Aermacchi MB-339K Veltro 2

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After the success obtained with the two-seater version of advanced training and light tactical support MB-339 in 1980, Aermacchi decided to build a single-seater version called MB-339K “Veltro 2” (in honor of the WWII fighter Macchi MC .205V Veltro). The K version for ground attack and close air support is designed to provide a simple, economic and robust modern aircraft and the large fixed geometry vanes of the compressor provide a great tolerance to damage from ingestion of external objects (FOD - Foreign Object Damage) . The engine generally requires reduced maintenance, the structure is designed to withstand the high fatigue resulting from low-altitude attacks with an expected operating life of over 5000 flight hours. The additional space that was freed with the redesign of the cabin in one allowed the designers to transfer the on-board equipment from the nose of the aircraft to the center of the fuselage, thus increasing the maximum fuel supply by installing another tank, with the addition of a wide range of armaments and equipment, including electronic suppression systems and a more powerful engine, the Rolls Royce Viper 680-43, the MB-339K was not built in series, only one specimen remains exhibited at the Aermacchi headquarters. The Italian Tech Tree needs a ground attack jet aircraft with modern armament that would help a lot in mixed battles.

Specifications - Performance:
Crew: 1
Length: 10,972 m
Wingspan: 11,045 m
Height: 3,90 m
Wing area: 19,3 m²
Empty Weight: 3125kg
Powerplant: 1 x Rolls Royce Viper 680-43 turbojet (19.8 kN thrust)
Maximum Take-Off Weight: 4977 kg
Maximum Speed at sea level: 904 km/h
Maximum Speed at 9000 m: 931 km/h
Maximum Range: 2200 km
Rate of Climb: 41 m/s
Service Ceiling: 14,020 m
Take Off run: 575 m


Aermacchi Technical Description MB-339K


Absolutely yes for any and all light attack aircraft. +1

Italian TT is in dire need of Aermacchi jets +

I just wish it was already in-game.

+1, together with the MB-326K, they’d make great attackers in ground RB.

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I hope to see it with all it’s weapons added, especially those GBU12

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I have not found sources that state with certainty that the MB-339K can carry GBUs, if anyone is able to find them they are welcome, unfortunately photos are not reliable sources if they are not accompanied by documentation.
05 MB-339k
06 MB-339k

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Well normally what gaijin ask for introduce a weapon on an aircraft is a photo of the weapons mounted, if possible during a flight. Those photo will be the correct answer for what gajin ask for introduce a weapon.
also here I have a source that talk about the weapons of the MB339C/CD (including GBU), since they used the same weapons, this should be a good start

@mc205v That is interesting

this source say that it was able to be fitted with the C weapons and sistems. So if the C was able to carry LGB, this one was capabe too. So if there are photo of it with GBU12, that mean that it was later integrated with C sistems for test (or it was used as a platform to further develop the C).

Ne abbiamo la certezza?

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Non ne sono sicuro.

Entrambe le fonti contengono dati affidabili (sia su questo che su altri mezzi). Poi se ne vuoi cercarne altre fai pure, più se ne trovano meglio è (a parte che forse è meglio ritornare a parlare in inglese in quanto così dovremmo fare qui).

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