Would you play a tank only mode? How do you feel about CAS in ground battles? [(POLL)]

So what if it depopulates? That just means it wasn’t fun after all, and it’s no big loss. It’s a foolproof plan, really.

  • If it DOES split evenly, then both had serious value, and it’s good that we made it two modes to satisfy two large groups of people.

  • If it does NOT split evenly, but rather everyone piles into ground only mode, then that’s very clear evidence that CAS was a terrible addition to the original mode, and the version with CAS withering away and dying is good, if so.


SPAA would still be useful for the CAS enabled mode, like he said.

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Sure would be nice if I could do something really wacky like I don’t know, edit my posts, to fix typos that confuse the meaning of everything I said.

Gijian’s in this to make money, you lose players in one mode it’s upsets the game flow and they aren’t spending money.

That’s the reality of most things that don’t make sense to average player, everything that gets changed or done to this is game is about optimizing the cash flow not pandering to the player still trying to ride the FTP train.

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Only 6% of players want CAS removed entirely (so far). 40% want a CAS mode and a non-CAS mode.

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I’m all for a ground only game, or at least a modified version where the current OP CAS is neutered somewhat at least in Arcade.

Reality is that will not happen. Every single time the player base has raised enough havoc over a problem with the cas in AB that was somewhat addressed by Gijian they changed it up and added other features to offset and increase it.

Examples ? Hull Break, the lawn dart kiddies favorite tactic, after enough b*tching they fixed it. So what happened, attack fighters with heavy rocket and bomb load outs became the norm, still getting lawn darted only with bigger booms.

They added jets in the lower BR’s , up against WW2 tanks and SPAA . Seriously?

Bombers got more frequent and the loads got WAY bigger .

Took away the bomb whistle, was you had a chance to scoot when you heard it, not anymore. Oh and the bombs and damage radius got seriously bigger, had Tiger’s flipped a block away from bomb runs. They finally addressed the flipping nonsense but it took serious complaining to do it.

Used to be a 3 plane limit on aircraft per side in the air, bumped it to 4 now. There’s games with a 1/4 of the player base is in aircraft with a bot or two buzzing the outer edges of the map at the same time.

Air spam in AB is a growing tumor that can’t get cut out without killing the patient .

Back to the point, your poll numbers are misleading, there’s a lot of players who don’t use this forum who would change those stats in a big way.

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I’ll really love to see a ground only mode. Don’t care about the nay sayers, we gotta keep asking till it happen. Honestly, even some kind of permanent or semi-permanent but reoccurring event would be a blast. That way it wouldn’t even need a main tab, but will be accessible to those that want a break from revenge planes and CAS in general. I don’t want to play WoT, I want the amazing mechanics of War Thunder in a tank only mode. Planes get it, so why not ground forces?


My vote is for having a separate mode for tanks only, only because removing it entirely is an unreasonable goal even if it is the the preferred outcome.

The only way a rework I think would be acceptable is allowing proper combat air patrols to spawn alongside the tanks if not slightly more expensive, but still cheaper than they currently are. I still cannot fathom why an “air target belt” adds 200 SP to some planes but dumb bombs add less than half that and are a guaranteed kill if you kamikaze someone. Ideally this would be added to the combined arms mode anyways but with a tank only mode I could live without it.


Get rid of planes. The interaction is very one-sided and being destroyed with nothing you could have done to stop it is not good gameplay.

CAS can go shoot AI targets instead of making the game unfun for real players.


This poll is a waste of time because when the results don’t fit what the nay-sayers of a tank only mode want they will fabricate whatever excuse they can muster to discredit it and carry on pretending like they are the majority anyways.

It’s happened before, and it’s already happening again (just read through the posts).


I agree, but what to do if the CAS is a seaplane? Add a lake next to every airfield perhaps?

You can already land on solid runways in a seaplane.

If nobody wants to play in the mode with CAS, as you’re asserting, why is forcing it on them good for the game?

Kind of an obvious problem with your observation.


So is this a new mode or new modes? Would the mode be Sim, AB, RB, or a pseudo mix (similar to some event mixing AB and RB as we seen before).

Are those voting asking from a version perspective (they play and expect AB, RB, or Sim, to be the focus), or generalised?

The poll will be a mess of different outcomes expected, is this a call from AB, RB, Sim, or all equal?

The important thing is reacting to what we know from Gaijin, that regarding TO in RB the answer is currently no (as recent as this month, and been same since 2018 with no hint at budging from their original statements). So beyond a poll does anyone have a good idea to sway the Devs (for/against/dont care can argue till cows come home, we have seen that with actual cohesion the playerbase can effect the Devs decisions - the polls before did nothing to change any of the AB or RB requests) as repeating has not worked?

So in theory two new “modes”(Sim being the odd one), not one. What about the players in AB, since I see a few advocates here as if it relates to what theg play? You might find the voters are a bit mixed (most might be expecting AB).

@CoffeeBean100 That depends, Arcade already has limited CAS by nature (only one of each type of aircraft up at a time) and the nametag system is a double edged sword.

My recommendation to remove first spawn ATGM helis from sim was a general thing, it doesn’t need its own mode.

As it is now, seaplanes and some bombers have interceptor spawn - in the air above the airfield, but not high enough for quick descend like we have now

Thanks for the confirmation. However it is hard to work out how people have voted since there will be AB players thinking it relates to their request for a TO mode (I believe SpankdaMonkey was very active on the old AB topic).

You might want to adjust the description so people know they are voting for a particular solution.

Best of luck.

This poll will stay the same as I want all players, in all 3 realism settings, to have an opinion on a TO mode. I will revise this poll at a later date.

Sorry, I thought you just said this was about one mode, an RB mode.

And of course altering current Sim. Again this is not explained in the poll until asked.

People in AB have been requesting this as much as RB players and not all would want to switch.