KMDB BTR-3E1 - Royal Thai Army's Assault IFV

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KMDB BTR-3E1 - Royal Thai Army’s Assault IFV

Hi and welcome to my 26th suggestion, which is about the Thai BTR-3E1, hope you like it. :popcorn:

First of all:

  • This is a suggestion for a Vehicle we could see in game at some point in the Future , that doesn´t mean next Patch or somewhere in the near Future
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Basic Background

Starting in 2000, the BTR-3 was tied to a project aimed at meeting the needs of the UAEs Marine Corps. The first being the BTR-3U “Guardian,” derived from the BTR-94, a modernized version of the soviet BTR-80.
A collaborative effort ensued involving KMDB, the State Scientific and Technical Center for Artillery and Small Arms, ADCOM Manufacturing Company Ltd. (UAE), Deutz AG (Germany), and Allison Transmission (USA). The production spanned ten companies within the Ukroboronprom concern.
Initially, hull production was linked to Azovmash plant in Mariupol and possibly Lozovsky Forging and Mechanical Plant, later consolidating at the Kiev Armored Plant.

Thailand turned out as a significant client, acquiring lot of BTR-3Es. The Royal Thai Army and Navy invested in these vehicles for many purposes, aiming to create a mobile Infantry regiment. The initial delivery of 96 BTR-3Es included different variants; armored personnel carriers, command vehicles, ambulances, mortar carriers, anti-tank units, and recovery vehicles. Additionally, a handful of units were provided for free by the Ukrainian government, alongside maintenance contracts.
The Royal Thai Marine Corps received a set of BTR-3Es, replacing the aging V-150. Additional orders followed, reflecting Thailand’s high interest in these vehicles. Notably, in 2015, a framework agreement was signed at the Defense & Security-2015 arms exhibition, indicating Thailand’s intention to start local production of BTR-3Es and spare parts.

The BTR-3E1 Overall

The BTR-3E1, equipped with the BM-3 Shturm turret module uses the ZTM-1 30mm automatic gun, with a maximum elevation of -5° to +45°, operable remotely and with a maximum firing rate of 330 rounds per minute; the ammunition belts include AP-T, APDS-T, F-T and HEF-I. Next to the main gun sits a 7.62mm machine gun, for which 2.500 rounds are carried. On one side, the launcher for two read-to-fire RK-2OF HE frag or RK-2S anti-tank missiles - with at least 800mm penetration behind ERA and 5km range - while on the other, an 30mm automatic grenade launcher is mounted. The turret is well-equipped with a fire control system housing an weapon stabilizer and on-track sighting, complete with a TV screen for day and night use, 3rd generation thermals, along with an integrated laser range finder.
The BTR-3E1, using 8x8 chassis and is powered by a Diesel UTD-20 engine, with a mechanical transmission. This robust vehicle can hit a maximum road speed of 95 km/h and covers an impressive 850 km range on roads.

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A great way to get some Ukrainian vehicles into the game! +1


I would also like to see the ZBD-04 and more IFVs, but since my grandma is thai chinese i would also like to see thai vehicles


Looks good +1


Added info on gun elevation (-5° to +45°)