Macchi C207: The last of the legacy

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The story of the C207 starts just after the beginning of the production of the 206 prototype, with the latest arrival of the new and way more powerfull DB603 engine, that increased the power to 1750hp from the older db605 with only 1450hp. The C207 took all the good design features of the C206 (larger wing area - 21square meters, and lighter than the C205N2 Orione, giving the C206 the same performance of the C205 Serie III) and bolstered the engine power and firepower to match the other 6th series aircrafts of the other Italian Competitors, namely the Re2006 and G56. The C207 was modified by increasing the lenght of the nose and removing the fuselage weapons to accomodate the larger DB603, the fuselage tank was increased to 405 Liters to balance the increase weight of the propulsor (910kg dry for the DB603 over the 751kg dry for the DB605) and the wings fuel tanks reduced to only 80liters (to keep the weight low). Furthermore the area and the dimension of the Tail section was reduced slightly from the C206 prototype. The C207, being designed as the macchi “serie 6” fighter with a focus on intercepting enemy bombers, was heavily upgunned, with the installation of 4x20mm MG151 guns in the wings (2 on each side) with 250 rounds per gun.

The Landing Gear was kept the same as the C206, with the standard for the time Tailwing design and the propeller was kept the same, the 3-bladed metal propeller.

The production of the prototype was started and having lots of parts in common with the previous planes was brought on fast (till the construction of the fuselage was completed) until the september 1943 armistice caused the works on the prototype to be halted. A last glint of hope was the proposal to revive the program of the C207 by redesigning the prototype to accomodate the Packard V-1650 Merlin a 12 cylinder V engine that produced 1500hp, but there was no interest in it and the prototype was scrapped.

-4x20mm MG-151 cannons with 250 rounds per gun


-Lenght: 9,735m

-Wing Span: 12,142m

-Wing Area: 21,0 Sqm

-Wing Load: 206,6 kg/Sqm

-Empty Weight: 3292kg

-Maximum Weight: 4340kg

-Engine: DB603A with 1750hp max, 1510hp at 5700m and 2500 rpm with a W/P ratio of 2,87kg/hp

-Service Ceiling: 12000m

-Maximum Payload: 1048kg


Being a slight modification of already present fighters in game, the performance wouldn’t be hard to come by, seen as the C206 was passed to the devs, the C207 would be a more powerfull variant that would give italy another 5.7-6.0 plane that would be unique and further bolster the italian lineups, alongside the G56 and maybe, in the futurem the RE2006.


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+1 Along with M.C. 206, the best that Italy can offer


+1, the only issue isn’t with the plane itself but with the fact that Gaijin doesn’t seem to want to add it. I would love to see both it and the C.206 in the game at some point.



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Approved. +1

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+1 Italy needs it


Italy needs more vehicles, i love this idea


+1 we need all the macchi variants, its a must for ww2 italy


This would be a true blue Italian 6.7 prop to contend with the MK 24’s and 51H’s

Would body them too

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+1 eheheheh!

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