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imageChilean Helicopter Sub-Treeimage

Chilean MD 530F modified by Rafael

This suggestion is a complement to the 3 previous suggestions that I have made which are the Chilean land, air and naval sub tree for Israel, to know the history and details please consult the other 3 suggestions within the forum.

History between Chile and Israel

During the 1970s Chile was going through very tense moments with its 3 neighbors (Argentina, Bolivia and Peru) who had territorial claims and like Israel at that time Chile was politically alone and surrounded by belligerent countries. Chile was under the government of Dictator Augusto Pinochet accused of crimes against humanity, the country was under embargo on military purchases. This is how Chile turned to Israel, which accepted the request for help. Thus, in 1977, Chile and Israel signed a contract for the purchase of various military equipment (Tanks, missiles, etc.). Once the conflict ended, both countries continued to collaborate and Chile acquired much more equipment of Israeli origin for its 3 branches, army, air force and navy.


IAI promotional image of LAHAT missiles using a Chilean MD 530F as an example

In relation to the helicopters, Rafael and IAI of Israel converted 2 Chilean MD 530F into a more powerful attack version, equipping one with LAHAT missiles while the other was equipped with Spike missiles and new vision devices, giving them great capacity antitank. The Israeli LAHAT missiles were also tested on other Chilean vehicles such as the Mowag Piranha and the Leopard 1V, so IAI advertising for these missiles uses these vehicles as examples to promote the LAHATs, including the Chilean helicopter. There is also a video where you can see the Chilean helicopter launching this missile.


FACH Commander-in-Chief General Arturo Merino with IAF Chief of Staff Brigadier General Eyal Grinboim during a visit, year 2022

To this day, the Chilean Air Force continues to work together with the Israeli Air Force and the highest authorities of the countries have exchanged knowledge and strengthened ties, highlighting Israel’s collaboration in the Chilean space program where Israeli companies developed Chilean satellites and the authorities of that country collaborated. It should also be noted that a large amount of Chilean military material is composed of Israeli material in the 3 main military branches of Chile, Army, Aviation and Navy.


Commander-in-Chief of the FACH at a meeting with authorities of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, year 2022


  • The BR of this tree represent the realistic game mode.
  • Some data may not be 100% accurate, also some sources may contradict in some aspects such as technical specifications, basically I did what I could with what I found, if anyone has more information I would appreciate it if you share it in the comments section.


An example of what the Chilean sub tree would look like

The second column where the Israeli Lahatut is located is complemented almost perfectly by the Chilean helicopters that follow it as they help fill those missing spaces. It is also important to note that the Chilean MD 530F are the natural evolution of the MD 500-TOW Lahatut Israeli since they are more advanced versions of the Israeli helicopter, as well as the weapons evolve to Israeli LAHAT and Spike missiles that are more powerful than the TOW, so the link with Israel is not lost with the new Chilean helicopters. In addition, the Chilean subtree integrates some unique national modifications such as the Cardoen-Bell 206L-III.

Helicopter list:

Rank 5

Bell UH-1H


Bell UH-1H “Mamba”


Cardoen-Bell CB 206L-III

  • Description:
    • Chilean modification of a Bell 206 made by Cardoen industries. The front part was completely changed by a more reinforced structure, becoming single-seat and providing the helicopter with various national and foreign weapons. For this, a sight for Chinese HJ-8 missiles was added and tests of said missile were carried out without much success. However, the new modified helicopter managed to withstand loads 3.5 times higher than the original one, so in its 5 hard points it could be loaded with heavy bombs manufactured in Chile by Industrias Cardoen, in addition to a torpedo and minor weapons. 2 of these helicopters were built, one being the attack version that did not fly and the second that traveled to the United States for certifications and that flew, however it was confiscated in the United States under the slander that it would be sold to Iraq, so the mass production of these helicopters could not be carried out.
  • Crew:
    • 1
  • Armament:
    • Guns: 1x Lucas Turret carrying 0.50 calibre (12.7 mm) machine-gun
    • Rockets: 2x LAU-32 rocket launchers each with 7 FFAR Mighty Mouse rockets
    • Missiles: 4x HJ-8 anti-tank missiles (tested) or 4x HJ-73 anti-tank missiles (?)
    • Bombs: Cardoen GP (3x Mk.81/121 kg, 3x Mk.82/230 kg, 2x Mk.83/416 kg)
    • Torpedoes: 1x Sting Ray Torpedo
  • Dimensions:
    • Lenght: 12.95 m
    • Width: 1.98 m
    • Height: 3.66 m
    • Empty weight: 1,095 kg
    • Max takeoff weight: 1,928 kg
  • Maneuverability:
    • Engine: 1x Allison 250-C30P turboshaft, 650 hp
    • Max speed: 241 km/h
    • Cruise speed: 207 km/h
    • Range: 596 km
    • Service Ceiling: 6,100 m
    • Rate of climb: 6.8 m/s
  • Sources:
Rank 6





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+1 looks great! Very much hoping to see the CB 206L


The UH-1 Mamba and CB 206L are both really fascinating. +1


I’m glad you liked that Chilean design, let’s hope gaijin makes it a reality :D

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+1 the helicopters would be much needed for Israel, since they lack helicopters at certain brs there

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+1 for Israel, much needed.

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Currently in Chile there is a quote for the purchase of new helicopters and the name of the Airbus H125M Ares is very popular, in fact they were promoting it at FIDAE 2024 and I myself was able to take some photos of it in person, so if that purchase comes to fruition I will add the helicopter to this sub tree, I just don’t know which BR to give it.

Finally, someone acknowledges the LAHAT, I would love to see this in game.
Also we need this

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That was an option since it is one of the best helicopters in Chile, it’s just that it is difficult to include it because the missiles are anti-ship so I don’t think it can work in the game :/