An actual up-to-date, intuitive, visually pleasing bomb chart - LEGION's Loadouts

Just like to bump this, I have been using it for a while now and it is fantastic. Bombing is so much more efficient now!!


I gotta ask, may I use that for my project? I’ve been making a payload calculator app for almost a year, data collecting is a massacre… but with this, I could probably finish it before next year!

There’s a mistake with the PB4Y-2, it says 3 mines each for the first and second bases with 2 mines to half kill a third, but it only takes 2 mines to kill a base, you can get 4.

You might want to adjust your chart:

  1. The Ju 88 A-1 is way more efficient as basebomber if the custom loadout 4 x C 250 (Flamm) and 28 x SC 50 is used. 2 x C 250 kill a base, so you can kill 2 bases with 2 x 2 C 250s and you have a hell of SC 50 to kill other bases.
  2. I miss the B7A2 in the Japanese overview. With the 10 x 60 kg loadout u can kill even in full uptiers every base with a drop of 9 x 60 kg; with the last one you can finish bases on which friendly B7A2s dropped a 800 kg bomb.

It does more damage but you get less score.

U might want to prove your claim? Imho just the TNT dropped goes down to 0.004 tons for 2 x C 250 - the score/SL gain at the result table just goes for actual base health reduction, not TNT dropped…iirc

Edit: Regarding score - i just came out of a match in which i killed a base with my B7A2 with 10 x 60 kg (i was too lazy to drop just 9) resulting in a score of 465 points (0.228 tons of TNT dropped). The last enemy alive, a Pe-8, killed a base too (with a FAB 5.000) and got a score of 323 points (1.65 tons of TNT dropped) - confirming my initial assumption. You might watch the replay as evidence - btw gaining a nice net income of 60.881 SL…

USSR AR-2 at 2.3 - 6x250 takes 2 bases instead of 1.5 with 3x500. 2x250 deals like 99% and then base decays

With the Italian AMX you can also take a full load of rockets
edit: And on each F104 variant you can take 2 BLU-1 incin bombs and a single 2000LB bomb leaving you with max missiles

I keep bouncing back to this guide and have stickied a link in our Discord as it’s just so handy.
The amount of times I’ve put this in game chat is mad.

Hey everyone, I just wanted to post a quick update, that I’m still alive.

I’ll just paste my update on the chart here as well:

Update 04.06.24: My bug report (Community Bug Reporting System) is still just sitting at acknowledged. I don’t think Gaijin is intending to work on it at all. But after 6 months I might as well just give up and accept that it’s a permanent change. As for this chart, I know there are a couple of outdated aspects. Most of the values should still be up-to-date, but there have been two new brackets added (5.0-7.7 and 8.0+). Which means everything for aircraft 5.0+ is probably not accurate anymore. I am intending to update this in the future, but I’m currently working on my bachelor’s degree, which means I don’t have a lot of free time for the next couple of months. But rest assured, I haven’t given up on this project yet, although Gaijin is trying their utmost hardest to convince me to do so. Thank you all for the ongoing support and good bombing!

IIRC that was made to simualte what damage salvo of rockets would do to a important packed area, just like a base, where even if not completly destroyed it would make it unoperaional, or something in those lines.

I really dont care wether its a feature or not, I’m completely fine with either option. What slights me is that Gaijin wont officially confirm which one it is. According to a very old bug report from a couple years ago, the change from like 90 to 200 rockets was a bug fix. Now they have returned the bug back to the game? Additionally my bug report has been “acknowledged” which in my eyes is confirmation, that its in fact a bug.
I just want them to decide, so that I can decide wether to change the rocket values or not, because I dont want to go through all the trouble and then 3 weeks later they change it again out of nowhere.

Nice chart, I really like the visuals

Absolutely stunning work, I am a complete noob at bombing but trying to understand how it works. What I am confused about is what is the P column?

Basically, at certain BRs the base “health” is increased, so you need to do more damage to destroy it. For those planes that are around that BR then you may either be in a battle with the lower base health, or you could be in a battle that has the higher base health.

That is what the numbers/arrows mean. (Unfortunately to know the BR you have to memorise the BRs of the planes in your match, and see them all before you join)

So, for the below screenshot for example, if the you’re in a Do 217E-2 and the maximum BR of the vehicles in the team is 4.7 you can get two bases with the loadout shown in the top row. If there is a plane with a 5.0+ BR then you need to use the bottom row to get maximum damage (which will usually be less bases you can get as they have higher health)


For the rows that have square dots in the column P, it just seems to be an indication of how many bases you can get with the loadout in that row – which duplicates what is shown anyway so I’m not really sure of it’s purpose.

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Yes, the dice like indications I am confused about and not sure which is the purpose.

Its the BR range. Remember none of this is documented by Gaijin. It comes from painstaking trial and error figuring out from experimentation. Which constantly changes as Gaijin futzes with their code and variable sliders.

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Bump and thanks again. Use this every time I play, really needs pinning

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