Aermacchi MB-339CD

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The Aermacchi MB-339 is a single-engine, two-seater advanced training and light tactical support jet aircraft produced by the Italian company Aermacchi since the seventies and mainly supplied to the Italian Air Force. The latest version developed is the MB-339CD featuring a modern avionics system, a pilot-machine interface including a “Head-Up Display” and three “Multi-Functional Displays” for each driver and software for simulating complex operational scenarios on board. The aircraft is equipped with the in-flight refueling probe, which makes the MB-339CD even more similar to the latest generation fighters. This update, in addition to ensuring greater potential in the ground attack role, has further projected training capabilities forward, introducing the concept of “leading in flight”. A first prototype was sent in Pratica di Mare, where the operational testing phase was started. The Italian Air Force ordered a first batch of 15 specimens, delivered between December 1996 and spring 1998.

Specifications -Performance


**Crew: 2
Length: 11,242 m
Wingspan: 11,220 m
Height: 3,994 m
Wing area: 19,30 m²
Empty weight: 3334 kg
Gross weight: 4950 kg
Maximum gross weight: 6350 kg
Hardpoints: 6 x under-wing pylon stations with a capacity of 595 kg
Powerplant: 1 x Rolls-Royce Viper 632-43 engine, thrust 17,790 kN
Takeoff ground run: 620 m
Landing ground run: 475 m
Maximum level speed (sea level): 870,44 km/h
Maximum level speed (9000 m): 957 km/h
Rate of climb (sea level): 28 m/s
Time to climb to 9000 m: 9.0 min
Service ceiling: 13900 m
Ferry range: 2200 km **







Aermacchi MB-339CD Technical Description


Light attack trainers are really cool. +1

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These are photos of the updated MB-339C demonstrator which precedes the MB-339CD they are not the same aircraft.


ok, time for a new suggestion



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+1 of course why not

+1 This would be great around 9.0-10.0

There is no aircraft that can carry two AIM-9Ls and four Mavericks to that BR, it will be 10.3.

If the SU-25 and A-10A are 10.0, this could be 9.7 or 10.0

What we really need, is massive decompression
Not 12.7, but 13.7 as the new top tier
Let planes like this be their own BR range basically, so they don’t body the poor suckers at 9.3 who don’t have flares or missiles themselves
And so in an up tier this isn’t totally unusable

The A-10 is 10.3 and then the MB-339CD has advanced avionics comparable to that of the Eurofighter.

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But not the performance, advanced avionics are useless in game, you could give a P-47 the avionics of the F-16C, and it would still lose a turn fight to a BF-109G

That’s such a poor argument for why it should be higher then the A-10

What purpose would an ECM POD do on a P-47?


Yes please, I love light attack aircraft, especially the L-39 so more would be much appreciated!

We don’t know which Sidewinders it carry, they can be B

Exactly my point

Put 2 and 2 together

It can carry two AIM-9L or two Matra 550 Magic 2, in addition to bombs and rockets it can carry four Maverick anti-tank missiles. Since Gaijin has confirmed that the AIM-120 AMRAAM and similar will be introduced in the near future, the Chaff will not be enough to deceive that type of radar-guided missile, so electronic countermeasures (ECM) will be needed which the MB-339CD possesses, all this makes it superior, so it cannot stay at a BR lower than 10.3.

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It Is actually very well know (Aim9L and L/I1)

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This will never see enemy AMRAAM’s, it would have to be at 11.3 to see them, thus its useless

My gosh, idk how this is difficult to understand

It doesn’t have the flight performance to beat an F-5C or a SU-7

It doesn’t need to be any higher then 10.0, its avionics will not give it any edge over an A-10 or SU-27

Again, like a P-47, it’s a useless stat

No offense, you know nothing about airplanes.


This is a video game, in case you didn’t realize, this aircraft would have to be placed at 11.3 to see AMRAAM’s in the future, because gaijin isn’t going to give any aircraft below 12.0 AMRAAMS

They just won’t

Your point that this should be 10.7 is because it can defend against AMRAAMS and gets guided munitions, and AIM9L’s

The A-10 gets guided munitions, and more AIM9L’s

So by your logic, the A-10 should be 11.0

This aircraft will never/should never, fight an enemy that is equipped with AMRAAM’s
It would be outclassed in every possible way

Like a P-47 given chaff and a targeting pod at 5.0, it would be a useless stat, something that can be used in custom battles, or if you uptier yourself, sure

But it shouldn’t decide its placement, and if you can’t wrap that around your brain, you should really spend less time on the internet