Why don't we have an API for war thunder?

I almost spit my coffee up. I can’t tell what parts this post was naïve or ignorant.

The WT client netcode already has its ass out in the breeze. How do you think there are wallhacks and aimbots for it?
There is a big difference between providing game and player statistics that apps like Thunderskill and the WT Assistant use, and the actual game telemetry that the netcode API uses and can/is maliciously interfered with. All of that has long needed to be locked down and encrypted, or at the very least, obfuscated, so that its not literally plain text readable data.
The game already has content creator support in the CDK for map creation and in-game facilitation of custom skins and even models.
Terrible idea in a game that is overrun with cheats.


you are being ignorant. You are only looking at the possible harms of an API, which can be avoided if the API is well done. Nobody said she should directly interfere in matches. And the fact that there is thunder skill and other things just indicates that there are people willing to do a job well even if they don’t have tools, imagine with tools in hand?

And if, based on what you say, netcode is already a problem, what’s the point? reflect a little on what you are saying hahahaha

You are asking for cheating to be facilitated, not just enabled by negligent software design.
There is zero need for a live game API in WT. It is just a bad, impractical idea on about a dozen levels. Not opinion. Fact.

I only read empty arguments hahahaha, anyway, you see, it must be as deep as a plate.

You asked why there wasn’t an API. It was explained to you.
I see you are the kind of person who can’t accept anything that contradicts your delusions so, GLWT.

It clearly wasn’t explained by you, I only saw you give superficial arguments saying that this would ‘cause problems’ that, according to you, already exist in the game anyway. Completely superficial argument. As I said arguments from the depth of a dish.

You don’t want to do something because ‘it’s going to be a problem’ is not an answer. There is a way to do things well. I hope you choke on your coffee again, my friend, as I await more solid arguments

Your idea doesn’t require anything more than a superficial dismissal. Its that bad. You clearly have no clue about what you are actually proposing other than “wuldn’t it be grate if…”

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You know, that wouldn’t be too tricky by merely sharing a whiteboard-esque overlay over the local map, and then the shared scribbles would be you guys.

This could almost be a simple browser plugin that could work for other games as well.

I just want confirmation whether this is allowed. WTRTI is allowed and that does draw over the game, but I want to make sure.

@Smin1080p Would a tool/program that draws over the game using a Vulkan layer (or some other technical method) to alter the minimap be against the rules? I want to make a program that allows squadronmates to draw arrows and stuff on their minimap, something like XVM in World of Tanks. Such tool would only use information exposed at port 8111. WTRTI is allowed but it only draws text to the screen.

If it’s allowed is there any chance we could get Session ID (Game/Match ID) as an exposed field at ::8111 to further expand functionalities of such tool. This would allow automatic connections based on Session ID so that all players in that game see markings from their teammates. This would only include players who have the tool installed, of course.

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I’m talking finger draw, like being able to do as you said, scribble and draw lude things around your squadmates map.

I know what are you talking about, I am asking if it’s allowed

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The only issue I’d see is the want to share automatically on the session ID… That’d leave it open to having enemies ‘linked’.

A plugin would be awesome, to run on a tablet much the same as I myself from time to time run the actual minimap in my browser, and the map app for android that literally just displays it in a window with ads.

Drawing tactics and plans to the squad/squadron would be really advantageous.

Yeah I haven’t thought about that. Something would have to be done about that, probably requiring Gaijin’s cooperation. I am going to think about that once I get the green light, if I get it.

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Another AI written post

not really ;p

Considering you clearly can’t spell, i’d wager you didn’t write the essay using all the typical stuctures and grammar that Ai written texts do. But by all means, carry on, noone else seems to have realised

Considering my difficulty with English, I actually used AI to structure the text. But the text and points are all my own, when you say ‘AI text’ I’m sure it’s a pejorative statement to say that the text had no reflection on it, which is not true. After all, is it prohibited to use a tool to make the text more understandable for people who don’t understand my slang and linguistic details because it is written in another language?

Besides. The point of the topic is about the API, not whether you approve or disapprove of the way I put the points…

You should Wireshark it sometime. You’d be surprised. The existing localhost:8111 feed gives all the information anyone needs now for an overlay mod, which because it’s external to the client is undetectable by server checks or EAC. (It’s why EAC makes no sense, it’s literally a horse-barn door situation right now.)

OP’s suggestion to expand the amount of data pouring out of the client during live play into other applications even further does need to be evaluated in that context. Ground modes are really really bad for uncatchable cheating right now, and telling people angry about this like Exocetta that their concerns are misplaced just seems naive.

There are stronger arguments for better API support on the game stats side. Currently, not having good in-game service records makes people come up with suboptimal ways to understand how well they and others are doing. I talked a little about this in my writeup on the Thunderskill abandonware site, WTDP, and their underlying data issues: Data Analysis #2: What are the real win rates by BR, and how good is Thunderskill really?

Yes. Modification/Altering is different from addition. You can display your own stuff over the game window, same thing WTRI is doing or any other game overlay app (Discord, Steam, MSI Afterburner, RivaTuner OSD, etc.).
If there is no modification and only playing with the already available stuff, then it’s fine. There is my own app called WTbgA that uses the same LAN API. No modifications, but only processing the API’s data.

Just know that processing the information on the game’s screen can be considered cheating, it’s best sticking to the LAN API ( The API is shared over the local network too, that’s why I’m calling it LAN API and not just local API. However, you can disable accessing the API via firewall rules.

You can always make a suggestion Suggestions - War Thunder — official forum
I already had a suggestion to include network metrics in the API, you can make one too :)


Perfect, I figured that was the case but I wanted to make sure.


I am guessing it didn’t go anywhere. I am making one for sure, just need to figure our what it would need to expose. What category should I put it in? Interface seems most fitting, but I am not sure they mean that kind of interface.

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