Critical hits are broken as of 15th of February or nearby

Just got a t2 task “make 10 critical hits”. Usually, this is a matter of a game or two. But I have now killed 29 planes and 10 assists, and only got credit for 6 critical hits.

Something broke during the last update or the one before.

Wonder if it is related to this:
“The detachment of an aircraft wing when the allowable load is exceeded is no longer counted as a destruction, the same as with the tearing off of flaps or landing gear.”

So if 30 kills yield ~6 criticals, you need 50 kills for 10 crits, the t2 task. Better avoid it then…


Nah, it’s been that way for a little while. Insta-destruction killshots no longer count as a critical as well. Was reminded of it shooting planes in Ground AB yesterday before this update.

Used to be the killshot was also considered a crit for the purpose of tasks. I don’t know when it changed exactly.


Can only be days.

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Certainly less than two months anyway. It’s possible it has something to do with this: “This mechanic [Aircraft Severe Damage] has turned out to be quite complex in a technical sense, requiring careful testing. Part of the necessary code for this testing will be included in the game in the Air Superiority major update, and will be used by us for testing and debugging. Although you shouldn’t notice any changes to the game, this code inclusion will bring this mechanic closer to being completed. We’re planning to introduce this mechanic between the 5th update of 2023 and the 1st update of 2024.” (link)

Air Superiority was Dec. 14. I think the day I first noticed it was Feb. 4.

I did Eagles Eye Task (Score 100 Critical) 3 days ago without problem in Air Arcade and at least 3 other times this month with no problem… It’s usually done in 10 or 12 games. Today, I’m up to 17 games with 45 crits. This is gonna be a slog at less than 3 crits per game.


You can still gets crits shooting the new little AA behind the Light Pillboxes on some of the newer maps, the ones that don’t die straight away like Howitzers or AAA. But yeah, after grinding the tank event and only flying random “gimmie” planes in Ground AB, I today finished the event and went back to flying. I also noticed that shooting planes now does not yield hardly any critical hits as before. Be nice if they reverted the damage/hit detection nerf they added back in recently and give us proper credit for the critical hits we should be getting, but . . . might just be a subtle way of nerfing our scoring capabilities …right before another grindy plane event starts . . . lol, can’t make anything easier. And if they do, always seem to make it up somewhere else . . . this is the way . . .
C’est la Vie

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I’m ok if Gaijin leaves crits as they are. They should adjust the tasks to reflect the changes though. This feels like grinding an event and I avoid grinding like the plague. This is also going to impact my run at the Wingman title as most times a crit will guarantee an assist when another player gets the kill. Not so much with just a simple hit.


I’m sure it’s purely a coincidence, just like that time when they changed the kill assist mechanic a few days after the start of that event that had a “get n assists” task. Gaijin is very well known for giving us reasons to trust them, unfortunatelly they are turning this game in some sort of online casino but still there are players here that defend everything they do as not even a Gaijin employee would, everything.

It feels to me something has changed very recently. I suspect something to do with the new severe damage / destruction mechanics being tested.

Getting lots of games (Air RB) where I’ll have multiple air kills (players), and not just insta-destroys but half wing blown off or tail/elevator damage (but not considered dead), or lots of bits falling off them… flaps… lots of grey text etc… , multiple assists … but not a single critical at the end of the match.



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Like I said it’s the same thing in ground AB with AA shooting planes. If you instakill the plane you no longer get a crit. You have to just wing it if you’re doing a crit daily task now, I noticed it back on the 4th.

I’m pretty sure that this started with the update on the 15th. Crits were working fine til then in my experience.


No, I definitely noticed it earlier (in ground AB). That’s my point. You notice when you have to do multiple games to do a Crit Hit task you used to do in one.

But I’ve done multiple get a 100 crits this month already with no problems. It’s only since yesterday that it’s a problem here.


Same for me today. Suddenly is very difficult to get critical hits. The best example my last AA battle where I shot down 11 player planes and 2 assists, 1 critical only. I have struggled to finish the 10 critical hits task when, as Dodo said, it was ussually just a question of one or two matches. Definively something has been changed. I needed around 6-7 matches to complete the task today, and was not due to a lack of shooting down enemies.


If it’s an instakill shot, you don’t get a credit for the crit anymore.

Yes, it makes sense with how were my matches.

Took me 16 games to do a task for 10 crits . . that used to be 1 or 2 games tops. I could see toning it down a little bit, and there are ways to “cheese” crits a bit if you want to . . . or used to be(they don’t work very well/if at all now). I don’t really mind when they change things, just wish they would do two things . . . First, tell us, whether it’s a nerf or a buff, just let us know . . it’s their game, they can do what they want, don’t even have to explain, just inform please. And secondly . . stop fixing everything with a hammer . . .lol, try a little finesse now and then, extreme changes do not benefit the game or anyone else . . . just causes more player frustration . . . . ok, I’m done now . . . . lol

I understand you. How frustating it is when you think it is an easy task and you realize that will be a long day grinding to do it.

Just change the task.

The problem with this game is, that if you change A, that changes B, that C and D and so on. It is very hard to make limited changes. Or forsee all consequences. So perhaps this is just an unexpected side result from the damage change I quoted in my first post.