Siam-Thailand Lineups For Japanese Tech Tree

I believe you must definitely visit the Air Force Museum. And of course I’ll make your dreams come true (there’s The National Memorial nearby if you want to see more Ha-Go tanks, Vickers 6 ton tanks and more. I will also take you on a sightseeing trip.)


The National Memorial and M-41


BTR-3E with Cockerill CSE 90LP turret, Thailand tested it - Suggestion for it is pending approval :D



Interesting stuff I found while I was at the museum. Apparently Paribatra/Boripatra bomber could carry 2 machine guns and upto 150 lbs of bombs

I took a lot of pics while I was there. I will upload some of them with interesting facts/information later (after I recover from Dengue)


Here we go (more planned, but I focus on rather unique / rare and modified stuff)


This is great!
The information on Ukrainian tanks in the Thai tech tree has been expanded. In particular, the car that I did not include in the Sub Tree was the BTR-3E 90CSE because in the beginning I thought that Thailand did not order this thing to use. But if you look at it from another angle, if it were also in the Sub Tree, it would probably be a Tank Destroyer that would be fun to use to some extent. And according to information from 8 years ago, there are many types of ammunition that can be used, including APFSDS-T, HEAT-T, HESH-T, HE-T, CANISTER and SMK-WP-T, including support for firing FALARICK 90 ATGM.



BTR-3E 90CSE Testing at Sa Kaeo


I hope you get well soon. And get back to doing what you love soon. ✌️✌️

I look forward to reading your review of the Royal Thai Air Force Museum. In the meantime, I will add information about the native woods used to make Boriphat airplanes. which consists of

  • Mai yom hom (ไม้ยมหอม) : used for making plywood, fuselage
  • Mai mok (ไม้โมก) : used for making the plane’s body and propeller
  • Mai Ta Sua (ไม้ตาเสือ) : used for making propeller
  • Bark from Mai Bong (เปลือกไม้บง) : used for making painting lining cloth oil in the plane

Information : Royal Thai Air Force Museum


Boriphat at Don Mueng in 1929

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Shall we add this one to the line as well?

RTA M109A5


Meanwhile theyre happy with the F16 and pattons…yeah. Chinese zealots can lock it up


Should 100% be in the US TT, like the greyhound…

It would probably just not be included if it had similar performance. Oh wait, but the ADJ is fake