Responding to the Severe Damage feedback & release time

Hey gaijin. Do you really know that severe damage does not count as kill on service record while stealing kill does now? Do something!

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That’s been known since the beginning, also this system was never intended to fix kill stealing. As Gaijin doesn’t consider that an actual thing.

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Another feedback regarding severe damage:


There are several similar incidents like yours described in this thread.

Basically it boils down that some severe damages have little to zero performance impact. So the imho best way to avoid being kicked is to check always the scoreboard. If you had a fight with an enemy and you check the scoreboard after the fight and you see a +1 in the column of kills you got severely damaged.

In the best case you can make it back to your airfield in order to repair your plane before either tickets or the match timer runs out. Usually you get kicked a few seconds before you can repair…

We have to wait for enough players to report the horizontal stabilizers bug:

For me black horizontal stabilizers counting as severe damage is an obvious bug that they missed in the mentioned fix. It doesn’t affect the flight performance, so it should definitely be just light damage.

idk how others feel about it but before the servere damage those damages where a critical hit, know i sometimes hit someone and make servere damage, but now i do not get those hits counted as critical hits in task

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Two main topics about this issue (for Arcade and Realistic game modes) can be found here:

The devs never mentioned this change, and it actually happened a few weeks before severe damage mechanics was implemented.

Many players assume it was a silent nerf to the score (and rewards), especially they changed that just before the Air event (that required 45k score every 2 days). If you didn’t know, a critical hit is worth 33% of the kill score, so 3 critical hits are like 1 kill (the same score). Much less critical hits in battles hugely reduced the score (which is needed for events, so this change made events harder to grind).

But the truth is, no one knows why most critical hits were removed. This change wasn’t explained or even listed anywhere, so we can only speculate. It was also only a server side change, so we didn’t see this change in client data mines.

Some players asked our community managers about this, but never received any response, so I don’t think our community managers know why it was changed. And there is no way for us to contact the devs directly and ask them about this.

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I just don’t get why you had to nerf the already poor rewards with this feature. Kill stealing doesn’t really matter if you still get good SL and RP, but with this I’d argue it’s been made worse in some aspects, not to mention its wonky nature.


This guy would have easily made it back to base, he has basically all controls, engine is still running, nothing important has fallen off. Yeah liquid cooling is gone, but that will be a problem in 120s, so maybe his engine quits by the time he lands, but who cares?

He has black horizontal stabilizers, which causes all this confusion.

Because so many players have problems with understanding this, I made a bug report about this issue:

I would need your support with this, because the more players report and support the issue, the higher chance it will be passed to the devs. Even if you write nothing, but just click “I have the same issue”, you can help this way.

I tried my best to explain this problem in my report, but I’m not a native English speaker, and it’s always up to the bug moderators to pass the issue to the devs. So if some bug moderator decide it’s “not a bug”, the devs won’t even see this bug report. That’s why your support can help.


Haven’t checked this topic for a while. severe damage still don’t count as kill in service record now?


Yes - i would be extremely surprised if they would add them in the future.


Is it possible to that the severe dmg mechanic made it alot harder to do air assist tasks? Its pretty rare now to achieve a significant hit for an assist, without kill or severe dmg kill.

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I suggested exactly that when the change was announced.

I had a task to achieve 3 assists in Air AB lol. It had to give up.

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Scoring assists is imho strongly connected to scoring critical hits.

The most reliable way to get a crit is to attack a prop bomber as you score vs prop fighters usually either instant kills or just hits. Other players found a workaround by attacking specific ground targets (with revised damage model) which allow critical hits, but this requires that somebody else kills them. Even ai planes (a rather easy source for assists in the past) tend to blow uo instantly.

Critical hits are broken as of 15th of February or nearby
Critical hits in Air RB / broken & hard to get

I skip any tasks which require assists or crits. The special task (kill 20 bases) takes way less time than scoring 8 assists in Air RB, at least at prop BRs with the “right” bomber.

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Thats actually right. Achiving Assists is very difficult. The path between no Assist at all and Kill / Severe Damage Kill is too narrow. Its too complicated to collect assist (or criticals), that any kill task is much easier. When you’ve got the task to get 5 critical hits in Air AB, you sometimes rack up 10 kills and still the task ist at 3/5 or something. Even worse with assists, cause there you need that crit and someone else to kill it. That would be two ‘IFs’.

Its better to change these assist / crit tasks for something you migh influence in a more direct way. On the other hand Gajin could acknowledge how difficult these tasks are and greatly reduce the requirements.


That task I keep, as it is easy to find targets which will die soon.
Switch to default belts. Head for blue cloud. Just hit everything that exists, burns, spins. Just don’t hit it long. Bursts only. I wouldn’t go for bigger tasks than 3 though. 3 you can get comfortably in one match. It just requires a play style I don’t like to keep up for longer.

I’m late to the party here, I’ve got an air AB task to get 20 crits. I’m really struggling to get anywhere with this. I’m blowing wings and tails off left and right, using 20mm cannons and insta killing aircraft, but not getting crits, just severe damage.

Question, what is classed as a crit now? is there a sure fire way to get crits rather than severe damage? Seems like a pretty broken mechanic at the moment?

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