Would you play a tank only mode? How do you feel about CAS in ground battles? [(POLL)]

NEW POLL HERE: Revised poll on CAS in Ground Battles, would you play a tank only mode?

  • CAS does not belong in Ground Battles; remove it entirely
  • There should be a “Combined Arms” mode with CAS (similar to Ground Battles now) and a “Tank Battles” mode without CAS or other aircraft
  • CAS is far too strong, and needs a major rebalancing, but it should stay in Ground Battles
  • CAS is a bit too strong, and needs some minor tweaks; it should stay in Ground Battles
  • CAS is fine as is, and does not need to change
  • CAS isn’t strong enough and should be buffed, or made easier to access
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This thread is for gauging interesting in a possible Tanks Only mode, for those who are neither interested in using CAS (close air support - any aircraft meant to engage tanks) nor fighting against CAS. Some have suggested that there is no interest for such a mode, and that is why Gaijin has not recently tested it, which could be done via an event.

Please select the answer that suits you best, and comment if you have anything to add.

Keep the conversation civil. We are here to provide feedback to the devs and mods, not start a flame war.


You need to add, cas is fine as it is and doesnt need a change.


I thought I remembered that, thanks for reminding me.

I think the essence of this problem is the low hit rate of SPAA missiles. Teams without aircraft are unilaterally bombed because the SPAA cannot eliminate the aircraft threat.


I didn’t vote for any, I think CAS needs a major re-work. It’s often too weak or too strong, without much in the middle, once you go above the very low tiers.
Battles generally need to be reworked, to be more like event battles, where respawns are much more available and easy, and you can enter a helicopter or some unique vehicle and not worry too much about a trade (kill and die) because you don’t suffer a penalty and still get to have some fun with.
Examples are the recent infantry event, the Dune event, and the 2017 modern MBTs event.

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If every nation had a defense against cas the problem wouldnt be so big.

But its apparently more fun to put in new insane vehicles than balancing the excisting game.

In the great game of rock/paper/scissor, gaijin gives some nations scissors made of adamantite that can cut through reality itself while other nations gets a rubber kindergarden scissor.

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Nice as it would be is never going to happen for several reasons, big one is in Arcade it would severally depopulate the combined mode, everybody but the flying fanbois would jump ship to the no air side. This means big increases in wait times to get into a game and in the upper BR’s it’d get bad.

Soon as they fixed the old hull break issue with the kamikaze kiddies, bombers and the bomb loads got bigger and and ground attack aircraft with heavy rocket and bomb loads became more frequent. It went from 3 aircraft at time up to 4 plus a bot or two buzzing around.

Overdone air spam has a sore point in this game since I started playing 6 years ago and it gets worse every big update. This game will always cater to the flying crowd, it will not change.

Doesn’t help most SPAA is deliberately nerfed in some way.


Thanks for doing this.

I’d like CAS to stay but with some changes.

Kamikaze needs to go away. Cheap play.

Time limited spawn protection for ground vehicles. Lets say :30.

Possible hardened, but destructible, AI AA locations by spawn that have limited range.

Air spawn locations. Should never spawn behind enemy lines. To the front and flanks ok, but never behind spawn.

Time limit as to when planes/helicopters enters the battlefield. None for the first 5 - 10 minutes of the battle.

Have weather conditions that impact flight visibility. Heavy rain or fog, lightning, snow and sand storms. This would also provide additional challenges for those of us on the ground.

More and better SPAA vehicles. Both free and premium. I’d actually pay $ (within reason) for effective SPAA vehicles across all tiers.

Finally, no Cold War air versus WWII ground.

As was suggested I’d like to participate in a ground only battle event. Flyboys have the option to participate or not and it could be fun for those of us who prefer tires and tracks over wings and rotors. Would also potentially provide the mighty all powerful snail 🐌 some interesting data for future changes.

Understand that some of these suggestions might be difficult to implement but there definitely needs some adjustments when it comes to CAS and its unbalanced impact on us ground pounders.

Good hunting.


These are very good suggestions, thanks @LiteralStone911

Just make all CAS start from the airport, easy fix


I think GRB and sim without CAS would be kind of garbage, might as well be asking if people want a large fraction of tech trees (SPAA) to be made entirely pointless aswell.


@Renamed38155 lots of SPAA in the game can kill tanks as it is. There would be a lot of SPAA that wouldn’t be usable without it, which I think why having separate TO/CAS-enabled modes is far more popular in the poll than outright removing CAS


Found the CAS player


CAS is fine, poll shows majority of people want CAS in some form. Removing it completely destroys the point of having SPAA.


@Noxapalooza 43% of the playerbase wanting CAS removed entirely or a TO mode, and an additional 16% thinking it needs a major rebalance, does not indicate the current situation is thought of as “fine”.


very little actually, i find its more important to focus on caps most the time.

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Yeah hell no.

CAS / Combined Arms in one of the Main features of this game and the reason why ground mode is different to other games in this genre.

Removing it would basically kill ground for me and a sizeable portion of players.


That would still make the majority of SPAA completely useless. But the results of this poll with a couple hundred votes are in no way indicative of how the larger playerbase feels, only a small vocal minority who don’t like CAS, and are more likely to complain than people who don’t mind CAS or play CAS


If you think this poll means that half the playerbase wants CAS removed you’re delusional, the sample size is way to small to be able to pull any conclusions from this. The game has over 10 million monthly players, this poll means nothing.


Ideas for CAS rework:
All planes spawn on runway
Players locked to cockpit view in ground RB
Higher punishment for suicide/crashing (like not being allowed to spawn in a plane for a game or two)