North American T-28D-10 Trojan - Royal Thai Air Force's Strike Trainer

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North American T-28D-10 Trojan - Royal Thai Air Force’s Strike Trainer

Hi and welcome to my 45th, which is about the Thai T-28D-10, hope you like it. :popcorn:

First of all:

  • This is a suggestion for an aircraft we could see in game at some point in the Future , that doesn´t mean next Patch or somewhere in the near Future
  • Feel free to share more Information and / or correct me if something is wrong
  • Discuss respectfully, any aggressive kind or verbal abuse will be reported, the Forum rules also apply here

Background History

On September 24, 1949, the XT-28 (company identification NA-159) was flown for the first time with the aim of replacing the T-6 Texan. The T-28A arrived at the Air Force’s air proving ground, in 1950 to be tested for suitability as an advanced trainer, taking into account its transition, instrument and gunnery capabilities. After it was found to be satisfactory, a contract was issued and a total of 1,948 examples were built between 1950 and 1957.
A total of up to 128 aircraft are said to have been used by the RTAF from 1962 onwards. Many of the machines were also used by the neighboring countries of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Another user was Air America (Raven).
The first 40 machines were delivered in 1962. Another 88 were transferred in the 1960s. In Udon Thai, the machines were maintained centrally and the pilots were also trained for combat missions. However, this occurred under USAF control. In addition to the T-28B (formerly US Navy), the Royal Thai Air Force flew the T-28D, an improved version of the T-28A.
The T-28D was flown until around 1988, after which some of the aircraft were transferred to the Philippine Air Force.

The T-28D-10 Trojan Overall

The T-28D Trojan, often also reffered as AT-28D, is a military propeller aircraft that has been improvements over its predecessor, the T-28A, many times to serve as counterinsurgency aircraft (COIN) and light attack aircraft.
One of the T-28D’s key features was its expanded armament; to achieve this, six suspensions were installed under the wings; allowing it to carry a big variety of weapons including machine guns, rockets, bombs and napalm. In terms of avionics and instrumentation, the T-28D received advanced navigation systems, communications equipment, and targeting aids to improve performance in low-altitude, high-threat environments, to improve its combat effectiveness.
Despite its combat role, the T-28D retains its capability as a trainer aircraft, allowing pilots to train in weapons delivery and tactical operations.

Armament of the T-28D-10

The armament of the T-28D-10 consists of (very) many different bombs, rockets, gun pods, cluster / smoke bombs and flare dispensers, which can be stored on the six suspension points under the flights.
The T-28D does not have any onboard armament as standard, but can select gun pods such as the SUU-11A/A minigun’s and partial-inboard mounted .50 cal machine cannons with 315 rounds.

I had to take Aspirin after making this list…

Dumb-Bombs / Rockets

  • 4x BLU-1/B
  • 4x BLU-1B/B
  • 4x BLU-1C/B
  • 6x BLU-10/B
  • 6x BLU-10A/B
  • 6x BLU-11/B
  • 6x BLU-23/B
  • 4x BLU-27/B
  • 4x BLU-27A/B
  • 6x BLU-32/B
  • 6x BLU-32A/B
  • 4x M116A1
  • 4x M116A2

  • 16x M30A1
  • 6x M57A1
  • 6x M60A1
  • 6x M81
  • 6x M88
  • 6x Mk.81
  • 6x Mk.82
  • 4x M117

  • 6x LAU-3/A
  • 6x LAU-32B/A
  • 6x LAU-59/A
  • 6x LAU-68/A

Pods / Other

  • 6x SUU-11A/A (Gun Pods)
  • 2x .50 cal (Gun Pods)
  • 16x MK24 (Illumination Flares Dispender)
  • 16x LUU-1/B *^
  • 16x LUU-2/B *^

Specifications, Electronics and Internal

  • Crew: 2
  • Length: 10,22 m
  • Wingspan: 12,22 m
  • Height: 3,86 m
  • Max. takeoff weight: 5210 kg
  • Engine: 1x Wright R-1820-86 w/ 1.425 hp
  • Maximum speed: 552 km/h
  • Service ceiling: 10.820 m
  • Rate of climb: 19,2 m/s
  • Maximum g-load: +9g / -3g (placeholder)


Thanks for your time, hope you liked it :salute:
[Will add more if there are some (more) important / declassified things]
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RTAF Trojan
T-28 Trojan

Book / Other:
Operational Supplement Flight Manual T.O. 1T-28B-1S-40 (1974)

List of Suggestions for Thailand


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