Siam-Thailand Lineups For Japanese Tech Tree

I do understand your concern. As stated at the beginning of the discussion; If the representation of Chinese Vehicles in Thai sub-tech tree under Japanese tech tree is unacceptable and causes quite a concern for those who deem it as offensive, I won’t ask for those vehicles (Chinese vehicles) to be included under Thai sub-tech tree, but to appear in Chinese Tech Tree as its premiums.

I am grateful for your input and opinion, here is Thai VT-4


And why is it unacceptable?

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Alongside Thai Sub-Tech tree, the Air Battle Over Lampang map would also be a nice addition to the update.

Thai Ki-27

On December 11, 1944, 9 USAF P-51s and 7 P-38s conducted an Air raid on Thai-Japanese Northern airbases and supply lines from the Allied bases in Yunan, southern China, forcing the outnumbered Thai pilots to take off 5 of their Ki-27 to the fight above the sky of Lampang.

According to the Thai source, outnumbered Thai pilots were able to down around 4 P-51s. On the contrary, the US Source stated that there was only a single P-51 downed as a result of the raid.


Location of Lampang

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I hope to see perfect trees in Thailand soon, but cars imported from China will certainly not be acceptable to some people. However, what exactly does it mean to bring up history and politics and deny it? Look at Finland (Swedish tree) and Russia, France and Germany. I’m just making a fuss about C&P (lol)

I think these vehicles should be just as acceptable as the Chinese Ki-43 is for example.

However under the condition that China also receives their own vehicles, ideally sooner, but if not at least the same update as Thailand.

I also think it would be strage to copy the best Chinese vehicles. So if, for example, the VT-4 would be added China should receive or already have the VT-4A1.

Other than that I see no issue with these additions compared to for example Russian vehicles spread to western trees like Sweden or Britain, or even the US vehicles in the predominantly PRC top ranks of the Chinese tree.

So as long as the addition is done fairly, the Chinese vehicles used by Thailand should not be an issue.


Which is irrelevant since these are export vehicles in service with Thailand. Why would export vehicles not be added when everyother nations export equipment is in other nations not to mention that China themselves use Japanese equipment why should they be special?

China should get those vehicles yes but if Thailand is added to Japan there is no reason to not add them as part of Thailand service equipment.


I really like this idea (including the Koh Chang Naval Battle). Let’s talk about many battlefields in Thailand that can be used to make maps as well, such as

  • Chong Bok (tank battle)
  • Phra Viharn (tank battle)
  • Ao Manao ( naval & air battle)
  • Ao Chalong (naval & air battle)
  • Nakhon phanom (air battle)
  • Watthana Nakhon (air battle)

V-93S aircraft, the same model that fought over Nakhon Phanom, by Sqn.Ldr.Sanit Nuanmanee.


Just the 5-hour Invasion of Thailand by Japanese alone can be translated into at least 3 maps already, 2 Ground maps and one Air map.

  • Chumphon
    Similar to Normandy, the map is consisted of the beach half and the Urban/field half. On December 8th, 1941, IJA 55th division landed and formed the perimeter on the beach of Chumphon before getting into the firefight with the Thai Armed forces and police forces. After hours of fighting, the fight ended after the Thai government decided to sign an armistice as well as military alliance treaty.

Battle of Tha Nang Sang Bridge, Chumpon

  • Battle of Prachuap Khiri Khan
    The home of the Royal Thai Air Force’s Fifth Wing, on the same day as battle of Chumpon, 143rd Infantry Regiment of IJA landed on the Ao Manao beach and engaged with the local armed forces before laying the siege to the airfield. The siege and resistance lasted until the mid-day when the armistice and military alliance between Japan and Thailand were signed.

    Ao Manao Beach

*Sky Over Bangkok

The Japanese air force attacked Don Muang Royal Thai Air Force Base, which was defended by the Thai air force. The Thais lost six fighter planes to a numerically superior Japanese force. -Wiki on Japanese invasion of Thailand


Image of the bombing of Bangkok by the Allied force later during the war


What about glorious American equipment in Chinese tree then? Besides China can get VT-4A1


I think when the bombing of Bangkok comes, we’ll definitely see a full team of ki-43 RTAF skins. 😂😂😂


Drawing of a Ki-43 of the Royal Thai Air Force by Flt. Lt. Therdsak Worasap intercepting a B-29 bomber.


Just found out today that Thailand also once operated H-34.

Maybe it can be there as a collectable premium? Just like the one in US tech tree.


I’m not sure about the weapons that are installed on the H-34 all the way up to the S-58T. because RTAF used H-34 and S-58T as a tactical air transport helicopter, used in search and rescue operations.

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Thai air froce has it’s tha F-16A. Would that replace tha AJ in Japan air tree?

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I hope not, because it would rob the opportunity for the newcomers or those who haven’t gotten the F-16AJ yet from obtaining it.

By the way, there’s one thing that I would love to know regarding Gaijin implementing new vehicle; Do they have to ask for the nations or the manufacturers for their consents/licenses? Like, Idk much about the inner working, but dealing with the governments must be quite a hassle, not including the “cut” some governments might ask for having their vehicles in War Thunder. Sometimes, I wonder if the reason why the packs/premium vehicles are quite expensive is because they have to share their revenue with the license owners or the gov’t owning the rights to those vehicles, albeit they might be the copy and paste from other tech trees.

Some Pictures of Interwar-WW2 Thai war planes, from Facebook page Siam aviation graphics by Soonthorn visalrakkij Facebook


Japanese pilot briefing Thai pilot on Ki-43 Hayabusa, Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok, 2486/1943 (According to the comments on the facebook page)

Video from NHK: タイ空軍 「隼」戦闘機で訓練|ニュース|NHKアーカイブス


Picture showing an inscription on Thai Vought Corsair V93S donated to Royal Thai Armed Forces by the people of Trakarn, Ubon Ratchathani province.


A Drawing of Royal Thai Armed Forces’ Ki-21"Sally/Nagoya"


Personally, it may not replace the F-16AJ, but the F-16A Block 15 OCU (Peace Naraesuan I,II) will be added to this line and will be in Br.11.7 due to the matter of AIM-7 with no information on its use. Jobs in the Royal Thai Air Force Therefore, there may still be an F-16AJ to compensate for this lack.

F-16A Block 15 OCU (Peace Naraesuan I,II)

As for the F-16AM/BM (Peace Naraesuan III), it will become an additional Br.12.0 in the Attack Line due to its weapon system having attack capabilities. and installation of the Atlas II Targeting Pod.

F-16AM/BM (Peace Naraesuan III)

and F-16ADF (Peace Naraesuan IV) will become Br.12.X instead due to more modern weapon systems from other models. Because the AIM-120 is used as a long-range weapon.

F-16ADF (Peace Naraesuan IV)


I just came here to show my support for a Siam-Japan tech tree and just a pinch of other SEA nations on there as well (like China getting Vietnam). Makes a lot more sense historically and honestly Korea should be a separate tech tree like Israel in my opinion (but only if the Siam-Japan tech tree gets going). It can be unlocked from rank 4 US, USSR or Japan and it makes sense, Korea only had tanks post-WW2.

Please make this work. And maybe we can just get the Kaplan


They should add an United Korea tech tree instead of adding both koreas as sub trees


Some pictures from Royal Thai Airforce Museum. I am planning to go there some day and might take a lot of pictures for the discussion and thread.


Boeing P-12, according to the wiki, it should be Model 100E, an export version of P-12E.

V-93S Corsair

F-86 Sabre

If I have made any mistake, please correct me (^^)


I believe you must definitely visit the Air Force Museum. And of course I’ll make your dreams come true (there’s The National Memorial nearby if you want to see more Ha-Go tanks, Vickers 6 ton tanks and more. I will also take you on a sightseeing trip.)


The National Memorial and M-41