Siam-Thailand Lineups For Japanese Tech Tree

at this point by the amount of vehicles i see, they can have their own tech tree lol

In National Memorial they already remove Ha-go for the restoration still don’t know when they will bring it back, but there is no Vicker 6 ton in there i can confirm it since am walk in to this place everytime when i got a chance, there’s only 2 tank you will see for now is M41A3 at the front door of the museum and LVT4 at the front gate the place you can go visit Vicker 6 ton is at the พิพิธภัณฑ์ทหารรบพิเศษ in loburi and other place iirc is โรงเรียนทหารสรรพาวุธ (Ordnance Military School) in bangkok but am not sure is it publicly open or not

Oh, I really thank you.❤️


These weapons will help bridge the gap with Thai Sub Tree very well. But as for the incoming test vehicles, they may not be considered stationed in Thailand. but may be taken into consideration as well. And I will rank different vehicles. that you propose soon in case there is an update on Thai vehicles in the future

As for the M41GTI, I saw that there was a forum set up and it had a 100% rating, but it was proposed to be in the German Tree. For this matter, I will try to look at various trends first to see if it should be combined with the Thai Sub Tree or with German Tree

M-41GTI in Thailand


Think about it, it is a subtree being proposed here, not a whole nation tree, a single top tier mbt should suffice, and you guys can get BM-Oplot to fill that position, why do you need the VT4 anyway?

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Why limit the tree to one MBT, when 2 can be added? Especially now that the Thai VT4 won’t be the only or the best variant.


Why is it not accepted? Many weapons that were not in service in the countries of the original tree have already been implemented, such as Finland’s MiG-21bis, Taiwan’s F-16, South Africa’s Gripen, and Hungary’s Leo2A4. There is no particular reason why Chinese weapons should not be included in other countries’ subtrees.

On the contrary, it is a double standard to once decide to include weapons of that nationality in a particular tree and then distribute the weapons of that nationality to technically related trees (for example, adding the MiG-21 to the Soviet Union with Finnish military specifications)


In celebration of the introduction of Gripen into War Thunder, Here are pictures of Thai Gripen from the Thai Aviation Museum.

And here is the painting celebrating Thai Airforce and its planes throughout its history


The Guardian of the sky

In 1976, the Cabinet approved the Royal Thai Air Force. Procured 1 squadron of F-5 E/F fighter jets and weapon systems on May 12, 1976, using direct procurement from the US government. In the FMS (Foreign Military Sale)

Previously, the Air Force had appointed a committee to purchase the first set of F-5 E/F fighter jets of the Royal Thai Air Force, named the “Committee on Interceptor Fighter Project with Air-to-Air Missiles” to consider the matter. of needs, agreements, and various details Until the results of the requirements were summarized, the matter was then sent for consideration, which was later approved by the Cabinet.

On the same day, the Royal Thai Air Force has signed a contract to purchase F-5 E/F aircraft with weapons systems and various equipment as follows

  • Purchase of 13 F-5 E single-seat fighter jets for a total of $41.6 million.
  • Purchase of 3 F-5 F two-seat fighter jets for a total of $12.5 million.
  • Cost of tools and supporting equipment is $6.6 million.
  • Initial cost of spare parts for 18 months of use is $11.2 million.
  • Technical staff service fee is $0.2 million.
  • Transportation cost is $9 million.
  • Operating expenses and various services amount to $2 million.

Totaling a total of 75 million dollars, equivalent to approximately 1,537.5 million baht in Thai currency at that time, the period of installments was 4 years in total from 1976 - 1979 and in addition to the purchase of F-5 E/F fighter aircraft. In addition to the first batch of 16 units, there is also the procurement of another number of AIM-9 J in the amount of 441.7 million baht. This part was procured during 1978 - 1979.



Thai F-5E/F at Mc Clellan Air Force Base, USA, before delivery, photographed in 1980.

F-5E/F fighter jets were then ordered and received in 1981 and a few more in 1987. and entered service in Sqn 102 Wing 1, Sqn 211 Wing 21, Sqn 403 Wing 4 and Sqn 711 Wing 71, with a history of fighting during the Vietnamese border raids in Thailand. and Thai-Laos Border War by performing duties in attacking ground targets. and and intercepted Vietnamese planes entering Thailand


Image of engine damage after being hit by an SA-7 Manpad during the Vietnamese border raids in Thailand.

An-26 of the Vietnamese Air Force that was intercepted by two Thai F-5Es and had to make an emergency landing.

As for the matter of upgrading the Thai F-5E/F, it has been upgraded a total of 3 times.

1st Upgrade
in 1988 (the first 10 years of service), 39 F-5E/Fs (34 F-5Es, 5 F-5Fs, excluding those from the US Air Force) went through improvements to increase their capabilities. in battle It is equipped with a head-up display (HUD), weapon aiming computer (WAC), and radar warning receiver (RWR). AN/ALR-46(V)6 AN/ALE-40 decoy dispenser and LN-39 inertial air navigation aid. In addition, for the second group of F-5E/F, the ability to use short-range air-to-air missiles has been increased. Python-3 also



1st Upgrade of F-5 with Sidewinder and Python-3

2nd Upgrade
In 2000-2003 (approximately 20 years after entering service), 31 F-5E/Fs (27 F-5Es, 4 F-5Fs) were upgraded by Elbit, Israel. This will be separated into 2 sub-projects (due to limited budget due to the economic situation) which is to improve and increase the efficiency of the safety system for the first group of 16 F-5E/F units. and improved to increase combat capability for the second group of 15 F-5E/Fs (after improvements, the second group of F-5s is called F-5E/F mod or F-5T Tigris) with Equipped with a mission computer, HUD screen, multi-purpose display (MFD), pilot helmet with DASH aiming center, and new flight instruments. radio communication system Radio-assisted air navigation with GPS satellites. The joystick and throttle are equipped with HOTAS buttons. Improved RWR and the ability to use the Python-4 short-range air-to-air missile.

2nd Upgrade of F-5T Tigris with Python-4

3rd Upgrade
In 2018, the Royal Thai Air Force began the third round of the F-5E/F upgrade program, improving the use of a wider range of weapons systems, including the use of the AIM-9M, IRIS-T and Python-4. With I-Derby BVR, Countermeasure, New cockpit and DASH Helmet, radar system and Datalink connectivity, the F-5TH has very high capabilities.

3rd Upgrade of F-5TH Super Tigris


RTAF Facebook offical
วีรกรรม F-5 ในสมรภูมิเขาค้อ
Wing of Siam by FS1.Thammawat Rattanawichan
เครื่องบิน F-5E สกัดกั้นเครื่องบิน An-26 ของกองทัพอากาศเวียดนาม
Samorabhum Magazine


🎉Happy New Year From Thailand!!🎉

สวัสดีปีใหม่ 2567 Welcome to 2024

On the occasion of the New Year As I am Thai and is the author of Thai Sub Tree. I wish everyone happiness. May this year bring you all the success and happiness you desire in life, and may it be a great year for everyone.

I would also like to thank everyone who has supported Thai Sub Tree, including knowledge, information, and various suggestions about various Thai weapons. Until I was able to enter Passed to the Developers, I sincerely thank you.

I have a little gift that I wrote about. Let’s give it to everyone. It is a poem about a Thai naval parade during the reign of King Rama VI, which I have translated and summarized for everyone to read this time.

Thai naval parade Poem “กาพย์เห่ชมกระบวรเรือ”


His Majesty King Rama VI writings poem.​ “กาพย์เห่ชมกระบวรเรือ” which composed. When he traveled by Maha Chakri Royal Yatch along the eastern coast in December 1914, there was an episode in which he admired the warships that were paraded in honor of His Majesty the King on that occasion. When seeing both the name of the ship and the type of ship appear in the royal writings which when connected with evidence and information of the Royal Navy such as Royal Thai Navy warship book (หนังสือเรือรบราชนาวี), National Archives of Thailand and Royal Thai Naval Museum. Before the pictures and information are compiled for everyone to read and watch today.

Maha Chakri Royal Yatch

Maha Chakri Royal Yatch (เรือพระที่นั่งมหาจักรี)

"พระเสด็จโดยแดนชล ทรงเรือต้นงามสดสี
มหาจักรีมี เกียรติก้องท้องสาคร
นาวาวรายุทธ อุตลุดแลสลอน
แห่ห้อมจอมนคร ราวจะรอนริปูเปลือง
ธงทิวปลิวระยับ สีสลับขาวแดงเหลือง
อันธงพระทรงเมือง เหลืองอร่ามดูงามตา
ธงตรามหาราช ผ่องผุดผาดในเวหา
รูปครุฑะราชา อ้าปีกกว้างท่าทางบิน
ธงแดงดังแสงชาด ลายช้างกาจก่องกายิน
บอกตรงธงแผ่นดิน ถิ่นสยามอันงามงอน
จักรีนาวีราช ทิพอาสน์องค์ภูธร
สง่าราวอาภรณ์ เพื่อประดับทัพเรือไทย
ใหญ่กว่านาวาสรรพ ในกองทัพพหลไกร
บรรดานาวาไทย ในบัดนี้ไม่มีทัน
ปืนไฟใหญ่ประเภท สี่นิ้วเศษสุดแข็งขัน
สามารถอาจเหียนหัน ผันหน้าสู้ศัตรูแรง
อีกศรหกปอนด์หนัก ก็พร้อมพรักศักดิ์กำแหง
เตรียมอยู่สู้ศึกแขง แย้งยื้อยุทธ์สุดกำลัง"

Maha Chakri Royal Yatch (1st) It was a Royal Cruiser ship that was ordered from Scotland by Prince Damrong Rajanubhab (สมเด็จกรมพระยาดำรงราชานุภาพ) and Andreas du Plessis de Richelieu (พระยาชลยุทธโยธิน) since King Rama V, used in King Rama V’s two trips to visit European countries, Java and Singapore and used to visiting naval exercises during the reign of King Rama VI. Before being discharged and used the ship’s engine to build the Maha Chakri Royal Yatch (2nd) during the reign of King Rama VII.

General characteristics
Type : Cruiser (Royal Yatch)
Displacement : 2,600 Ton
Length : 88.40 Meter
Beam : 12 Meter
Draught : 4.20 Meter
Propulsion : 2 x 3 cylinder steam engines with a power output of 3,000 Hp.
Speed : 16 Knot
Crew : 318

Gun : 4 x 4-inch (120 mm) Armstrong Naval gun
8 x 57 mm Hotchkiss Naval gun


Suriyamonthon (เรือสุรียมณฑล)


สุรียมณฑลกล้า นาวากลาดลาดตระเวณ
หาญต่อ บ่ รอเกณฑ์ สอึกสู้ริปูรอน

General characteristics
Type : Small​ Gunboat
Displacement : 225 Ton
Length : 41.75 Meter
Beam : 5.48 Meter
Draught : 2.07 Meter
Propulsion : 3 cylinder steam engines with a power output of 700 Hp.
Speed : 14.5 Knot
Crew : 34

Gun : 2 x 57 mm Hotchkiss Naval gun

Pali Rung Taweep and Sukreep Crongmung

Pali Rung Taweep and Sukreep Crongmung (เรือพาลีรั้งทวีปและเรือสุครีพครองเมือง


พาลีรั้งทวีป รีบแล่นตามงามเงื่อนขลัง
เรือปืนยืนยุทธ์ยัง ดังกระบี่พาลีหาญ
สุครีพครองเมืองศรี สุรนาวีมุ่งชิงไชย
เรือปืนยืนยุทธไกร เหมือนพญาพานะเรนทร์

This ship was commissioned by the Siamese Navy from the British shipyard Hongkong & Whampoa in Hong Kong. Built at the end of the reign of King Rama V, the first ship was given the name Murathawasitsawat and was given two more ships, named the Pali Rang Taweep. and the Sukreep Crongmung

General characteristics
Type :​ Gunboat
Displacement : 462 Ton
Length : 52.4 Meter
Beam : 7.01 Meter
Draught : 2.71 Meter
Propulsion : steam engines with a power output of 500 Hp.
Speed : 10.5 Knot
Crew : 73

Gun : 1 x 120 mm Armstrong Naval gun
5 x 57 mm Hotchkiss Naval gun
2 x 37 mm Naval gun

Makut Rajakumarn

Makut Rajakumarn (เรือมกุฎราชกุมาร)

เรือแรงคำแหงยุทธ มกุฎราชะกุมาร
คอยสู้ศัตรูพาล ผู้ยื้อยุดมกุฎไทย

This gunboat is a ship that has been in service since the beginning of the reign of King Rama V. It has a displacement of 609 tons according to history. The Spanish colonial government commissioned the British shipyard Hongkong & Whampoa in Hong Kong to build it for use in the Philippines. But I left the money because I couldn’t find the money to pay for the boat. The shipyard said it would auction it off and the Siamese government was interested. Therefore, it was purchased for government use. He had been through the battle at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River with the French. by colliding with the French fleet on the Chao Praya River in the Paknam incident. Prince Abhakara Kiartivongse, Prince of Chumphon, also used this ship to training naval cadets.

General characteristics
Type :​ Gunboat
Displacement : 609 Ton
Length : 55.65 Meter
Beam : 7.19 Meter
Draught : 2.77 Meter
Propulsion : 2 cylinder steam engines with a power output of 330 Hp.
Speed : 11 Knot
Crew : 100

Gun : 1 x 120 mm Armstrong Naval gun
5 x 57 mm Hotchkiss Naval gun

Sua Thayachon and Sua Kamronsin

Sua Thayachon and Sua Kamronsin (เรือเสือทยานชล และ เรือเสือคำรณสินธ์)


เรือเสือทะยานชล พิฆาฏพลริปูสยอน
กั่นกล้าในสาคร บ่ ย่อหย่อนยุทธนา
เรือเสือคำรนสินธุ์ พิฆาฏภินอริผลา
จู่โจมและโถมถา กล้าประยุทธ์จนสุดแรง

as a result of the acquisition of warships which Prince Abhakara Kiartivongse, Prince of Chumphon , Chief of Staff of the Royal Thai Navy made an offering Paribatra Sukhumbandhu, Prince of Nakhon Sawan Commander of the Navy in the year 1905, but there was a problem with the budget. It is not possible to order all the ships that want. At first procurement was only one torpedo destroyer “Sua Tayanchon” and 4 fast torpedo boats, and after 5 years, a torpedo destroyer was ordered. “Sua Khamronsin” adds one more ship, both of which are the patrol and capturing captive ships. When Thailand declared war on Austria-Hungary and Germany during World War I and both ships were retired in 1937 to receive new warships to serve instead.

General characteristics
Type : Torpedo destroyer
Displacement : 385 ton
Length : 71.32 m
Beam : 6.55 m
Draught : 1.82 m
Propulsion : 2 x four-cylinder machines, 6,250 hp , 3 tube radiators, twin propellers
Speed : 28 knots
Crew : 67

Gun : 1 x 76/40 3rd Year Type naval gun , 5 x 57 mm/40 Hotchkiss Gun
Torpedo : 4 x Type 45B Torpedo (2 × 2) (45cm Torpedo , 90 kg Powder , 23 knots for 3000m)

Royal Torpedo Boat

Royal Torpedo Boat (เรือตอร์ปิโดหลวง)

อีกเรือตอร์ปิโด วิ่งโร่รีฝีเท้าแขง
ว่องไวไล่ย้อนแย้ง ยักย้ายลอดดอดเอาไชย
กระบวนล้วนแล่นล่อง ไปแทบท้องชลาลัย
อธึกดูคึกใจ จิตต์จักสู้ศัตรูพาล

From the acquisition of a warship by Prince Abhakara Kiartivongse, Chief of Staff of the Royal Thai Navy Was presented to Prince Paribatra Sukhumbandhu, Commander-in-chief of Navy in 1905, but had problems with the budget. Unable to order all the ships needed. The first purchase was only one torpedo destroyer “Tuea Thayanchon” and four fast torpedo boats, with all torpedo boats being delivered in 1908. Torpedo boat number 4 was received in 1913 by Prince Abhakara Kiartivongse when he held the position of Vice Admiral. Chief of Naval Staff He used torpedo boats to To welcome soldiers returning from World War I and used them to train naval cadets in torpedo shooting.

General characteristics
Type : Fast Torpedo Boat
Displacement : 90 ton
Length : 41.05 m
Beam : 4.93 m
Draught : 1.21 m
Propulsion : 1 x three-cylinder machines, 1200 hp
Speed : 22 knots
Crew : 26

Gun : 1 x 57 mm Hotchkiss Naval gun , 1 x 47 mm Hotchkiss Naval gun
Torpedo : 2 x Type 45B Torpedo (1 × 2)


Thailand modified their L-39 (2x*) and Alpha Jets (4x*) to carry *AIM-9P:




On This days, January 5, in the year 1941, Thai Army launched a ground offensive into French Indochina, beginning the new phase of the Franco-Thai war.


Field Marshal Pleak inspecting Thai soldiers

Type 81 Tank, aka Vickers 6-ton TypeB, used by Thai army during the war

During the Prelude to the ground campaign, however, Thailand saw her first aerial engagement in the sky over Nakhon Panom.

Images and information from Royal Thai Airforce Museum

During the war, Thailand had quite an advanced air force, many of the aerial engagements ended in Thai favor that even Admiral Jean Decoux of the French Indochina had to begrudgingly remark their efficiency.

V-93s Cosair and Curtiss Hawk III, types of planes used by Royal Thai Air Force during the aerial engagement

The war later ended on January 28, 1941, after Japanese government came in and brokered the armistice which ended in Thai favor, returning Thailand some of its territories ceased during the French colonization of Indochina. However, the areas given to Thai through armistice were not last and were forced to return to France after the second world war due to Thailand alliance with Japan during the war.

Thai victory monument built in commemoration of Thai “victory” over French Indochina


I would prefer it to be separate tech tree. As this would also add many non japanese vehicle to japanese tree not just thai piloted japanese stuff. And I am sick of that. I dont want american /which already did spoil) or any other nation to spoil japanese tree.


My thoughts exactly, Thailand has plenty for its own tech tree at this point based on the images im seeing.

Ideally, having Thai Tech Tree would be kind of nice. However, in my opinion, a proper Thai tech tree should have at least a number of vehicle in 3-digit or close to it. In the case of Italy, a minor Axis nation comparable to Thailand, it has around 70+ ground vehicles alone.

In my opinion, if there’s going to be a separate tech tree, we can go the World Of Warship’s Pan-Asia direction which create a new tech tree, consisting of the vehicles from various minor Asian nations ranging from Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Korea and so on.


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To the tailand tree could then be added other minor south east asia nations.

Hello everyone this is my first times actually using WT forums

i have a bunch of M-41GTI picture that i got from ALL WARFARE (สงคราม) Magazine 264, 1985
not sure where should i post here or original M-41GTI suggestion
i don’t know if you guy have it yet but it would be nice to it share it here

i also have more of Thai-relate vehicle that i got over the years but maybe not scanned it yet
i would maybe post it later here


Also a bit of M-41GTI upgrade detail in the magazine


Also Lastly Thai-made FIAT6614 that i found for Italian-suggestion Discord (i mostly do research for Italy-relate stuff)


This is information about Fiat 6614 which @NiceNiti is searched and compiled the information.

This is a great first time writing for a forum.👍👍 I thank you very much. And I will shared it on the M-41GTI forum.