Tools using data provided on port 8111

Bad analogy, it’s not like that money is sitting on the table with a sign that says “Free to take, no strings attached”

Coming from the guy comparing it to the Formula 1 constructors championship…


if, robbing the bank will require effort and unless I’m mistaken the additional information on the screen does not appear by magic, you have to create a functional code by looking at what data to take


Tech mods said that datamines and data obtained with WTRTI and through port 8111 can’t be used in bug reports.

This is simply false, this is not what this tools did at all.

Deducing the enemies location with sound doesn’t “appear on the screen by magic”, you have to think to get it

Then what’s that:

You should read what was written,…

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Was still used for specifical reports.

you know what I mean, the code provided in the other topic showed information that is not normally on the screen, in particular the position of the targets on the ground of the team opposite

It showed airfields, bases and ground bots. Not their exact location, but a direction to them. It didn’t show players as far as I remember. The video wasn’t up for long, I don’t remember exactly

Oh, sorry,… heading + distance → ain’t that pinpoint information that others don’t have?

Literally like an AWACS was telling you Bulleyes information,…


I believe the GM and Stona have explained and made it very clear. It breaks rule 6.1.3. If you still can’t get It through your head, that’s honestly on you.

Just don’t come crying to the forums when you log on one day and are banned for cheating. You have been properly informed.

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I didn’t make it, didn’t use it. I will not use it. I have nothing to do with that tool.

so why are you defending it ?

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Because it’s unfair to the person that made it

Take sim out of the equation here, this line:

the TOS explicitly states that data cannot be used to give an unfair advantage

I would state that knowing exactly how much AoA you’re pulling in a rate fight to optimise your flight model, or exactly how far away a map marker is without having to target the enemy (Air RB) are also an unfair advantage. Yet based on the standard established earlier, 1 would be allowed and 1 would not.

This is why reasonable restrictions need to be placed on this stuff, and that personally I think a lot of this needs to be brought back in-game. Why should I not have the ability to display this information natively in the UI if the game already has it.

And in general my experience in other games says that if there is a loophole or grey area, players will exploit it. And just because the OP of the previous one posted theirs, there are likely several that shut up and just use their advantage.

If it were up to me, I’d remove localhost entirely and integrate stuff like WTRTI into the game properly to even the playing field for all players. But perhaps if that’s too far, there needs to be restrictions and controls around this data so it isn’t abused - perhaps having it accessible freely in custom battles and test flights (so people can develop stuff and test to get data) but require some sort of token/approval by gaijin to enable it in random battle modes.


so it’s not fair for the person who uses it but for the thousands of other players who don’t have this kind of code and who don’t cheat it’s fair ?

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You still don’t seem to understand…

Anyhow @Stona_WT . Can we get this thread removed? We already have an issue with “Zombers” in Air Sim and I really don’t want this to make the rounds around the community or get more attention than it currently has.

It’s not unfair,… that person fairly asked if it’s possible to use it after creating it.

That is nothing unfair,…

He could have asked before creating it, he can still give those coded line to Gaijin so they can add relevant information on HUDs themselves,…

Nothing is lost from his work.

It’s unfair because of the double standard. WTRTI is allowed to exist and use that information, but we can’t allow you to get to smart with it

No dooble standard,… WRTI don’t gives you accurate information to overcome any ennemy,…

If WRTI would gives you a point to follow in order to get yourself behind an ennemy then it wouldn’t be authorized aswell.

It’s not smart,… it’s creating 3rd party devices that gives you an edge over thousand of players.

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