Future and Current Sub/Independent Technology trees

Future and Current Sub/Independent Technology trees
Work in progress
I’m making this post to list off some of the potential independent/sub technology trees but before we get into it, I would like to make this clear is that I won’t take bloating into account as I’ve never heard of this being a limitation only the technical 5 line rule, if you have issues feel free to comment it, politics will also not be taken into account since we see plenty of “political” additions like Taiwan and soon India.
Independent Technology Trees
There is some support for a Independent Yugoslavian technology tree, its quite obvious this one deserves its own technology tree. Be sure to check out Mahiwew’s Suggestion.

This will include all ex-republics

United Korea

This will of course include both North and South Korea, no reason they can’t be in the same technology tree, same reason China and Taiwan are together.

I thought this one deserved its own technology tree, perhaps with a Czechoslovakian sub tree to fill gaps.


Combined Latin America
There is major support for this tree and I think it would be smart for Gaijin to make this one happen, there is no other place for many of these nations to go anyway. The only issue I see with this technology tree is Argentina, currently their vehicles get added to Germany, my two cents is that Gaijin should replace Argentina with another nation in Germany and add Argentina to the Latin American technology tree. Be sure to check out BHmasters Suggestion

Potential Independent Technology Trees
this section will only include nations listed down below in the sub tree section.


There is some support for a Independent Ukrainian technology tree, check out Yontee’s Suggestion

There is some support for an Independent Canadian tech tree. Be sure to check out Thatz Suggestion

Iran could bring some very unique vehicles to the game, that being heavily modified variants of what we have now or domestic products. This tree could also act as a hub of sorts for combined Middle Eastern tree. Be sure to check out NotKringe’s suggestion

Sub Technology Trees
United States
I believe there is a place for a potential Canadian sub tree in the U.S. technology tree, added on the same idea as Sweden and its sub trees, a regional addition.




Netherlands my beloved


This nation will include all ex-republics
This technology tree currently takes in Czechoslovakia, it should be redirected somewhere else like Yugoslavia or Poland.



Russian Federation


South Africa











This uses a lot of Israeli technology and equipment, they also have close ties so this would be a great nation to represent in the Israeli tech tree. Be sure to check out Chilean_Thunder’s ground and air post.

Work in progress



I have a few things to note.

The first is that I don’t think an Argentinian subtree is a good idea because Argentina is vital to LATAM which is the only independent tree left that is worth adding because it is significantly unique.

As for a Russian subtree, how would that even work? Russian vehicles are already spread all throughout the Soviet tree, with vehicles of multiple lines being Russian while not being in a Russian subtree. The MiG-29SMT, Mi-8AMTSh, Mi-35, Ka-29, Ka-50, Ka-52, Mi-28N, Mi-28NM, BTR-80A, PT-76-57, 2S25, 2S25M, BMD-4, BMP-2M, 2S38, T-80UM2, T-80UK, T-90A, T-72B3, T-90M, T-80BVM, and Pantsir-S1 all being Russian. It also doesn’t make sense for Russia to be its own subtree because Russia is the direct successor state to the USSR.

As for a Ukrainian subtree, where would that even go? The USSR would be the most logical, but Ukraine can’t go to the Soviet tree given that Russia is literally invading Ukraine right now.

As for the independent trees, there are also some issues. The biggest one is Korea. 9 M48s. That says it all. I know Israel has 15, that doesn’t mean 9 of them is good.

Also (shameless plug time), here is a tree I did for Yugoslavia if you want some ideas. The goal with this tree isn’t to add everything that exists, but to add everything unique I can that fits into strong lineups.


It’s already been confirmed multiple times that all Argentine vehicles will go to Germany, and there are many gaps that Argentine vehicles could fill. Even now there area already four Argentine vehicles in the German tech tree.

Besides, if LatAm tech tree does come at some point, they can always be moved over.


need to minimize copy and paste as much as possible, and many players oppose placing India on the British tree


You make a fair point. Plus, the IA 58A was in the files 3 years ago for Germany. Its unfinished model was on the Ixwa Strike dev server. I still think they should be in LATAM though.

I added Argentina to Germany because it currently receives them, also I believe Smin confirmed it will continue to get them. I also support the LATAM tree, this would be a issue lol

I suppose you’re right, I added it because the nation provided in game is the USSR.

Like you stated, USSR is the most logical, some recommended a Independent variant, I saw technical issues with it so I added it onto the subtree list.

I think Gaijin will avoid this issue by simply never adding any Ukrainian vehicles lol. We don’t even have a Ukranian roundel.

russia is the successor country of the Soviet Union, and Ukraine is also the same. The country in the game is still called the Soviet Union, and many famous vehicles in the Soviet Union are designed and manufactured by the Kharkiv factory in Ukraine, so placing Ukrainian vehicles on the Soviet tree is still the best choice


That’s fair, I still don’t think it should go to Russia. I don’t have a good answer for where it should go, but considering Russia is literally invading Ukraine right now, they shouldn’t go there. That would be like giving Israel an Iranian subtree or adding an Azeri tree and giving it an Armenian subtree.

The Ukrainian flag was added to the files. It’s coming eventually.

Designed in Ukraine when Ukraine was part of the USSR is not the same as being a Ukrainian-designed vehicle in the era of an indpendent Ukraine. And Ukraine is not the successor state of the USSR. It is a successor state of the USSR, much like Kazakhstan or Belarus, but it is not the successor state to the USSR. That is Russia.


Oh, we already have the flag, it was there even before the invasion. What we don’t have is the aircraft roundel or coat of arms.




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No, I mean this.


This was added to the files on September 12, 2023.

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yes, but inherited from the design of the Soviet era. Ukraine and Russia share a common history and vehicles, and if they were to be separated into two trees, it would be a catastrophic copy and paste.

If we abandon political factors and look at it from the perspective of players

I have observed that Ukrainian players do not care where their vehicles appear. Most of the people who oppose Ukraine joining the Soviet Tree are Russian players who treat the Soviet Union as Russia, but forget that Ukraine was also a part of the Soviet Union.


I have not seen this before. That is quite interesting. Given that I am not Ukrainian and that I do not speak for Ukrainian people in any capacity, I am going to shut up about this now.

yugoslavia, czech republic, and some Balkan countries can form an independent tree. They have many unique vehicles

There was one idea from a user over at the independent thread that still technically used Ukraine as a sub tree but split them so you can’t mix the ex-republics together only a selected country and Soviet vehicles, I was very for the idea, this way so you don’t have lookalike nations running the matchmaker lol, this idea can potentially be applied to other nations in game.

I saw that. I support that idea much more that the current version, but I dislike the idea of not being able to mix republics together. That can be fine for the Soviet tree, but it can harm other trees. Doing that approach of seperate tabs though could also allow for more subtrees, bypassing that 5 line technical limitation.

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I fixed the flags, so they should be a bit more bearable to look at