Aermacchi M345

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Description: After the S211 and the S311, here is the Leonardo M345, the last of the S211 evolution. It was developed as a trainer with a lot of new simulation technology and features, but it can also operate as a light fighter-bomber. Its development started in the 2000s with the name “Aermacchi M311,” an evolution of the SIAI Marchetti S211, a trainer aircraft from 1984. One prototype of the S211 was reconverted into a M311. The main modifications compared to the S211 were a reinforced structure,two better engines, and better avionics. After all this time, in 2012, the aircraft was modified again, and it got the name Aermacchi M345. The first prototype (which was a modified M311) flew in December 2016, but the first real prototype of the M345 (this one was not a reconverted aircraft like the first one) flew for the first time on December 21, 2018. At that time, the Italian Air Force was looking for new trainers for her pilots and acrobatic aircraft for the Frecce Tricolori National Team to replace the old MB 339 in service from 1979. The Italian Air Force signed the first contract in January 2017 for a total of five aircraft and a second one in August 2019 for 13 more aircraft. The total necessity is from 45 to 50 for replacing all the 137 MB 339, but for now no new contract has been signed, at least from what we know for now. The first two aircraft were delivered to the Italian Air Force in December 2020 as the 60 Stormo, and they are named in the Italian Air Force as T345A. The M345 got initial certification for an intense flight program of over 200 flights. Talking about the aircraft itself, it is equipped with two Williams FJ44-4M-34 turbofan engines, which provide the aircraft with a total of 1540 kg of thrust and a total speed of 787 km/h. There are a total of 4 pylons under the wings capable of carrying different weapons such as air-to-air missiles,unguided bombs, and rockets with a total of 1000 kg of payload. The main differences between the M345 and the M311 are various parts for the cockpit of the M346, various avionic parts from the M346, two more modern and better engines, and also the implementation of more weapons (the M311 was able to carry only gun pods, rokets, and bombs, while the M345 is capable of carrying AIM9L air-to-air missiles).

Why it should be in the game:
it will be good as a CAS aircaft at a good BR



Wingspan: 8.47 m
Leght: 9.85 m
Max Speed: 787 km/h
Max altitude : 12,192m - 40,000ft
Engine: Williams FJ44-4M-34 turbofan PUSH
Stall Speed 170 km/h
Rate of Climb 4,700 ft/min
Take-off/Landing Ground Run :2,050 ft 625 m
Ferry Range:10% reserve, Clean 720 nm 1,330 km
Ferry Range:10% reserve, 2 Ext. Tanks 1,000 nm 1,850 km
Endurance:10% reserve, Clean/ 2 Ext. Tanks 150 min/ 210 min
Max Thrust:1,500 kg
Max Internal Fuel:700 kg



4x Aim 9 L
4x MK82 Bombs
4x 20 mm gun pod
4x 12.7 mm gun pod
4x 7.62 mm gun pod
28x 70 mm Hydra Rokets
28x 51 mm Aerea rokets
112x 74 mm Cartridge
4x MAM-L Air to Ground Missile
4x Mokopa atgm
Litening II
Recce pod
4x Fuel tanks



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CPX624 - Alenia Aermacchi Alenia Aermacchi M-345 at Piestany | Photo ID 1461128 |




+1 this has to be in the game


+1, more trainers would be lovely


+1 made in italy so it must be added

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+1 M345 could be 10.7

I think Aermacchi M-345 very good trainer aircraft/Light attack aircraft rank VII between F-84F (rank VI) & Tornado IDS (1995) (rank VIII)

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Only thing that would suck is, either it won’t get 9L’s and it will sit at 8.7, or it will and get put at 9.7 or even 10.3 eventually (we all know Italian pilots will force it up because gaijin doesn’t understand that Italian and Japanese pilots are just better then the others on average)

But ig it would still be great at CAS either way


The problem is that this aircraft is rather slow only 787 km/h… If it is put at too high a BR it won’t be able to do much, as all the other planes break the sound barrier.

It depends on what they arm it with because it could be fine even at BR 7.0 with just normal bombs and rockets, or if they arm it with air-to-air, air-to-ground missiles then it can go up to BR 9.0

It’s true that M-345 top speed slower subsonic but good Air-to-Air Missile, good Air-to-Ground armament and good targeting pod

I guess M-345 could be 10.0 or 10.3 BR at rank 7

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Not 10.0, that’s WAYYY too high

Probably 9.0 or 9.3, along with the G.91Y and YS
We need some decompression, then it could go up to 10.0


Personally, I think M-345 would be 10.3 ~ 10.7 BR at rank VII that makes sence but not 10.0

10.3 or 10.7? Are you crazy?
It would be going against F-4’s and F-5’s and Mig 21SMT’s

It would get dunked on
9.7 would probably be fine

10.7 would be unplayable
Italian vehicles are already uptiered to heck
And 75% of games you end up in a uptier, so a plane that should be 7.7 ends up fighting planes at 9.3

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Unsure BR of M-345

I believe M-345 CAS & ground attack better another attack aircraft 9.3 ~ 10.0 BR because equipped FLIR and laser designator targeting pod & guided Air-to-Ground armament

The SU-25k and A-10A are both 10.0

It shouldn’t be any higher then those, as it won’t get anything better then Aim 9L either

So if nothing else, it should be the same BR, but it’s also not nearly as survivable, and doesn’t have as many hard points

So 9.7 would be fine in the current rating system

I don’t agree with it

But until we get true decompression in the form of a new 13.0 for air (13.7 would be preferred)
It should be the same BR as the A-10 if not lower

If it’s given the Aim 9H or P, it should 100% be lower

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I like this, could be placed close to the AMX in the tree, if both make into the game.
Has anyone suggested the M346?

Nicho made a suggestion about it in the previous forum and he wanted to reesubmit it, so that is why I didn’t made it by myselfe

I see, thanks for the info

could be great next to the f84 in the tree and behind the AMX