US Captured Libyan Pantsir S1E

Should Gaijin add the Lybian Pantsir S1E captured and tested by the US to allow for more balanced distribution of high performance SHORAD systems at top tier?
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This is a sister suggestion to my suggestion for the UAE Pantsir S1E seen in other nation(link at bottom of post), I was told EXPRESSLY by multiple suggestion moderators, as well as a Senior Suggestion moderator to submit this suggestion post for the Libyan Pantsir S1E captured and tested by the US in the US ground forces suggestion section in this exact manner.

As many players know, the Pantsir S1 SHORAD system was added into the game in update “Sky Guardians”, providing a massive game imbalance in favor of Russia at top tier. This is a major future problem for game balance as well as western nations did not put much effort into development of all in-one SHORAD systems beyond those already seen in-game, preferring to opt for air superiority via qualitative and quantitative superiority as well as extensive SEAD/DEAD doctrines, both of which are not feasible options in a balanced game, and SEAD/DEAD specifically not being implemented at all in game. As such, I’ve decided to take it upon myself to make a few proposals for SHORAD systems other nations could have to return a semblance of balance to the top tier SHORAD and CAS situation, and this suggestion post is one such case.

I’ve attached the Pantsir S1 suggestion post previously passed to the devs and approved below, but for the sake of a complete suggestion, I will be once again touching on some of the primary features of the system.

History of captured Pantsir S1E:

Although the US did not formally purchase Pantsir S1E’s from Russia or the UAE, 2 such systems were captured in Libya in 2020 following their transfer to the Libyan National Army in 2019 and deployment to the region. At least one system was captured at the Al-Watiyah Airbase by the Turkish backed GNA forces based in Tripoli when the airbase was taken from the Russian/UAE backed LNA. The Pantsir S1E was targeted by a GNA drone shortly after arriving at the airfield in question and was incapacitated by near miss which is suspected to have struck a nearby technical while both vehicle were in an aircraft shelter. The Pantsir S1E was then transferred over to US forces and flown out of Libya to Ramstein airforce base in Germany be further tested and analyzed.

History of the Pantsir S1E:

The UAE Pantsir S1E originates from a modification to an initial order of 50 Pantsir S1 systems by the UAE, which was a launch customer of the Pantsir-S1. The UAE originally placed in May 2000 a n acquisition order for 50 Pantsir S1’s, of which 25 were to be on wheeled chassis and 25 on tracked chassis. The specifications were later revised for all 50 of them to be on the MAN SX45 8x8 truck which delayed the order to some degree and increased the cost of the purchase. The first 2 were provided to t he UAE in 2007 with the delivery of all 50 completed by 2013. The MAN SX45 8x8 was chosen as the new transporter chassis by the UAE as it was the only “Western” vehicle large enough to accommodate the system while also having a reliable support and logistics network readily available, which was important as all UAE support vehicles for the Pantsir were to also be based on the same MAN vehicles. Further modernizations of the system were reportedly requested by the UAE in 2019 as well according to the CEO of Rosoboronexport CEO Alexander Mikheyev.

The captured Pantsir S1E is largely similar to the Russian one added to the game;


2x twin 30mm 2A38M autocannons:
- 960-980m/s muzzle velocity
- Ammunition fired: HEF-I, HEF-T, AP-T
- 2500rpm per gun pair (1250rpm per barrel x 4 barrels = 5000 rpm combined fire rate)
- Maximum engagement range: 4km
- 700 rounds per gun (1400 rounds total)
- Stabilized (Fire on the move)

12x 57E6-E SAM (export designation of 95Ya6 on Russian Pantsir S1):

  • 18km operational range, 20km max range
  • 15km service ceiling
  • Motor boost as currently modelled in-game: 2.4 sec 25700N (real life values unclear, with various sources stating different boost periods varying between 1.5-2.5 seconds and some stating boost sustain with no clear specifications for either so I’ve gone with the one currently used by gaijin themselves)
  • Maximum speed at end of motor burn: 1300m/s
  • Average speed at 18km: 700-780m/s
  • Warhead specifications: 20kg weight of which 5kg are explosives. TNT equivalent (as modelled by gaijin in-game): 8.47kg
  • Proximity fuse range: 9m (as defined by Gaijin in-game)
  • Missile weight: 72.5 kg
  • Missile weight at end of boost stage: 28kg
  • Guidance type and duration: SACLOS/30 sec
  • Maximum lateral acceleration (as defined by gaijin): 32g
  • Stabilized (Fire on the move)


  • 2RL80 Acquisition radar (S-band, 0°-60° search elevation, full 360° rotation in 2-4 seconds, ~30km acquisition range for 1m2 RCS target)
  • 1RS2-1E Radar (Ku-band, ~21km max acquisition range for 1m2 RCS target, simultaneous track and engagement of up to 4 targets)


  • Same as seen on Pantsir S1 (French Sagem MATIS LR midwave thermal imager with WFOV of 4.17° x 6.25°, and NFOV of 0.87° x 1.3°, with a o.05 mrad angular track error)
  • Elevation -5° - 82°
  • Angular tracking rate of 100°/s
  • Angular acceleration of 170°/s


  • The main difference between the Russian Pantsir S1 and the UAE Pantsir S1E is the use of a German built MAN SX45 8x8 transporter instead of the KamAZ 6560 8x8 truck.
  • The vehicles are both of a similar weight with the KamAZ 6560 8x8 being stated at roughly 14.85 tons empty and a max load of 20 tons while the MAN SX45 8x8 has an empty weight ranging between 13-21 tons with a max load of 16 tons.
  • The MAN SX45 8x8 has a MAN D2066 LFG diesel engine producing 440hp vs the KamAZ 6560 8x8’s KamAZ-740.35-400 diesel engine producing 400hp.
  • The KamAZ has a top speed of 90kph vs the MAN’s 88kph, making the KamAZ marginally faster but likely with a slightly worse HP/T
  • Weight specification of the Pantsir S1/E can’t be found to determine an accurate hp/t for both vehicles


Kamaz 6560 8x8:

Pantsir S1:

MAN SX45 8x8:

Pantsir S1E:


Pantsir S1E being captured:




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Heh. Didn’t know this happened. I support.


While cool, the real counterplay to better russian SHORAD is the implementation of ARMs

This part has missing/wrong information. C-17A carrying Pantsir-S1 flew to Libya from Ramstein base on 3rd of June, flew back to Ramstein on 4th. On 5th of June flew again to Libya then Turkey and on 6th finally arrived to Ramstein base. It does not really makes sense drop-off the system for just one day to Turkey, so Pantsir-S1 might be still in Turkey and also another report claimed that Turkish and American officials agreed upon analysing Pantsir-S1 in Turkey jointly. Of course, there is not way to authenticate those claims.

You can check flight course of said C-17A in this thread:



And on top of that, you might want hullbreak or unrepairable radars be there.

Because otherwise the ARM is just gonna ouch my little fragile radar and I will get that thing repaired in no more than 20 seconds.

Gaijin already said that ARM uses proxy fuzes when it “knows” it’s point of contact. It will only kill radar with shrapnels, not the crew nor the vehicle itself.

Forgot to add this, but this is allegedly a picture of the system being brought to the recent large scale NATO exercises in Germany.

Thanks for the added info tho.


I don’t see why not. Should prove interesting and knock down the IvanBoo’s undeservedly high winrates.


Lot of Russian players dont seem to like the idea lol


Of course not. Anything that makes Russian vehicles actually balanced, have to fight actual competitive opponent vehicles or gives their opponents a fair shake are things the IvanBoos hate.


A 150lb warhead will do an awful lot more than simply destroy the radar.

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Lol wow it’s amazing that any post like this that might improve USA gets a ton of negative poll numbers, against USA getting anything against Russia. While usually every other poll of any type is almost always 100% support for it. Simply amazing the hate and bias towards USA from this community and possibly company, considering the state of the gameplay for so long. They couldn’t be more obvious.

And they act like they’re don’t already have it good, almost every single battle in a USA vehicle is such a struggle and feels unfair. Not saying I never do any good it just feels like I’m constantly on edge or having to work hard to achieve much, like the scales are tipped so far down for USA. You know those games where you can adjust the difficulty and say it slows your speed down and makes it literally feel like you’re fighting against the system to even move anywhere, this often feels this way. Like it gets sluggish or shots bounce when they shouldn’t or no damage when it should kill or the vehicles feel too slow or just too many feelings of the odds against USA. I’m sure it’s some other nations too.

I find it so funny that Russian mains here (obviously) couldn’t bare the thought of USA getting any vehicles similar to theirs or any improvements. They just want it easy for them forever. Hence everyone else’s missiles being screwed up lately but not theirs. Hmmm.


In War Thunder’s term that means the fragments will only go as far as 110m and guaranateed destruction range is only 5m.

That means the proximity fuze really had to work real close for that to work, since we all know how bad Gaijin’s realshatter system is.


I stand by my comment on the old forum: Yes. Because it would be funny to see the Russian mains mald.


Everything you said, ive got access to the Russian Vics as well even though i dont prefer playing them much being a US Main,everytime i switch to the BVM my survival rate goes up exponentially, all of a sudden i can tank more shots, survivability goes up compared to those one hit turret ring deaths on all side in an Abrams SEP or .
I have to be precise can calculated when shooting a BVM in the drivers hatch or lower glacis while Ivan can one tap me anywhere under my turret, i dont even start about the HSTVL at 10.7, flank 5 enemy tanks, they have no idea i open up but my gun does barely any damage its like shooting water darts takes 6 7 shots to fully disable/kill an MBT, meanwhile down comes the 2s38 with better pen, better spall, anti air capabilities at 10.0, sure gaijin.

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