Aermacchi MB-326B

Aermacchi MB-326B

This suggestion has been made to support the Italian Aviation Tech Tree in War Thunder, specifically CAS aircraft, which the tree severely lacks.

Hello! This time I would like to resuggest an aircraft, which, in my opinion, should make a good start for the whole family of Italian Aermacchi planes in War Thunder, this plane is called MB-326B. Despite Aermacchi MB-326 were meant to be trainer jet aircraft (following Aeronautica Militare Italiano specifications) and actually became very succesful constitutor of this class, from the beginning first machines conducted experiments and demonstrated the armament options. First armed variant of MB-326 had four underwing pylons and not very impressive loadouts options (you can see them under the spoiler below), though it already gave MB-326 possibilities to use it as a light attacker and more importantly as an advanced trainer. Later many different variants of MB-326 found themselves on the export market and were purchased all over the world. The idea of advanced jet trainer proposed by Aermacchi also influenced the development of similar desingns in other countries, for example in Sweden, where MB-326 with I-MAHI designation was widely tested (20 days, flown by 40 military pilots including Chief of Air Staff general Peyson), later was developed another successful jet trainer SAAB 105.


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However, the first serious attemt to compete on the export market was made with MB-326B, the variant in which Aermacchi and engineer Bazzocchi decided to offer more versatile aircraft with increased CAS options to attract more foreign customers, the amount of hardpoints was increased from 4 to 6 and better suspended armament was added. The first plane was converted from AMI MM.54187 (37th production example) with a new civilian designation I-MAKC (to use it abroad as a demonstator). MB-326B got its success in Tunisia, its Air Force ordered eight species. Ghana also ordered 9 species, which had another designation of MB-326F, though they were virtually the same B variant. MB-326B wasn’t the most produced plane of the family, but it became a key variant which opened the way for more advanced MB-326G and K, as well as a new generation of Aermacchi jets: MB-339. In War Thunder MB-326B would be the earliest 326 variant to which the player will get an access; with such possible future additions as Fiat G.82 and SIAI-Marchetti S.211, it will open the Italian TT player a variety of CAS options in 6.x battle ratings (especially worth in GRB).



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6 hardpoints:

up to 2* 12,7 mm M3 Browning containers (on inner pylons only);

up to 12*127 mm unguided rockets (1 or 2 under each pylon);

up to 4* Matra rocket launchers with 70 mm rockets;

up to 6* 118-kg bombs.



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An article provided by @Nicho


  1. Ali’d Italia №13 “Aermacchi MB 326” by Giorgio Apostolo

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Note: this suggestion has already been made by myself on the old version of the forum

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+1 i want to play it so much !


We really need this, it would be a perfect plane to fill that 6.3-7.7 air tree gap that Italy has

7.0 seems like a good spot, as it won’t be too fast, but should turn better then F-80’s and ME-262’s

Even with the gun pods

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