HUD with localhost data. Legal or illegal

Go read rules, you’ll understand that the problem lies into giving ennemy position on HUD, when it’s normally not showed on user interface

« * 6.1.3. Installation or usage of unauthorized modifications to the Game client, using cheats or other software or devices that modify a Game process and/or original images produced by the Game (including the modification of a Game interface) to obtain an advantage in a Game without explicit authorization from Gaijin.

  • 6.1.4. Other actions that violate the principle of fair play.

6.2. The actions prohibited by Section 6 of these rules shall be punished on a case-by-case basis by a decision of the Administration up to deletion of the User’s Gaijin Account. »

WTRTI gives you the optimal AoA, even though that’s not shown usually, and that’s allowed. This doesn’t give you enemy positions, only directions to ground targets

This does none of that

When you play a bomber, knowing where are ground target is pretty useful
It is an advantage that your teammates don’t have

How so? The same info is available to them as well. It is provided by the game

In our opinion, this type of script breaks the rules:

6.1.3 Installing or using unauthorised modifications to the game client, using cheats or other software or devices that modify the game process and/or the original game generated images (including modifying the game interface) to gain an advantage in the game without express authorisation from Gaijin.

The use of such automation may result in your account being banned.