Future and Current Sub/Independent Technology trees

Israel: Philippines (modern PH AFVs are almost all made in israel), UAE (vehicles too such as Emirati BTR-3, OF-40, and even leclerc, and pantsir on German chassis)

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I had the idea to add the Philippines to Japan but wasn’t sure.

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Thank you for mentioning my work in the forum, yesterday I made the naval suggestion for Chile’s subtree for Israel, this includes coastal and bluewater, we must wait for a moderator to review it, I hope you see it when it is available ;)

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I will surely check it out, thank you

SE Asia as a whole would make Japan a really interesting nation/region to grind in WT. Lots of cool stuff from lots of different places.

Thailand is of course leading the charge, but I wouldn’t rule out other SE Asian vehicles from coming whenever Thailand does.


scattering the Yugoslav vehicles in the Russian tree would be a good idea, it will avoid making an independent tree which risks ending up like Israel, Yugoslavia has some unique planes like the J-22 orao, J-21, J-20 Kraguj, As for tanks, there is the M-84 and its variants, M-95 degman, M-91 vihor, the T-34B (a T-34/85 mod .1960 with an M2 Browning machine gun on the roof and T-55 wheels), T-55 Igman with DNNS optics as on the Finnish T-55M, and the M36 Jackson with a T-55 engine and a heat shell manufactured in Yugoslavia

and the T-34B

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That would be among the biggest wasted potential in game the game we have seen every since ZA sub-tree was added.


I believe it would be more beneficial for Gaijin to make Yugoslavia its own nation, however I wouldn’t mind a few event vehicles until it’s added as its own tech tree.


I think adding Belgium or Greece to France isn’t a good idea. It doesn’t need a F-16 or a F-4 to complete it. Let this tree stay in his original form without other country aircraft

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There is some nations that are missing that could be added to this list

Independent Nations:


Independent Indian TT

Independent South African TT
No suggestions on the new forum however they have more than enough ground vehicles and helicopters to make this possible


Alpine League (Switzerland and Austria)

Possible Future Tech Trees:

United Arab Republic (Egypt, Syria & Sudan, Maybe Yemen)


Oman (UK)

Singapore (Future Korean TT): The OP of the original post wanted it to be a part of the Israeli subtree however large portions of the player even people who support a Singaporean Subtree opposed to it

Philippines (Japan)

Azerbaijan (Israeli or Future Turkish TT)

Armenia/Artsakh (Future Iranian or Future Indian TT)

Kazakhstan (Future Turkish TT)

Ukraine (Future Polish or Future Bulgo-Romanian TT)

Ireland (Sweden)

Jordan (Future South African TT)

(Post war) Greece & Cyprus (Germany instead of France)

Morocco (France)

Cuba (USSR)

Possible Future Subtrees:

Iraq (Future South African TT)


Could also be for a Arab Tree of some sorts, just has the most connection to britain out of all other single nations

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i beg to differ, many SEA countries with the sole exception of thailand either have beef with or do not seem appropriate to be fitted under japan given colonial pasts.

Philippines to Israel is an oversimplification. Not all PH vehicles are Israeli - its only the Sabrah Light Tank and the UT25 turret on the M113 and even then Elbit’s Sabrah concept is an Austrian-Spanish & Finnish Chassis. If you want Israel to have the Sabrah, they should add their own exhibition vehicle that had better capabilities than the PH Army received - including SPIKE ATGMs and APS; plus a bigger caliber for the UT30 (which is 30mm compared to the AFP’s 25mm). The IVECO Guarani also sport the same turret.

As for the UAE, you are insane to suggest adding an Arab nation to Israel.


Philippines to Japan makes the most sense only if Thailand is as well. Once Thailand is added, Philippines could be also added by virtue of SEATO (Which was supposed to be NATO equivalent for Asia) since that was an actual military alliance compared to ASEAN.

The rest of ASEAN could be added as event or premium vehicles for the Japanese TT so actual Japanese & Thai vehicles could be added to the Main Tree.


Israel: Philippines (modern PH AFVs are almost all made in israel)

Using that logic the Philippines is just as viable subtree for Turkey since they use Turkish built Attack Helicopters and IFV’s. Trying to use the manufacturer nation of origin to justify a subtree is fundamentally flawed and cannot be relied on it’s own.

UAE (vehicles too such as Emirati BTR-3, OF-40, and even leclerc, and pantsir on German chassis)

How does that relate to Israel in anyway… Oh wait it doesn’t

i beg to differ, many SEA countries with the sole exception of thailand either have beef with or do not seem appropriate to be fitted under japan given colonial pasts.

  • Tries justify why Japan shouldn’t have a [Insert SEA Nation here] subtree by using it’s colonial past
  • Fails to mention modern geopolitical context of the Philippines in relation to the greater East Asia Region including Japan as well as military procurement
  • Undermines his point by justifying an Arab nation to the Israeli TT. Also does in a terrible way by suggesting vehicles that aren’t even remotely Israeli

Every Arab nation even in nations where the government aren’t hostile towards Israel have the general populace have an overwhelming negative view towards Israel, even more so than SEA nations including the Philippines have towards Japan [It’s not even remotely close].


Here are the last 2 Chilean sub trees for Israel which are the naval and the helicopter trees, so now there are all the complete Chilean sub trees:


Should I add what if sub trees if political sensitivity’s are taken into consideration by Gaijin?

Gaijin never considered political matters. So I dont see any point of doing that

I understand this, some seem to think they do though.