Will anything be done about plane dominance in a tank game?

They don’t. The game has AI all over the place. Now that means in a comparable ground you would have AI Air assets, the ones everyone hates in PvE Assault because they are A LOT more accurate than most players.

And no “It was never a tank game it started as plane game and is a plane game” is a fact, not an “attitude”. When they added ground they took the gamble for a try out on the mixed assets style, and this is what we have. Ignoring this ends up coming across quite childish. It takes ONE savvy team mate to spawn a plane to stop a plane that apparently are always up and deadly, that’s it. And as you then say:

So much is down to Team, the personally uncontrollable. But that in theory keeps the game open and varied as opposed to one size fits all and stale.

There is an Air only mode because the game WAS a plane game. If it had been a TANK game first then we would probably all be playing something else right now, because it needed the interest of those in aircraft games to start this all off. Where are all the other tank games out there lads? Exactly. The only reason the game is as popular as it is now is due to those who started it all off allowing for development into other forces (ground then naval then I suppose helicopters (yuck)).

And let us remember that RBGF is the most VOCAL group, not the most popular.

AB Air
AB Ground
RB Air
RB Ground
Being AFK in lobby

The information is in the old forum showing the wide split in players (though is difficult to accurately compare due to the various spawn mechanics per mode, but still).

During its Beta. The game modes we have now (RB and AB Ground) has been defining WT for almost 10 years. (Ah, what @PointyPuffin just said)

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Because tanks can’t take part in air combat, whereas airplanes can take part in ground combat. The entire point of air forces is so they can attack ground forces.

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That would be a whole different topic I might actually support but my high tier experience is lacking.

But OP is apparently playing mid tier and at this stage it´s not that much of a hassle to use SPAAs effectively or jump into a fighter yourself to keep the skies clear of enemy bombers. Therefor I judge his demand as an overreaction to a skill issue.


So you can research airplanes you then bring into ground battles to kill enemy CAS. Which you are not doing and its your fault.


lol . . I in no way said anything like that, and in fact didn’t offer a “solution” anyway. I merely pointed out what the players in the screenshot had done to warrant a big pile of bombs to gather around them. Even tho a screenshot is somewhat out of context, were they sitting there for a long time? or just all drove up at a bad time?? . . . no way of knowing from that pic . . . but regardless . . . the reasoning I gave was limited to the information I saw and what “advice” I gave, as mentioned, was just to use common sense… as much as that is possible. Players use the tools that are available . . . and playing tanks that includes planes and dealing with them . . . . as well as other tanks. Adjust, adapt, overcome . . . . . that’s what we do . . . . . I’m sorry if you are so easily upset over a video game and apparently the discussion concerning it . . . but either way . . . . “Combined Arms” is not going away, probably a good idea to find a way to deal with . . . . all I am saying . . .

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Saying that Gaijin won’t add a TO mode because it’s their vision or because it “started as a plane game” is like a restaurant forcing me to put horseradish on my burger and telling me I cannot leave until I’ve had it. I LOVE the burger, I do not want horseradish.

If you’re a CAS enthusiast, no one is putting a gun to your head forcing you to play a tank only mode - you SHOULD be allowed to keep playing Ground Battles as they currently are. On the other hand, stop putting a gun to the rest of the playerbases heads and telling them they MUST enjoy being murdered by CAS, it doesn’t make you sound smart, it makes you sound like an unreasonable asshole.


Is a fact.

Is a response to why is their an air only mode (there isn’t, both AI air and ground exist/are part of the modesvin AB and RB), not to counter why there should not be a TO mode (3, since AB, RB, Sim , all would get this new mode so non-popular BRs are going to SUCK).

You went into a restaurant that specialises in only ever putting horseradish on their burgers. That is bound to have a Karen video on Youtube/Tiktok?

Labels are poor and only there to try and divide/tribalise when used so simplistically. It does not allow for reasonable discussion.

You CHOSE to play. Terrible analogy.

Many supposed TO advocates make this happen.
Refusal to engage in game (playing like a 1 v 1 stat pad shooter in clearly a TEAM game) and leave because a plane stopped there epeen score scraping, to name a few. If you do nothing as a team you suffer, lesson learnt early some but others not so much.

Bear in mind no on goes around insulting tank players (who might or might not use all tools in game), but a rift is created when for years some players find it ok to openly insult ANYONE daring to play the game, which YOU chose to play then cry wolf later on.


-We don’t really know why no TO
-Official is “not in our vision”, supported by every single mode has AI or Player assests covering “combined”
-Wanting a TO (probably anyone who plays any ground orientated mode) is very different from wanting a TO but to detriment to the game modes already created. Subtle but often goes over the head of the vocal TO advocates in RB.

“Pilots are a c…”
“Fliers can all f… off”

It doesn’t convince Gaijin really, does it? Just multiple polls added with huge issues in their scope (options are always loaded and usually badly put together in structure and clarity) and a couple of topics denying the counter from Gaijin’s view and instead just going full ham on anyone pointing such facts out.

Putting the poll in the obscure “Game Discussion” umbrella was one way to muddy the waters and also limit those browsing from even seeing it.

And for some clarity: yes the current player combined modes are flawed to hell and back, I’m not denying that. I just see the “problem” of how to get a TO is not being solved by the few vocal TO advocates which basically boils down to “gimme gimme” and to label and push back on any rational discussion.


That is a very long, sweaty post you wrote just so people cannot play a mode without you pulling out your three premium aircraft every match and bombing everyone from safety.

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I replied respectfully.

Don’t be so rude. If you can’t discuss points then please go away, thanks.

I thought you might be more rational but no appears to another one of those TO advocates…

If all you can do is insult me by lying then go away.


What will being polite and rational change?

You yourself have stated you’re unwilling to consider any proposal given in the last 9 years.

You wrote “it’s their vision is a fact”.

So why bother with proposals and asking when it’s clear that you either protest or do nothing, because nothing else works?

I genuinely only want to play tanks when I’m playing tanks. That’s it. There’s my ask. I want a TO mode (ALONGSIDE a combined arms ground mode) because Gaijin have proven themselves unwilling or unable to balance air power in Ground Battles, which is currently completely out of control after the latest SPAA nerfs. I have to force myself to NOT use CAS planes and strike drones and bring CAP fighters instead because CAS is so powerful.

I play ships when I want to play ships (which is defacto a ship-only mode after a certain BR due to the strength of AA guns) I play planes when I want to play planes (which are exempt from Gaijin’s “Combined Arms” vision) and then when I want to play tanks, CAS enthusiasts tell me that, akshually, I must instead play SPAA or a fighter because I will get bombed. That sound fun to you?

Here’s a proposal to you: If you think this is fun, let’s put back the old mid-map AA that could kill you within seconds in air modes. Air mains (rightfully) said they hated it and asked for it to be removed for years.

When tank players ask for the same thing, they got told explicitly to NOT play tanks. I didn’t come to Ground Battles, to play Air RB without nametags, I certainly did not come to Ground Battles to be one of those ground targets in Air modes.

Again: IF Gaijin could balance planes this would not be a constant question from the community. The fact that the most popular threads on the new and old forums revolve around CAS should clue you in that many people are dissatisfied with the status quo.

This game has such potential to be fun, but despite your ostensibly good intentions what you’re doing is forcing tankers to interact with (get bombed by) planes. They do not want to do this. You may not know the answer to this, so I’ll only ask your conjecture: Why do you think Gaijin has never put a TO mode even as an event in? Why have they never asked the community how they feel and when someone submits such a question to the devs they are ignored?

Do you think it’s about “realism”? If so, we are a long, long way away from a truly realistic game.

Is it about queue times? Then why are there fifteen other modes in the game? Why is Sim a thing when, despite my love for that mode, it’s actual player count is abysmally low? Surely if you wanted instant queue times you’d reduce the number of modes to the bare minimum, but instead we have things like Naval and Heli EC, the assault modes (which are terribly implemented) and more.

Or maybe it’s about incentivizing players to purchase premium aircraft to use on ground targets? Lengthening the grind for tank players by reducing their score via deaths they can do nothing about?

I do not know the answer to this. The only thing I know for sure is there are no technological limitations preventing a TO mode, on top of GRB, because we’ve had events in the past year (such as the Soccer tournaments) which had no aircraft whatsoever, so what stops Gaijin from putting the mode in, even as an event like Naval EC, to see how the playerbase enjoys it?

You know War Thunder was planes before tanks, right? It’s called Ground Realistic Battles, previously combined battles, because it’s meant to include vehicles from air and ground. It isn’t called Tank Realistic Battles. In real life air power and CAS has a massive influence over ground battles, so it shouldn’t be shocking to find the same applies in games modelled on that.


I believe he’s referring to Ground Battles as the “game”.

And many, many battles in real life happened without planes.

A massive chunk of the battles in the winter seasons of WW2 occurred without air cover as the weather did not permit it; the same is true of naval battles at night or so far removed from a carrier or landing strip that no planes were involved.

We’re just asking for a TO mode, that’s all. You can keep playing Combined Battles. Considering WT recently hit 150,000 players on at once, I think the lobbies will have no trouble finding players.


Sorry, you are justifying your rudeness and flipancy?

That is a complete lie, yes? Where exactly did I say that and there appears to be a 5+ year old “debate” with clear evidence that is not my position at all. So why are you making this up?

Simple, is it or isn’t it? Or just insults?

So to… get a TO mode? I am not sure what you are imagining here.

Thing is every sentence of your is loaded with assumptions which clearly are not fully accurate.

Honestly, after you being so rude and dismissive I’ll just put the rest of your tripe as “word salad”. You have no intention of discussing anything and good luck not actually listening when someone was being reasonable. Enjoy your tribalism of “pilot v tanker”, just another fail.

Hopefully you are less ignorant to others in the future as this could have been a rational exchange o7

I use CAP when I can to clear CAS of the enemy, sorry for helping you cope with your “tank” game. Last match was 5 down, that’s 5 less planes and a covered ground. Welcome to War Thunder.

From a TANK player who developed AIRCRAFT to play the mode that is clearly what it is, flaws and all.

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And there you have it.

Well, I will actually miss planes in GRB when they are removed because they allow for some interesting gameplay experiences, but the reality is, CAS advocates such as yourself will only dig your heels in and find the first excuse possible to say why we can’t change anything about CAS. You are only incentivizing the average player to advocate for TO, instead of rebalancing, because you refuse to admit it’s a broken system.


So back to lies? Well done confusing my clear position with others.

Do you have any clue what has been argued as I looked through your salad and there is a lot of projection.

Get back to us when you actually read what others have written o7

CAS advocate? Yes, playing CAP makes me a CAS advocate… I mean a War Thunder advocate, as opposed to the bloke that came here knowing full well what was involved… Look! we can both go to the extremes.

You haven’t even the decency to defend your lies and rude replies. But hey, if that is all you have!

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I play CAP also. Doing so does not make you unique in WT’s community, it’s a bandaid fix in the same way that TF2 players spraying over lewd or gorey sprays from other players is a bandaid fix as opposed to a real fix.

I will not defend my language. I use foul language. I apologize for it. It is highly frustrating for me, as someone who wants to see changes made, to run directly into a brick wall.

Another aspect that could be taken into consideration is making anti-air much more rewarding than it actually is. I quite often play SPAA lineups and the reward for shooting down a plane or two is pitiful.

And to all people that play on console and tell others to ‘Just use SPAA’, can You tell me if aim asisst still works like radar lock? (Full video of one time where people started to relize that consoles have aim assist to show what I’m talking about, time showing it is 9:25)

You miss my point yet again, you explained I was a CAS player who uses “3 premium planes” to dunk on other players.

Exactly, as do most “Anti-TO” people here. Just many of you guys are oblivious to this fact, as you have in part proven yet again.

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Most of which are either bots or not playing. When you go to the queue page you can see the number of players is tiny by comparison.