HUD with localhost data. Legal or illegal

I made a HUD with localhost data for flight simulators. I take the player’s data, get location and heading. Then I get the location of the targets on the map. Then I make only those that are ±45 degrees forward to be displayed on the screen. Then I calculate the heading error and the distance, and they are represented across the screen. I only use localhost data, I did it using Python and I can share the code if you wish. I would like to know if it is lawful or not, as I do not want to infringe the game rules and be banned.

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So I’m not an expert here, and you should 100 percent contact a Game Master with this question. That looks like it falls into the category of an unfair advantage under the game rules because it shows who is an ally and enemy along with locations. Not that that isn’t done by the radar and IFF, but it just seems like it provides information that puts you at a great advantage compared to others. I would hold off using that until you spoke to a GM about it.

Yeah, changing or adding “code” to the game is a big no no and most likely would be a bannable offense. Best thing you could do is remove all that ASAP, do a game file check to restore your game’s integrity, put all that in the waste bin and delete this post forth with . . . lol. I mean like for reals . . . you can’t go adding stuff like that to the game . . . heap bad mocus man!

As a sim player I would consider this cheating, you aren’t suppose to see the objective from your cockpit like this

This is basically an aim bot for ground target


But technically it doesn’t look like he does that. He just takes the available data and visualizes them via overlay. TBF that’s likely how most WT wallhacks work for ground as well.

I agree that such things ruin WT SB. If you want this level of handholding you might just be playing the wrong gamemode.

However it doesn’t appear to be working as an aimbot. It just visualizes.

Great idea that way Anti-Cheat software has an easier time knowing what it should be looking for. Great idea.

@HALCON_1982 I need to ask though, why did you even think it to be a good idea to create this in the first place? Just a little programming exercise?

Why even say this? The entire point of this post is to FIND OUT if it is allowed or not.

And in terms of “How it works” it just a alternative way of the WT Assistant by what OP said as it shows localhost information, just as WT Assistant, which is more reliable than “taking the phone, syncing, checking information and return to the game”, all the information are in the screen.

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How you even come to the idea that this would be allowed is quite beyond me, sorry.

War Thunder Specific Rules ( (especially Section 6)


It “visualizes” elements that are invisible on the screen or that require you to get closer to see them, personally I call it an aim bot.

having delved a bit into his code, I have the impression that it gives him the heading and distance of the target, which is clearly cheating in sim mode



well an aimbot is called aimbot, because it aims for you. That’s not the case here.

oh it’s definately cheating. And why would you even want that. Not having these infos and using the mk I eyeball is sort of the point of sim: immersion. Why ruin that?

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Why is this thread still up and not removed? Especially with the ESP coding now available to all the script kiddies.

I really think you should clarify what “targets” you mean.

From my understanding it only functions for targets already spotted on the map, so mission objectives, airfields and so on, not other players nor other unspotted targets, correct?

This seems on the same level as WTRTI, using information that were provided by the devs in an open API


Personally, I just think Gaijin needs to take a stance and close off localhost entirely - even to WTRTI.

OP here isn’t trying to be malicious, but both WTRTI and this provide information that normal players do not get access to in a UI. If it’s something WTRTI provides, it should be a toggle-able option in the actual game UI. Interesting that Gaijin is publishing this sort of data on 8111 though - surprised it’s taken this long for someone to take advantage of it.

Next we’ll get someone analysing velocity vectors of enemy map markers or something to give you a warning if it appears that you might have an enemy on your tail in air RB. Or visualising tank positions in 3d with a distance using these same markers like OP has here. Too many potential avenues for exploit if it remains open IMHO.


This is literally wallhack/xray dude.


I already have a warning via my tablet that someone has entered within 1-2kms of me…

Morally it is wrong, I don’t support this.
But being a programmer myself I know the mechanics of it and basically it uses only the information available to everybody on the map when typing localhost:8111 in the browser.
There is no modifying game files or messing with graphics memory/ network packets in order to capture some data that is not present to the user.
In my, purely technical opinion, this is not a forbidden modification, however it goes into a grey area of giving additional awareness.

In the end it only shows the AI ground units which already have icons on the map, nothing more, is it cheating? Yes and No, technically it is visualising legal data available to every other player, I mean anyone can write their own overlay application and run WT in a window so the app is displaying stuff over WT.
However you can further expand this to place icons in 3D calculating the icon position on the screen relative to the point in space which will give you an icon precisely where the unit is. It also shows the type of the unit so you know straight away which one is AAA in a convoy/battle and can prioritize targets - a thing which is more difficult without this overlay.

And as someone mentioned it - you could write it for RB where enemy airplane icons pop up, so each time there is an enemy icon popping up on a map behind you, you could write an app that gives you a warning sound/icon/message.

I think you are in a grey area here - the anti-cheat won’t mark it as a cheat as you are not modifying game files, however you are drifting into a grey area of ‘unfair advantage’.
No game master will advise you on this, there is a silent approval as with all the other similar modifications.

I think the worst cheat is sound mods anyway.

from the video and code it doesnt seem to work in 3D, with icons being vertically centered. Makes sense as this uses a map function which doesnt provide any altitude information

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@Schindibee :
Answered and not locked?

The problem is not to have created this, but to use it.
However, we wouldn’t create such things if HUDs were realistically made 100%

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How comes I got the an “OK” when asking the exact same thing some time ago?

This doesn’t make sense, WTRTI is allowed, this used the same data, just in a smarter way

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