An actual up-to-date, intuitive, visually pleasing bomb chart - LEGION's Loadouts

Just like to bump this, I have been using it for a while now and it is fantastic. Bombing is so much more efficient now!!


I gotta ask, may I use that for my project? I’ve been making a payload calculator app for almost a year, data collecting is a massacre… but with this, I could probably finish it before next year!

There’s a mistake with the PB4Y-2, it says 3 mines each for the first and second bases with 2 mines to half kill a third, but it only takes 2 mines to kill a base, you can get 4.

You might want to adjust your chart:

  1. The Ju 88 A-1 is way more efficient as basebomber if the custom loadout 4 x C 250 (Flamm) and 28 x SC 50 is used. 2 x C 250 kill a base, so you can kill 2 bases with 2 x 2 C 250s and you have a hell of SC 50 to kill other bases.
  2. I miss the B7A2 in the Japanese overview. With the 10 x 60 kg loadout u can kill even in full uptiers every base with a drop of 9 x 60 kg; with the last one you can finish bases on which friendly B7A2s dropped a 800 kg bomb.

It does more damage but you get less score.

U might want to prove your claim? Imho just the TNT dropped goes down to 0.004 tons for 2 x C 250 - the score/SL gain at the result table just goes for actual base health reduction, not TNT dropped…iirc

Edit: Regarding score - i just came out of a match in which i killed a base with my B7A2 with 10 x 60 kg (i was too lazy to drop just 9) resulting in a score of 465 points (0.228 tons of TNT dropped). The last enemy alive, a Pe-8, killed a base too (with a FAB 5.000) and got a score of 323 points (1.65 tons of TNT dropped) - confirming my initial assumption. You might watch the replay as evidence - btw gaining a nice net income of 60.881 SL…

USSR AR-2 at 2.3 - 6x250 takes 2 bases instead of 1.5 with 3x500. 2x250 deals like 99% and then base decays