So how does it work? You create a line-up with one reserve tank and just air units. It doesn’t sound hard, right?

Q. What kind of planes can I use?

A. In order for tactic to work all the time, one of the planes have to be +1 B.R. than the rest. Then, You need to have a fighter with bombs and/or rockets. The cost of attackers won’t double even if You spawn a fighter first, so You will be able to earn for it with a fighter after some kills.

Q. What is the reserve tank for?

A. The reserve tank is for You to cap a zone. At the beginning of the game You are given 450 SP points by default. The cost to spawn reserve tank is 50 SP and caping a zone gives You 200 SP. The fighter with bombs/rockets will cost You less than 600 SP. Even if it somehow will be larger, You will be able to gain it by just simply dying to an enemy or shooting at him.

Q. At what B.Rs. it works?

A. With just planes, it works to the time when guided weapons arrive or when the anti-tank belts You want to take cost SP. That is why if You want to play planes with this tactic it is recomennded to stay at 1.0 - 8.0 B.R.

Q. What about helis?

A. It works with helis just fine, untill the top. So for example You are able to spawn AH-1F withotu any issue after capping a zone with reserve tank. You don’t even need another air unit with +1 B.R. higher than AH-1F!

Q. What about capping zones? Isn’t it the way to win a game?

A. Of course, capping zones is what bleeds the team of tickets. But who can cap zones if You are able to destroy anyone getting near it? For example at 3.3 F6F-5 doesn’t need rockets/bombs to be able to destroy most of the tanks at its B.R… Not to mention that if You are truely about winning a game, You should squad up and have someone on the ground for it while You destroy any ground units trying to cap/decap or any air threats around.

Q. What about modes/maps that won’t allow me to cap a zone and gain SP? What about times when I won’t be able to get to cap before someoen takes it?

A. And that is the beauty of this tactic! If You don’t have enough SP to spawn in any plane, You can just leave the match to go to another without ever getting crew locked! So enjoy playing on maps/modes/weather that You want, not the one that games forces You to play.

So why is this tactic so good? Answer the question, what is easier:

  1. Capping a zone with reserve tank and destroying a +1 B.R. tank with bombs.
  2. Having to play on uptier and destroy + 1 B.R. tank.

Be honest about Your answer ;).

An example of using such tactic:

If You have any questions, ask it! I would appreciate any feedback.

Edit: Ahhh, again that person flagging my posts and comments. Nothing new.


The tactic should be called F&B.

Fun & Balanced.

Or in another term A&T.

Abusive & Toxic 😂


I hope many people learn about this tactic and start using it so everyone can have fun!

Because this is what game is for, right?


Ladies and Gentlemen - I proudly present this years winner of the TOs Nightmare Award - Mr. ULQ_LOVER!

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I’m just here to tell people about the best tactic in GF RBs mode.


For a CAS player, yes. For a tanker, not really.

There is no place for tankers in GF RBs mode., they are just here to cap zones.


Ground Battles is just Air Battles without AI targets 😂


Yep, nothing more.


Did this for a few matches. Proudly can say that I upset several people XD


Of course, they are jealous that they haven’t done it by themself.


I must spread the news!


More people know and use this tactic, better for them.

There is no point driving a tank from player perspective.



Because it might reduce the number of rather clueless tankers flooding Air RB?

Too much honesty is often way too cruel.

In any case:

GJ - i hope it helps some guys to realize how easy they can outsmart gaijin.

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It is not about outsmarting gaijin but rather playing their game as they want You to do.


Don’t forget if you get a bad map no matter how fast you die reserve tanks don’t have crew lock. Make sure to only play maps you like why would you care about your fellow players? This isn’t a team game.


Yep. There is no point playing on maps You don’t like!


Best BR to try this? I’m guessing F4U-1C+AM-1 would be pretty strong. Germany 2.0 could be funny and you can sealclub new players to get point for the event too.


You can do it at almost any B.R. with any nation.

BT-5 + fighter + bomber

M2A4 + fighter + attacker